Don't Be a Cold Calling Zombie


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Don't be a cold calling zombie. People and businesses rarely communicate with strangers anymore.

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Don't Be a Cold Calling Zombie

  1. 1. Cold Calling is a ZombieCold Calling is a Zombie
  2. 2. Let it Die AlreadyLet it Die Already Cold calling has been around for ages. It also has been consistently less effective as business has evolved Cold calling started around here
  3. 3. The Odds Are Against YouThe Odds Are Against You 9 out of 10 times people are just going to hang up on you Experts say that you get one possible lead for every 25 calls you make That’s only a 4% possible return! 96% 4% Cold Calling Average Success Rate
  4. 4. It’s Sales, Not VegasIt’s Sales, Not Vegas You need to be spending your time wisely Stop betting on old techniques that are out dated and annoying
  5. 5. Harvard is wicked smaht kid…Harvard is wicked smaht kid… According to Harvard Business Review 90.9% of the time it DOES NOT WORK
  6. 6. Time is MoneyTime is Money Even putting together a list of contacts is time consuming, especially since your cold calling statistically won’t be worth the time.
  7. 7. It’s AnnoyingIt’s Annoying Typically, bothering someone only to try and sell them something doesn’t usually go over too well
  8. 8. So What Should You Do?So What Should You Do? COLD CALLING! With the internet and technology there are so many better options to attract leads
  9. 9. Examples:Examples: Use Social Media Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  10. 10. Webinars Use webinars which are online “how to’s”about your solutions
  11. 11. Blogs: Put out content that draws prospects in. Write about a topic that is important or popular
  12. 12. But…How Do I Do That?But…How Do I Do That? LEARN In order to be interesting learn about the client you’re trying to appeal to
  13. 13. Know ThemKnow Them Knowledge of your prospect gives you power! =
  14. 14. Knowing their needs and values allows you to speak to them intelligently
  15. 15. The more pleasant the contact the more likely a new lead will be developed
  16. 16. What to Take Away from allWhat to Take Away from all this?this? Cold Calling is a thing of the past Statistically it is extremely ineffective Learn about your client To know them is to sell to them
  17. 17. Come Visit Us!!!!Come Visit Us!!!! For more information on how CRUSH can put a stop to cold calling and see how others are using CRUSH visit us at: