10 Secrets of Top Performing Sales Reps


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We talk to sales reps on a daily basis. Here are 10 tips and tricks that we've heard the top technology sales reps say repeatedly. Download our free 13-page guide on selling into the Fortune 1000: http://www.salesquest.com/resources/selling-into-the-fortune-1000/

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10 Secrets of Top Performing Sales Reps

  1. 1. S 10 Secrets of Top Performing Sales Reps
  2. 2. S 1. Be a Trusted Advisor
  3. 3. The most successful account developers act as business consultants rather than pushy sales people. They truly add value throughout the buying process.
  4. 4. S 2. Use Company Resources
  5. 5. The best reps know what marketing resources their company budgets for and take advantage of resources and programs. Most companies have access to online marketing databases, door opener campaigns, lead development programs, trade shows and events.
  6. 6. S 3. Be Confident & Enthusiastic
  7. 7. Being confident and enthusiastic helps you to sell more. Your prospects and customers can sense a confident attitude and it’s infectious!
  8. 8. S 4. Reinvent Sales Approaches
  9. 9. They say don’t reinvent the wheel, but you may want to think about reinventing the sales approach. Be creative and try new things. Mix up your elevator speech and presentation style. If it doesn’t work, then try something else.
  10. 10. S 5. Research Prospect’s Target Accounts
  11. 11. Research your top prospects’ corporate strategies and align your solutions accordingly. You can find this information in: • Press releases • Social media • LinkedIn profiles, etc. Always have a list of intelligent relevant questions to make sure they’re qualified and you’re not wasting your time!
  12. 12. S 6. Use Referral to Identify & Grow New Business
  13. 13. Every successful business developer grows accounts and pursues referrals once an initial sales has been made. Constantly ask the question, “Is there anyone else that you believe might benefit from our capabilities?” These are warm leads that are more likely to put money in your pocket!
  14. 14. S 7. Identify Pain Points
  15. 15. Listen to your prospects and identify their pain points. It’s much easier to sell your product or solution when it’s aligned with solving a problem.
  16. 16. S 8. Ask the Tough Questions
  17. 17. It takes time, relationship building, and trust before you can ask the really tough questions. Don't rush it.
  18. 18. S 9. Take a Tactical Sales Approach
  19. 19. Be tactical (like the BBQ apron): Let’s be honest, that’s what all sales reps would like, sell it now and close deals quickly. By finding the right decision maker, doing your homework and coming across with exactly the right message at the right time to the right person can help you to make quick sales. Unfortunately, not ever sale will be like this, but being able to recognize the prospects that are a perfect fit and closing them quickly is vital, so you can move on to the next sale!
  20. 20. S 10. Take a Strategic Sales Approach
  21. 21. Not only is it important to take a tactical sell-it-now approach, but top sales reps realize the importance of building a solid pipeline.
  22. 22. Be Successful! S Build relationshipsS Do your homework S Use Resources S Be Creative
  23. 23. Be Successful! S Build relationships SMake more money!!! S Do your homework S Use Resources S Be Creative
  24. 24. For more tips and tricks about Selling (into the Fortune 1000) check out our free 13-page guide: www.salesquest.com/resources/selling-into-the-fortune-1000/