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How to Use Multimedia with News Releases to Increase Views


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Research figures from PR Newswire show that images, video and graphics increase views of news content, This webinar examines how to add multimedia to your news releases effectively.

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How to Use Multimedia with News Releases to Increase Views

  1. 1. Using Multimedia with News The Social Media Newsroom
  2. 2. Worth a Thousand Words Content pages with relevant images have 94 percent higher page views than those that only have textSource PR Newswire
  3. 3. News Releases
  4. 4. Survey Methodology
  5. 5. SharingText releases were shared, on average, .99times per hourMultimedia releases were shared, onaverage, 3.5 times per hour
  6. 6. Which Images to UseShow the item discussed in the text People - faces (not a crowd) Product Places – visually describe the textImages that tell a storyImages that demonstrate an ideaOriginal images, if possible
  7. 7. What Images Do 1. Provide more SEO opportunities 2. Give the website a higher quality feel 3. Give viewers a more positive perception 4. Increase the company’s authority as a news source
  8. 8. Tags Add a title tag with keyword Add alternate text tag (alt. txt) with keyword Use a caption under the photograph Give the photograph a descriptive name – not IMG 457976 but rather recipe-lasagna.jpeg
  9. 9. Adding Tags in PDF
  10. 10. Adding Tags in PDF
  11. 11. Tag Image in Word Doc
  12. 12. Positioning the images We read left to right The natural sequence for reading involves a very specific order:3. Look at the image, if there is one4.Scan the headline5.Read the body copy (if the headline is interesting enough).
  13. 13. Above the Headline
  14. 14. Placement Matters Headlines placed below an image are read by 10% more people than headlines above. You lose a potential 10% of your audience if you’re distracting them with an image in the wrong place. If you have a large audience—say 145,000 people— then putting your image below your headline could be costing you nearly fifteen thousand potential readers!
  15. 15. Captions Captions get read 4X more than body copy Images draw the eye away from the text, so make sure each image has a caption under it that reinforces the main message Craft your captions as you would craft your headlines
  16. 16. Captions
  17. 17. Left Margin
  18. 18. Left Margin
  19. 19. Video
  20. 20. Video Stats Time-on-page and time-on-site numbers increase when you add video. 85% of people online consumed an average of 10 hours of video a month online and that number is increasing. Google is prioritizing video in its search algorithm. Not only will video help promote your products and services online, it helps those products and services get found online. Visitors to web sites are now looking for video content first. An increasing number of sales teams are showing enjoying increases in close-rates and online registrations using web based video.
  21. 21. What do People Want? “Content where you learn something, not just sales pitches.” “Concise accurate contents covering the details without fluff.” “Come right to the point, if necessary add more substantial info to an appendix in the transcript. “ Always provide a transcript!” “Fast snappy presentation that gets right to the point.” “Short, sharp, to the point. Loads quickly and is packed with content not crap.” “Useful how-to information presented without hype. Clear and in-depth.” “Clear audio. Captivating content. Something that makes me laugh or smile.” “Useful, actionable information.” “An engaging story that draws you in.”
  22. 22. Video SEO Use informational keywords : How to, Learn, History of Title and Description with keywords Add a link in the YouTube description field
  23. 23. Platform
  24. 24. Graphics
  25. 25. Infographics
  26. 26. Design of your news release
  27. 27. SMNR
  28. 28. SMNR
  29. 29. SMNR Organic Apples Keep More Than the Doctor Away Body Text of the Release goes Here Our limited knowledge of organic produce is not unique; instead, it is a representation of a pervasive misunderstanding of organic-labeled products
  30. 30. Embed Code
  31. 31. Embed Code
  32. 32. Images Right Click the image Click View Image Info