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5 Media Relations Trends to Watch in 2013


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The demand for more news at a faster pace has changed the way the media reports the news. This means that businesses have to change too - these 5 media trends are opportunities a business can tap into in 2013 to increase online visibility and earned media mentions.

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5 Media Relations Trends to Watch in 2013

  1. 1. Media Relations Trends 5 ways to increase your reach and media coverage in 2013
  2. 2. Rebecca Lieb  Digital Advertising & Media Analyst, The Altimeter Group  Author of Content Marketing: Think Like a Publisher - How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media
  3. 3. Trends Visual Storytelling Be a resource for the media Brand Journalism Build a distribution network Make your online newsroom a collaborative content hub
  4. 4. Why these trends matter now Technology Lack of resources in newsrooms Public demand for faster access to news Desire to see and experience the news
  5. 5. “Visual information reigns supreme,from video to images toinfographics.Overwhelmingly, marketers plan toadd more video to contentmarketing initiatives, necessitatingincreased investment in bothtechnology and productionresources.Marketers’ confidence in andreliance on content marketing isbeginning to diminish their relianceon print and broadcast advertising,as well as public relations.”Altimeter Group
  6. 6. Images Page views were 94% higher for pages with visual content than pages that only contained text (Skyword) 44% are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures than any other media (ROI Research) 63% regard the quality of a product’s image is more important than product- specific information 53% sat good images are more important than reviews (MDG)
  7. 7. Instagram/TwitterInstagram has disabled Twitter appears poisedphoto integration with to take on InstagramTwitter. As a result, directly by offering setsphotos are no longer of photo filters throughappearing in Tweets or its mobile apps,user photo galleries. according to a report in The New York Times
  8. 8. Video Over 80% of media website use video Most don’t have video production capabilities
  9. 9. Video
  10. 10. “What kind of content could weoffer that would be interesting,inspiring and entertainingenough to attract the peoplewe’re looking for?”
  11. 11. Results “The people we wanted to talk to became members; they opted in; they read. Social media, which we started to employ in 2008, offered new opportunities to expand our branded media in ways that facilitated a new type of customer relationship.” Ilana Rabinowitz, VP Marketing Lion Brand yarns. When they announce a new product in the newsletter, people go to thousands of stores nationwide that sell Lion Brand yarns and ask for it. When they opened their retail showplace in New York City to display their products they promoted the event in their own media. The day it opened there were 50 people standing in line waiting for the doors to open.
  12. 12. Results Seen by 4 million adults Awareness of the brand increased by 54% Consideration of the Prius when purchasing a vehicle jumped from 5th to 1st position.
  13. 13. More than one audience Journalists Bloggers Influencers Evangelists Interested public
  14. 14. Journalists Make a media list Muckrack JournalistTweets Follow them Retweet them Read their work Comment on their blogs and articles
  15. 15. Bloggers Find the right bloggers Look at their influence scores as a starting point Kred, Klout, Peer Index Read their blogs Comment Find them on twitter and follow them Retweet them and engage with them there
  16. 16. Build a Network of Influencers Relevant to your space They have a following/audience They trust your content They would share your content Create a list of like- minded people who want to support each other
  17. 17. News Feeds
  18. 18. Paid syndication
  19. 19. Newsroom Checklist A simple, easy-to-use content management system, so you can add items without the need for IT or a webmaster A custom URL - Brand consistency in design, look and feel Ability to categorize content by topic or subject
  20. 20. Newsroom Checklist News feeds on all news categories Easy, one-click feed subscription Ability to subscribe to the feeds by email, if preferred Your logo displays in the feed content
  21. 21. Newsroom Checklist Ability to post news in either traditional format or social media release format (categories and tags) Image gallery Video gallery Embed codes for all visual material
  22. 22. Newsroom Checklist Automatically add multimedia content from the galleries to a release or news item  PDFs Word documents  Slide Decks  Infographics  Web page
  23. 23. Newsroom Checklist Press contacts Company Info pages Executive bios Experts database with bios and videos
  24. 24. Newsroom Checklist Easy one-click sharing icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and StumbleUpon Share This feature with a list of all social bookmarking sites Prepopulated sharing messages with a link
  25. 25. Newsroom Checklist Displays corporate blog posts Displays company Twitter feed
  26. 26. Newsroom Checklist Add tags to all content A tag cloud that highlights your focus of content and acts as a search function A custom Google search on the newsroom and other owned websites or blogs
  27. 27. Newsroom Checklist Connections to all social media content Able to add new social accounts quickly and easily
  28. 28. Newsroom ChecklistHas a "dark" section ofthe newsroom that canbe activated in case ofemergency or crisis
  29. 29. Dashboard
  30. 30. Questions?