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Trigger Events


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Learn why you should be using trigger events to improve your sales process.

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Trigger Events

  1. 1. Trigger Events Why You Should Have and Itchy Trigger Finger
  2. 2. What Are Trigger Events? Not this
  3. 3. They Are… Trigger events are changes in a company that occur whether it be administrative or economic related.
  4. 4. These changes can be very big or very small
  5. 5. Size Doesn’t Matter Each change, no matter how big or small, can affect a potential new sales solution
  6. 6. There Are All Kinds of Trigger Events (Changes) Executive Projects & Initiatives New Sites or Products Financial
  7. 7. Executive Changes These are changes that are most obvious such as when a new president or CEO is appointed
  8. 8. Projects and Initiatives These are changes that a company does internally such as cutting off a certain branch of the company
  9. 9. New Sites or Products These are changes that happen in the marketing and sales departments It could be anything from new employees to new strategies they are implementing
  10. 10. Financial Changes Financial changes are extremely important because it shows where a company is spending more and less money
  11. 11. So What’s The Point? By using trigger events you will be in the know on any changes a company may go through
  12. 12. For Example Say an executive change occurs within a company Nike has appointed a new CEO…
  13. 13. Swoop In! The old Nike CEO who would never take your calls or meetings is now gone and it’s time for you to swoop in
  14. 14. By use of trigger event you are notified well before others you get that meeting because YOU were the first one to contact the new CEO
  15. 15. They aren’t all CEOs More than likely not every trigger event probably won’t be as big as a CEO change
  16. 16. However… However, by always knowing when changes happen (no matter how big or small) you will always know your client the best
  17. 17. In The End In the end, prospects or clients want to deal with someone who knows them With use of trigger events you can be that someone
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