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Creative Resource Group Ideas & Inspiration


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Creative Resource Group Ideas & Inspiration

  1. 1. A premier manufacturer of heat exchangersrequested unique and creative ideas tomarket themselves to prospects.The Mug has a black wrap with the company logo. As hot liquids areadded to the mug, the black fades away to reveal a full color image of thecompany’s featured product. This was chosen for uniqueness, as well asthe fact of the heat reaction relationship shared by the company’s product.Magic Can a puzzle in the shape of a heat transfer unitthat manipulated into several different designs, revealingproduct pictures, contact information and a calendar.Custom Stress Toy in the shape of a heattransfer unit.
  2. 2. A rapidly growing workout and nutritionfranchise requests a strategic plan with trendyupscale products for their members.Gym Bag which is branded in every detail, from the branded pull tags tothe custom pattern screened onto the bags material.Water Bottles were created to be a constant companion. Not just forworkouts, the stylish designs were meant to be seen at home and office as well.A Strategic Plan for growing the brand through merchandise was proposed.One aspect, was to award members for different achievement with medallions.The medallions would symbolize the members commitment to the lifestyle.
  3. 3. A large food corporation needed ideas fortheir annual employee Christmas gift. Thegift needs to be fun, unique and celebratethe companies 50 th anniversary.Picnic Blanket with the distinctive look of a Swiss Cake Roll.Cup Cake Snuggie looks like a giant cupcake on your couch. Packagedin a cup cake box with a holiday message.Wall Clock fun retro design desplays thecustomers product over the last 50 years.Lunch Box with over the top retro graphicswhich celebrate the companies 50 anniversary.
  4. 4. An international hydraulics manufacturer, wantedto attract more potential employees at careerfairs. They wanted to target college graduates andneeded a different way to promote their brand.A Total Booth Experience was created with a unique backdrop with bluegraphics which showcased Sauer Danfoss products and slogan of Heavy Duty teamwork. front back Do youAt the booth, Sauer Danfoss staff wore shirts that ask “Do you engineer well with others?” engineerThe question immediately engaged students with the company’s with others? teamwork. well focus onTo create an initial buzz before the front backevent, company interns wore shirts Do youwith “Intern, don’t act like you’re not engineer well with others?impressed,” imprinted on them. Thiswas used to grab attention and relatewith the college audience. front back
  5. 5. International brewery needed promotionalproducts ideas for their distributors.Bear Theme these products were a play off of the customers currentmarketing campaign.Hockey Stool the customer supplied a sketch, this mock-up wascreated and manufacturer was tracked down.Table Tent is a dry erase material with the bottom made into a hockeynet. Tavern patrons used bottle caps to shoot into the goal.Dashboard Dancing Ice Fisher is a play off of avintage dashboard hula girls. An advertising campaignwas designed around the dolls encouraging people totake photos of the doll at different events and locationsand sharing them through social media.
  6. 6. A large oil company wanted a gift that wouldpromote their company and also educatecustomers about the history of their brand.A Custom Property Trading Game has players driving around thecountry visiting the companies points of interest, as well as purchasingtheir assets. It was designed with great attention to detail from the custombranded tokens to the fun and engaging game play.To display the companies history the property cards have trivia questionson the back which educate the player on thehistory of the company and its many brands.
  7. 7. A large banking organization needed amemorable way to send their RFPs toprospects in various industries.Retail Clothing Accounts were sent boxes which were imprintedto look like dress shirts. When the box was opened it looked as thoughthe arms were open to embrace you.Recycled Box and Trash Bag was designed as a general purpose boxfor many different industries. The box was imprinted with the line, "Pleaseconsider the environment while disposing of all other RFP’s."Retail Appliance Accounts were went a box designedto look like a refrigerator. The box also had a cardboardouter sleeved that looked like a refrigerator box.
  8. 8. The content shown is the intellectual property of Newton Manufacturing Company. The tradmarks shown on the products displayed may be speculative in nature and not endorsed by or produced by the owners of the artwork.