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6 Ways Millennials are Reshaping Customer Service


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Millennials are changing the landscape of the customer service game. They don't often call for support, and instead they prefer efficient self-service such as live chatting or searching on company's FAQ page. They share shopping experience - both good and bad - on social media, without giving the brand a heads up. You must wonder - how can I get my customer service ready for this digital savvy generation? Check out this SlideShare to learn some best practices to engage with your millennial customer.

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6 Ways Millennials are Reshaping Customer Service

  1. 1. Want to become a millennial expert? Check out our Interactive e-book!
  2. 2. Millennials prefer text messaging over phone calls. Research shows millennials want to text businesses on their existing toll-free support numbers instead of having to call them for assistance. Tip #1 We don’t call. We message, a lot.
  3. 3. Millennials are impatient and they want answers fast. Automate your CRM so that you immediately get alerts when they reach out. Tip #2 We want it fast.
  4. 4. Millennials “switch among laptops, smartphones, and TVs an average of 27 times per hour.” Make sure you have seamless, consistent customer support across all devices. Tip #3 We switch devices all the time.
  5. 5. Social media has become a customer service channel for millennials. Keep up your social moderation so that you don’t miss any complaints from them. Tip #4 Everything goes social.
  6. 6. Call us the Do-It-Yourself Generation. To help millennials, you should have at least an up-to-date FAQ page and a community forum about your product and service. Tip #5 Self-service is the best.
  7. 7. Get your millennial’s profile and service history from CRM before ask them questions. Show them you care about their needs and interests more than anything else! Tip #6 Show me you know me