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Speak Out - February 2012


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Speak Out, monthly Newsletter from Chennai Toastmasters Club (CTM)

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Speak Out - February 2012

  1. 1. -TM Kartikeyan Srinivasan TAJ MAHAL known for it‟s larger-than-life size and grace is a mausoleum of perfection. PeopleInside this issue converge at the banks of the Yamuna from all over the World to visit this monument. Some are awe- struck by its size and strength, some find beauty & romance in it, while yet others wonder at its architectural marvel! But not a single person just „visits‟ – each visitor is „moved‟ in some way and takes a bit of TheTaj! TM Kartikeyan Srinivasan President CTM From where I stand (and I stand pretty tall!) Chennai TM is the Taj of Division G – the result of years of painstaking labor and tiny drops of contributions by the members. We now have a rock-solid club that is one of the best and has consistently been so. Come every Sunday 4-6 p.m. Ruby Hall comes alive like it never has. CTM has become that Taj which draws people from different walks of life as well as from within the Toastmasters community. Some come here to hone their skills of communications, others to improve their leadership skills, and yet others simply to observe and absorb the beauty of the energy and synergy that is CHENNAI TOASTMASTERS! 2
  2. 2. This position of The Taj among Toastmasters Club isnot the result of any one individual or group, but ofthe contribution of every single member of the Clubwho has taken active part in the building of thisClub. This Club has consistently created high qualityspeakers and Leaders, who in turn have fostered andnurtured others into Leadership roles before movingon. Over the years, the Club has had 14 Presidents,each one making the Club stronger by serving itsmembers with passion. Each President has lefthis/her mark in our hearts & minds with theirservice. Our 14th President TM Sadayappan , havingled in such great manner, is moving on to greenerpastures overseas and, as such, has passed the batonof Presidency to me though somewhat pre-maturely. While his presence will be severely missed, I am looking forward to all your support to ensure that The Club continues to build on its existing strength and the Legacy of all the past Presidents. We are into the Contest Season, International Speech & Table Topics! CTM has always been a force to reckon with in the Contest arena, and I am sure we will produce more champions. Let us all join hands to raise and support the Champions amidst us, and raise the bar so high that next time some admirer of The Taj Mahal should write an ode to the monument by comparing it to CHENNAI TOASTMASTERS! 3
  3. 3. TM Rajesh Narayanan “It’s hard to put in words the deep connection the People have to the forest. They see a network of energy that flows through all living things.” Says James Cameron in the award winning movie “Avatar” It was 11th August 2002, the day I landed in US to start my career. I was full of excitement ... not because that was my first visit to US... but, I was excited because I was going to see the movie “Baba”. It was my first time of watching the First Day ... First Show of a Rajni movie. The movie was supposed to begin at 6:30 pm. We were in the theatre at 5:00 itself. There was huge crowd at the theatre.Despite having tickets, all of us were crazily standing with greatastonishment, and were very anxious. All the cars in the parking lotwere playing the songs from the movie “Baba cinema… cinema[Vocalvariety]… No one was listening as all the fans had the songsmemorized by heart by then.Finally, THAT moment arrived and I was inside the movie hall. The movie hall was packedwith people. Fans yelling and shouting „Thalaivaaaa‟; people throwing paper all over, andlighting camphor in front of the screen. All of a sudden, I hear a huge roar of whistlingnoise when the name „Rajni‟ [Vocal variety with R… A… J… N… I…] appeared on thescreen.Throughout the movie, I couldn‟t hear a single dialogue properly. When Rajni says „Babacounting starts… 1,2,3..‟ the entire theatre was counting down with him”1,2,3” [Vocalvariety]. At the climax, the entire energy level was at its peak, and the entire theatre roaredwhen Rajni made a U turn from sainthood and an example of oneness. I felt as if I was inChromepet Vetri theatre or Albert theatre in Chennai, not in USA.We were all software engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs and businessman. But on that day we were all Rajni fans. They shed their identities and rejoiced in beinghis fans.I see a lot of similarity between Rajni fans and toastmasters movement.Similarly, we too are from different backgrounds. But at the end of the day we are alltoastmasters. When we walk in through that door, we shed our individual identities andbecome one. We don‟t just focus on our individual goals but also help each other grow morethan willingly. As James Cameron says “Network of energy flows through us”. That is thesecret of Toastmasters movement. 4
  4. 4. There are three important lessons that I correlate from that experience which is very relevantto us as toastmasters.• We are not individuals… We are deeply connected network of individuals• We help each other to grow and succeed• We share our best practicesFirstly, Success of the toastmasters‟ movement is not because of the founder. It was becauseof members who joined together willingly and working together passionately. In those days,we did not have social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, but we had Toastmastersmovement which was connecting us socially. We all cheered when TM Sandhiya and TMSadayappan won the division and district contest as we did in Baba movieSecondly, mentors work hand-in-hand for the growth of mentees. They in turn becamementor in the process. It grows exponentially not in addition or multiplication. They makesure that the knowledge gets transferred from one to another.Thirdly, we share our best practices across the board which normally won‟t happen in thepractical corporate world. We work in abundance mind set with collective goals. Instead ofasking “what is in it for me” we ask “What is in it for the club”. We shed our position, title,background and come to each and every meeting with a wholeness attitude.As Henry ford says “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Workingtogether is success.” That ONENESS is our success mantra in Toastmasters. TM Vignesh SwaminathanHoli FestivalHoli, the festival of colours, is celebrated on the day after the fullmoon in early March every year. It is perhaps the most joyfulholiday ever. On this day, people try to paint each other with vividcolours. The celebration often gets wild and rowdy. Its one of thefew times when men and women mingle freely and people usetricks to try to spray their relatives and friends with colour. 5
  5. 5. It‟s also a time when distinctions of caste are forgotten. Sweets are served inside houses.Thandai, a drink made with almonds and milk, and cannabis pakoras is extremely popularon this day. Holi can also be called a youth festival, as it provides an opportunity for youngmen and women to mingle freely and participate in dances and cultural programs in anotherwise conservative society. Young men throw coloured powder and coloured water onwomen. People roam the streets, squirting each other with coloured water from water pistolsand throwing coloured powders and water balloons off roofs. Everyone wears old clothes,or, if invited to a party, crisp white clothes. In earlier times, people made the colours (calledgulal) themselves. They gathered the bright red and orange flowers from the tesu or palashtree (also known as flame of the forest). They let them soak in water or produce coloredwater or dried them in the sun on mats, then ground them into a fine dust. They also usedaabir, a natural colored talc. The colours mimic the colours of spring as at this time of theyear, a time when shades of red and yellow appear in the Gulmohurs (red flowers), silkcottons and mango trees.La TomatinaLa Tomatina tomato fight in Buñol near Valencia happensevery year on the last Wednesday in August though thepartying starts earlier in the week. The highlight of thefestival is the tomato fight which takes place between11am and 1pm on that day. The Tomatina is only one ofthe celebrations of a week long festival with musicalbands, fireworks, food, and over all fun. This is a warwere there are expected to be no winners, but where all have fun. The festivities begin inthe week leading up to La Tomatina with a celebration of the towns Patron Saint. Fireworks light the heavy summer sky while street parties warm up at ground level. Rose wine flows and the hefty scent of wood fired paella fills the air. But the majority of revellers are here for one thing and one thing alone - the chance to run amok with 90,000 pounds of gooey, squishy fruit - the rest is just a bonus. The standard uniform is an old T-shirt, old shorts and eye goggles. Nearly 140 tons of tomatoes are trucked in from around the countryside and the argy-bargy begins with the firing of a rocket. 6
  6. 6. The Battle of Oranges The annual Battle of Oranges in Ivrea, Italy, is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages when feudal Lords would hand out ` beans to the poor who would throw them back as a gesture of disrespect.Ivrea is today best known for its famous battle of the oranges. This involves somethousands of townspeople, divided into nine combat teams, who throw oranges at eachother - with considerable violence - during the traditional carnival days: Sunday, Mondayand Tuesday. The carnival takes place in February: it ends the night of "fat tuesday", with asolemn funeral. Traditionally, at the end of the silent march that closes the carinval the"Prefect" says goodbay to everybody with the classical phrase "See you next (fat) thurday, at1 pm" One of the citizens is elected Mugnaia. The legend has that a millers daughter (a"Mugnaia") once refused to accept the "right" of the local duke to spend a night with eachnewly wed woman and chopped his head off. Today the carriages represent the dukesguard and the orange throwers the revolutionaries. Spectators are not allowed to throworanges, but visitors are allowed to enlist in the teams. If they wear a red hat they areconsidered part of the revolutionaries and will not have oranges thrown at them. Duringthe carnival the streets are lit up and filled with the scent of oranges. And regionalspecialities are served in the streets – particularly fagioli grassi (fat beans). These areenormous pots of beans, boiled with sausages and pork rind. They’re served free. Otherspeciality dishes include cod with polenta, and delicious carnival pastries. Italian wines onoffer include white Erbaluce, sparkling Barbera and sweet Passito di Caluso. Those whodont wish to take part are told to wear red scarves and hats but few escape the orangefiring line!Summer Redneck GamesSummer Redneck Games to be held every July, in East Dublin.The events of the festival include the cigarette flip, the mudpitbelly flop, bobbing for pigs feet, the big hair contest, the hubcaphurl, the seed spitting contest, bug zapper spitball, dumpsterdiving, and everyones favorite, the armpit serenade. A fixture at this annual event is afellow by the name of L-Bow, a local asphalt technician who doesnt have any teeth. Inhis soiled bib-overalls, smelly T-shirt, and ragged old shoes, L-Bow is the perfectmascot for the Summer Redneck Games, which means hes the official torch-bearer.With a propane torch adorned with the aluminum from a 6-pack of Budweiser, L-Bowparades the athletes into the arena (a field) and lights the Ceremonial BBQ Grill. 7
  7. 7. Trishla within 2 years!Next month – it could be YOU! Aditya: A defining moment in your life? Trishla: When I joined Electronic media in Few things you SHOULD MOP. I was forced to talk, socialize and come know to be friends with out of my comfort zone. In fact for the first her: time, I travelled in city busses. A: What are your favorite topics to speak? T: Emotional and Passive topics, Story telling A: Your strength as a speaker? T: My voice. It can influence people with it! A: What would you like to improve? T: My rate of words. It is too fast and most of the time, people don’t understand what I say! A: What do you see yourself as in future? T: I would love to be in the sales and marketing profession!Evaluated by…Aditya!!Trishla is a fine example of a person who was inher shell being a protected daughter – to aperson who can now stand on her own feet! Shehas molded her self into a good talker, goodsocializer and a very good friend!Trishla’s Gyan to new Toastmasters: There is nothing as strong as connecting to the audience!
  8. 8. But still I wish I could go back in timeTime and space, like the essence of life,Where we go on with an endless strifeMany a time do we look back and cryAt fate and doom with their smiles so wryRound I look and I feel my journeys fineBut still I wish I could go back in time Peep into my life, youll feel that its flawless Blessed with fortune nd luck that look so lawless But inside is an ember that burns with such temper That reminds me of all that I dont wish to remember Regrets that simmer of love, faith or destiny of mine And thats why I said I want to go back in timeI wish I could but I know I never wouldElse tell me itd, my future, of what I could and how I shouldBut now I know what time is for and that has me lightenedTime is to move on without fear or mercy, Im enlightenedHad it stood, the world too would, chaos making it sublimeBut Im selfish and still I wish I could go back in time- TM Adithya.V.S My Potential! CTM’s Credential!I requireBut little acquire,And, if moved on with CTM,I would procure a lot!I conserveBut little preserve, 9
  9. 9. And, if moved on with CTM, I would deserve a lot! I concede But little recede, And, if moved on with CTM, I would precede a lot ! I seek But little meek, And, if moved on with CTM, I would speak a lot to score! I seed TM M Kaveri Madhavan But little feed, And, if moved on with CTM, I would lead a lot!Guess the toastmasters who said this?1."Im a sea food lover. I love to eat whatever I see" ____________2. "Toastmasters is like your favorite dish and you can never get enough ofit"___________3."Watch out Watch out says the Crow" __________4."My answers were expectedly more focused on personal life of Emperor Jahangir andhis romantic escapades with Anarkali than on the political/social/economic and culturalaspects of the Mughal rule which was alluded to in the question paper. Well, Thinkingout of the box had always my forte and I was not going to allow the history exam to curbmy creative instincts"_________5. "Contests are not to differentiate the bronze from the silver and the silver from the gold.Contests convert a golden ore into a golden ornament" ___________ 10
  10. 10. Answers:1. DTM Nina John2. TM Arna Chugani3. TM Sadayappan4. TM Shankar Source: TM Saro5. TM Saro Velrajan Velrajan TM Gowri ShankarLast week, there was a construction work going on in my street.I was baffled when a women carrying 12 full bricks in her headand climbed three stories building. It didn‟t stop there, shecarried nearly 500 brick repeatedly. All this work for a mere daywage of 700 Rs. Further research on her life gave this vital fact.She hasn‟t visited the doctor for many years. Because thatamount of work increases the physical and mental fitness. 11
  11. 11. Working hard physically is closely related to well being. But, what is the use of hard work without any purpose behind it. For example, take a person going to gym to work out and be physically fit. Ask this question "What is the use of raising the same weight many times and finally placing it at the place where he lifted it?” No use. Instead, one carry buckets of water for the plants in his garden. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Help lifting the bike which had fallen during accident. Many things similar to this can be done which has the humanitarian side to it and also provide the physical fitness we need. This is my first article in the club newsletter and thanks for reading this till the end. TM Thanigeaswara We witnessed our club contests on 26th, February 2012.What an exciting and enthralling event it was? This was the first International and Table topics speech contest after the birth of CSF. This time more opportunities were given to the new toastmasters and it reflected in the role players list. This itself shows the enthusiasm they have for toastmastering. We should congratulate the contest chair TM Deepa B, who has done a wonderful job in organizing such an event. As usual the hall was full including the balcony seats( last table seats)! We had members from CSF TMC,Chennai Wordsmith TMC, Medley TMC, Amazon TMC,TCS TMC, Madras TMC, FosterWheeler TMC, CSC TMCand many more guests to witness the contests. This it-selfshows the interests shown by the members of other toastmaster clubs in CTM‟s contests.Their expectationwas very well satisfied by the contestants who deliveredwonderful speeches. 12
  12. 12. As a participant, I learned a lot in this contest. Participating in CTM contest itself a privilegewhere great speakers and leaders like DTM Nina John, DTM Indira Jeyaraj, TM AbrahamZachariah, DTM Lalitha Giridhar, DTM SasthaRam, DTM Aditya, TM Ravi Baskaran, TMSaro, TM Rajesh Natarajan, TM Sadayappan and many more evolved at this very stage.If we show sincerity, we can definitely raise to the levels and standards they have set. Deartoastmasters let us congratulate the winners who had proceeded to the area level and aregoing to hold the CTM flag high. TM Gowri ShankarI/ME/MYSELFThe misuse of “I” and “myself” for “me” is caused by nervousness about “me.” Educatedpeople know that “Ram and me are going down to wash the bike,” is not elegant speech,not “correct.” It should be “Ram and I” because if I were washing the bike alone I wouldnever say “Me is going. . . .” If you refer to yourself first, the same rule applies: It‟s not “Meand Ram are going” but “I and Ram are going.”So far so good. But the notion that there is something wrong with “me” leads people toovercorrect and avoid it where it is perfectly appropriate. People will say “The documenthad to be signed by both Sudhir and I” when the correct statement would be, “The documenthad to be signed by both Sudhir and me.”All this confusion can easily be avoided if you just remove the second party from thesentences where you feel tempted to use “myself” as an object or feel nervous about “me.”You wouldn‟t say, “They sent the refund cheque to I,” so you shouldn‟t say “They sent therefund cheque to my wife and I” either.Trying even harder to avoid the lowly “me,” many people will substitute “myself”.Conservatives often object to this sort of use of “myself” when “me” or “I” would do. It‟susually appropriate to use “myself” when you have used “I” earlier in the same sentence: “Iam not particularly fond of goat cheese myself.” “I kept half the loot for myself.” “Myself”is also fine in expressions like “young people like myself” or “a picture of my boyfriend andmyself.” 13
  13. 13. On a related point, those who continue to announce “It is I” have traditional grammatical correctness on their side, but they are vastly outnumbered by those who proudly boast “it‟s me!” There‟s not much that can be done about this now. Similarly, if a caller asks for Amar and Amar answers “This is he,” his somewhat antiquated correctness is likely to startle the questioner into confusion. Wrong Correct “It is me who is responsible” “It is I who am responsible” “It is you who is responsible” “It is you who are responsible”Name CC1 CC2 CC3 CC4 CC5 CC6 CC7 CC8 CC9 CC10Abhay GandhiAbhishek SinghAditya VSAnantha Ram BAncy MamachanAneeshAnjaneya SastryKanthetiAnuradha SVRRamprasadArna ShashiChuganiArumugamAshok Kumar VBharatSrinivasanB Nithin, CLBharath RajaDeepaBharatkumarGuruvayurappanB 14
  14. 14. Gowri ShankarGomathi SHaritha PhalgunJananeeRamakrishnanJayanthJaganK.V.V.GiriKeerthi MLoganathanMadhavan MKMadhukumar RMilton MrMohammedMusthafa AzeezNagendraBharathiPrasannaPawan KumarRyaliPramothPrem KumarRam Mohan In CTMReddy CCRajeshNarayananRaju BansalRajaSekhar PRamnathRajaramSanjiv RameshSailesh GaneshSakthi SPrasannaSarguruSrinivasanSaritaRamachandranSelvabharathiKalappanSelvaduraiSubramanianSivaprakashSivaprakashSriHarshaSravanSubhashiniRamanSudha RajeshSujith 14
  15. 15. ThanigeaswaraAnbarasuThothathariTrishla JainVenkatakrishna SVeknash PillaiVigneshSwaminathanVijay DeepVishnu Raja ACB1 ACB2 ACB3 ACB4 ACB5 ACB6 ACB7 ACB8 ACB9 ACB10PrabakaranRamasamy, CC, CLRajesh Natarajan,CC, ALBNina John, DTM -2nd RoundSadayappan T M,CCShankar K, CCThomas Cherukara,CCVaradarajan, CC ACS1 ACS2 ACS3 ACS4 ACS5 ACS6 ACS7 ACS8 ACS9 ACS10Karthikeyan B,ACB, ALBOommen John,ACB, ALBRavi Baskaran,ACB, CLSrikanth S., ACB,CLSrinivasanKartikeyan,CL,ACB ACG1 ACG2 ACG3 ACG4 ACG5 ACG6 ACG7 ACG8 ACG9 ACG10AbrahamZachariah, ACS,ALBRamesh Daswani,ACS, CLAdityaMaheswaran, DTMSastharamRavendran, DTMLalitha Giridhar,DTM 14
  16. 16. 5th Feb,2012Special Education session by Patriarch of CTM TM Ravi Baskaran onWhy should one participate in Contest?(333 meeting)Best Speaker: TM LoganathanBest Table topic speaker: TM ShankarBest Evaluator: TM Deepa Bharathkumar12th Feb,2012New members induction program(334 meeting)Best Speaker: TM Thanigeswara ABest Table topic speaker: DTM Aditya MaheswaranBest Evaluator: TM Kartik Srinivasan19th Feb,2012DTM Aditya Maheshwaran wins “Young Achiever Award “ from Rotary ClubBest speaker :TM SelvabharatiBest Table topics speaker : DTM AdityaBest evaluator:TM KartikBest role player of the month: TM Rajesh Narayanan Incoming President TM Kartikeyan Srinivasan Outgoing President – TM Sadayappan 18
  17. 17. 26th Feb 2012 19
  18. 18. Editorial Team: TM Aneesh, TM Guruvayurappan Advisors: TM Shakthi , TM Deepa, TM Arumugam Designer: TM Adithya VSOFFICE BEARERSTM Kartikeyan SrinivasanTM Thanigeaswara ATM Deepa BTM S Sakthi PrasannaTM Arumugam MariappanTM Sudha RajeshTM Vignesh S 20
  19. 19. Chennai Toastmasters Club meets every Sunday between 4pm and 6pm At Presidency club- Ruby hall, Etiraj Salai,Commander in Chief Road, Egmore, Chennai-600024- Near Spencer Plaza & Opposite to Hotel Kanchi, For more information please contact, Thanigeswara Anbarasu @ 91-9841205333