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The Digital Newsroom Strategy


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As more brands realize the value of publishing content the value of a digital newsroom is gaining popularity. Big brands like Red Bull, coke and Adidas are committed to publishing magazine-style newsrooms with both curated and created content.

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The Digital Newsroom Strategy

  1. 1. The Digital Newsroom Strategy How to use a hosted newsroom to market your brand
  2. 2. Why a Digital Newsroom? Brands are publishing content – not just advertising next to what we read Brand content competes with traditional media for our attention The public wants to see how your product or service fits into their lifestyle – not just the features of your product
  3. 3. The new website launched in May 2010, with all content created and managed by a dedicated editorial team based at Zone. Content is planned and updated constantly, with the latest news from across the organisation being crafted into engaging stories using words, photography, video, illustration and interactive functionality.
  4. 4. Work with the Media • Provide content the media no longer has the resources to cover – medical, travel, visuals. • Do in-depth stories the media won’t cover on their own • Offer access to resources and experts
  5. 5. What content should we cover? 1. Act like a traditional newsroom – Reporters – Editors – Designers 2. Monitor and comment on industry news 3. Conduct interviews 4. Go to events and report on the content
  6. 6. What makes a newsroom great? • More than press releases • Great original content • Content that the media and the public will value • Talent • Technology • Data/Analytics
  7. 7. How can a small business do this? • Be smart with technology – Hosted newsroom with visual features – Train your team to curate industry news and create original content
  8. 8. Results? • More traffic • More media coverage • More engagement
  9. 9. SEO
  10. 10. Traffic Increase in traffic from the newsroom to other areas of your website Added a newsroom Stopped publishing content regularly
  11. 11. Engagement • According to 37% of marketing managers, the most important way to engage customers is content-led websites. (Source: The CMA) • 58% of consumers trust editorial content. (Source: Nielsen) • 54% of brands cited increased engagement as the number one value of content. (Source: Econsultancy and Outbrain)
  12. 12. Media • You have to still do the work to make the media aware of your newsroom and your editorial content. “Once we had the newsroom in place with travel focused businesses in the area contributing contend made the media aware of our newsroom as a resource the media coverage just came rolling in.” CVB Winston-Salem NC.
  13. 13. Combined with a Social Dashboard • Import media lists • Email reporters and editors • Post to all social accounts • Schedule posts • Monitor mentions of brand and keywords • Respond to mentions directly from the dashboard • Measure results – easy, automatic reporting.
  14. 14. Questions? Ask for a demo of the newsroom and/or the dashboard.