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Voicemail "How to leave them and test them"


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How to leave a voicemail and test their health? While making a call to a customer there is a healthy probability that it may land in to the voicemail box. So are you leaving healthy voicemails?

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Voicemail "How to leave them and test them"

  1. 1. Voicemail Health Test SalesMOJO
  2. 2. 80% chances are there, that your call may hit the Voicemail Box SalesMOJO Are you leaving the healthy Voicemails?
  3. 3. Test you Voicemail Health using 3S method Structure Subject Star SalesMOJO
  4. 4. 3S Method Structure- Getting to the Point-Value Proposition Subject- Happy & Curious Ears Star- Surprising Element of Results or Impact SalesMOJO
  5. 5. Structure SalesMOJO Quickly and clearly communicate the value proposition of why someone would take action based on your voicemail. Subject The more value-oriented and less sales-specific the subject, the more likely prospects were to take action and schedule a meeting, but it also depends upon the recipient and in some case it may be the opposite, so drop a message according to the buyer’s Persona Real Time Example When dropped a Voicemail for an upcoming “Webinar” to Senior Management and Junior Management
  6. 6. SalesMOJO Real time Results Results when dropped a Voicemail for an upcoming “Webinar” Star Element of Star is to showcase the added benefits of attending the webinar This is a 232% health increase when calling to senior vs junior management, so keep working on your voicemail health, keeping the buyer’s persona in the centre and keep testing the health of each and every Voicemail left. Leave them and Track them and Plan them before you leave them
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