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  • SalesLogix Dynamic Email Marketing

    1. 1. Dynamic Email Marketing for SalesLogix Dan Ogdon, Director of Marketing - Swiftpage April 2008 For SalesLogix from
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Blacklist of your sending IP address Why Third Party ESP’s for SalesLogix?
    4. 4. Send limit restrictions: 50 – 100 emails through your systems Why Third Party ESP’s?
    5. 5. Third Parties Are in the Know – Providing metrics that matter: Opens Clicks Bounced Suppressed And more… Why Third Party ESP’s?
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Set objectives, goals and expectations: What do I want out of this campaign? Ie: 30% open rate, 5% click rate, 75% attendance It All Starts with the List in SalesLogix
    8. 8. Define your targets – Segment your list appropriately Know who you’re sending to It All Starts with the List
    9. 9. Take the time to clean your list: Old email addresses Invalid email addresses Incomplete email addresses It All Starts with the List
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Is your content relevant? Do your recipients want to receive what you’re sending them? A Message with Meaning
    12. 12. Personalize each message: From Address Branding in subject line Contact Info in Body Merge Custom Fields (Hi Dan,) A Message with Meaning
    13. 13. Keep your message short – Put long descriptions on landing pages A Message with Meaning
    14. 14. Demand attention: Subject Lines Titles like the ‘Times Strong Relevant Imagery A Message with Meaning
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Use Stock imagery: Killer Creative | Unmistakable Action
    17. 17. Make A Bold Statement Killer Creative Killer Creative | Unmistakable Action
    18. 18. Call to Action Above and Below the Fold – but test: Placement Text Link Button Link Color Scheme Be forward and shameless Killer Creative Killer Creative | Unmistakable Action
    19. 19.
    20. 20. Landing page should carry the same theme: Imagery Colors Language Tone - Familiarity Killer Creative Killer Creative | Unmistakable Action
    21. 21.
    22. 22. Are you making it to the Inbox? Industry standards: Open Rate – 30% Click Rate – 3% Get Ready to hit Inboxes
    23. 23. Email Authentication: Safe Sender ID – SPF Domain Keys - DKIM Get Ready to hit Inboxes
    24. 24. Are you Trusted? Whitelist Safe Sender List Address Book Get Ready to hit Inboxes
    25. 25. Will spam filters junk your email? Free tools to find out: Get Ready to hit Inboxes
    26. 26.
    27. 27. Umm……now what? Now what? Metrics that Matter
    28. 28. What you should look for: Open Rate (Delivered/opens) Click Rate (Opens/Clicks) Delivered Vs. Sent Bounced Opted Out Now what? Metrics that Matter
    29. 29. Small changes can make improvements: Subject lines CTA placement Content Relevancy Email Length Now what? Metrics that Matter
    30. 30. Test, Test, Test Now what? Metrics that Matter
    31. 31.
    32. 32. Links clicked aren’t just links clicked – they give you valuable, actionable data: Know what’s most interesting Know who’s most interested In SalesLogix Email Becomes Your Foundation
    33. 33. Intelligently update your SalesLogix database Email Becomes Your Foundation
    34. 34. Email Becomes Your Foundation
    35. 35. Questions? Contact Information: Brianna Tinjum 651.646.7777 x 202 SalesLogix