5 Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing


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Join us for a look at the 5 most important trends in digital and social that you must use to optimise your marketing campaigns and connect with customers in 2014.

Download the 2014 State of Marketing Report at http://bit.ly/2014som

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  • This amazing disruption has been created by the convergence of Social, Mobile, Cloud and the Internet of Things
  • Big data allows us enough data points to design the self driving car, much faster than building rulesUber a provider of a mobile application for ordering a private car uses data in combination with a social network to create a disruptive collaborative consumption model which is reinventing the taxi marketPhoto credit: the verge
  • Big data means our homes and workplaces will be filled with network connected sensors, so our home works in combination with the energy grid to make our lives easier while saving our precious resourcesSMART HOME (LOWES) – A home hardware provider now has launched a range of connected home solutions. Power companies are opening their grids to intelligence from the home (Smart Grids)
  • In healthcare the data collected about us throughout our lives can unlock a new type of precision medicine, drugs an treatments created specifically for our micro biome, for our specific DNA
  • Marketers Need to show Results Focus on Existing CustomersAre Investing In Data AutomationContinued Focus onEmail, Social, ContentMobile, location a miss
  • But has our marketing matured beyond the days of madison avenue admen, so called “mad men”Don Draper’s key strength was his ability to empathize with mass-segments and find universal truthsFMCG
  • Universal truths are ideas which connect mass segments, because everybody relates to them, like Family, Animals, Life Experiences, Love of CountryIn Japan when I googled “most popular advertisement” I found the the White Family from SoftbankIn Australia, I do not think this advertisement would connect, which shows that even universal appeal is not universal
  • This customerHas engaged with our channel (email)Has viewed women’s runners on our websiteHas bought women’s runners in the pastHas a history of buying
  • The more data we have, the more personal we can communicateOur research shows the more targeted our communications the higher the conversion rate
  • Customers using ExactTargetiGoDigital on average see a 15-25% lift on conversion rate from the personalized content provided by the Big Data engine
  • Don’t send messages to customers asking them to join your program
  • Hautelook a subsidiary of Nordstrom can deliver 200 campaigns and 4M communications/day with a staff of 2 people
  • Australian Numbers70% have an app83% don’t use location based messaging34% never/rarely use responsive designSensiseBusiness Report – 17% have a mobile optimised website
  • Mobile is driving really interesting innovation at the POS
  • In 1999, a group of academics speculated about the erosion of company boundaries created by the industrial revolution to a state where every person in the market is connected to the people within a company and able to have a unique conversation.Markets are conversations
  • 5 Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

    1. 1. 5 Digital Marketing Trends @derektweets Derek Laney Director Product Marketing ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
    2. 2. 5BSmartphones by 2017 Social 4.5B Aggregate social users 50BConnected “things” by 2020 Connected Mobile Cloud 58% Faster deployment
    3. 3. Healthcare Automotive Photo credit: the verge
    4. 4. Healthcare HomeHome
    5. 5. Health
    6. 6. 2014 State of Marketing Insights from over 2,500 global marketers exacttarget.com/stateofmarketing
    7. 7. Data Equals Relevance one.
    8. 8. Marketing?
    9. 9. Universal Appeal The White Family - Softbank
    10. 10. Everyone is Unique
    11. 11. Relevance is Revenue
    12. 12. Top area for increased digital spending: 61% Data & Analytics
    13. 13. Active Audiences
    14. 14. What if the data could drive the strategy?
    15. 15. Predictive Intelligence to Drive Action
    16. 16. Moments Matter two.
    17. 17. Moments Matter
    18. 18. 60% Closely followed by: Marketing Automation
    19. 19. Consumer Mobility three.
    20. 20. We sent over 1 Billion digital messages on Cyber Monday
    21. 21. Many of our retail clients experienced mobile open rates exceeding 80%
    22. 22. 42% rarely/never use responsive design
    23. 23. 46% have an app 70% don’t use location
    24. 24. Mobile Commerce
    25. 25. Brand Personalization four.
    26. 26. Facebook integration Requires login to Facebook User Profile Aggregates all of my site activity and my status Site to Facebook Looks at Facebook friends and shows relevant reviews Knows my home city Grabs my location and uses to determine flights near me Flights integration Scripts & loops through the relevant flights in my area Actual marketing The actual promotion & reason for the email
    27. 27. EGOnomics
    28. 28. To offset a depersonalized society, consumers crave recognition of their individuality. Faith Popcorn
    29. 29. Service is the New Selling five.
    30. 30. ExactTarget Marketing Cloud
    31. 31. We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions David Walmsley Head of Multichannel Marks & Spencer