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Bcci final v1


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Brand BCCI that was tarnished

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Bcci final v1

  1. 1. Group 4 Section 1 The Voices in Sidhu’s head! Brand BCCI from a world’s richest and most powerful cricketing body to a scam ridden dubious entity. How would we go about resurrecting its past glory?
  2. 2. Issues • Corruption allegations & spot fixing • Too much control in ICC • Public interest Private body • Abuse of power- DRS • Conflict of interest • Perjury case conflict • Allegations by smaller states on IPL selection
  3. 3. Timeline of events 2008 Conflict of interest charges against N Srinivasan after his company buys CSK Amendments made in the BCCI regulations May2013 Spot fixing allegations against RR players surface Mumbai police arrest Meiyappan on charges of betting, cheating and conspiracy. BCCI appoints 3 man committee to look into the charges against Meiyappan June/July2013 Rajiv Shukla resigns. Srini Mama steps aside temporarily Probe panel rules there is no evidence against any wrong doings against Meiyappan & Kundra Aug/Sep2013 Case moves to Supreme Court Sreesanth & Chavan banned for life Mudgal panel appointed 2014 Meiyappan guilty Sunil Gavaskar as interim president The SC says the onus is on disproving conflict of interest on Srinivasan. 2015 SC Bars Srinivasan from standing for any post in the BCCI. Lodha Committee appointed Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals are suspended for two years. Kundra & Meiyappan banned for life
  4. 4. Facts to be considered • BCCI private body • Contracted to ICC • Conflict of interest • IPL • Players contracts • Srinivasan & Spot fixing
  5. 5. Popular opinions • “Imagine a minister whose son in-law was arrested for taking bribes. Or a CEO whose son in-law was caught for insider trading. It is inconceivable that the minister or the CEO would not have been fired” • “They cannot simply refuse the Lodha committee report, and hence the slow progress of decision making is understandable, but right now, the silence is killing BCCI”
  6. 6. Things which are being done • Lodha Committee recommendations - Limitation of tenure for the Board's office-bearers, prescription to limit their age to 70 years, one state-one vote, barring of ministers and government officials from becoming office-bearers • Regulations for admins, players & staff • Unbiased Ombudsman • Programmes to educate players regarding corruption- Cant investigate • IPL 2016 is being held with two new teams • NCA functioning not hindered • Transparency • Avoiding conflict of interest
  7. 7. Recommendations - Strategy • The offering is target market agnostic in a country like India • Hence, all media outlets can be targeted simultaneously, bearing in mind the cost implications • Profile based and build up based advertising could be carried out in TV (sports channels) for BCCI events – WT20, IPL and charitable matches • New, transparent selection criteria, to be publicized online and in newspapers, in the form of advertorials • Focus shifted to philanthropy in order to gain public sentiment
  8. 8. Recommendations • PR campaign – advertorials, paid content on news channels • More transparency wrt selections, country wide player ranking system • Avenues in other sports – initiatives taken to be publicized in news and social media • Removal of conflict of interest - remove politicians • CSR initiatives – celebrity charity matches, forcing IPL franchises to contribute • BCCI celebrating the spirit of sports - all sport award ceremony • Studying the image of BCCI - people feedback (making videos of the same) • Promote sports in general - use passion for sports as leverage (YouTube presence) • Promoting the world T20 by highlighting the unsung heroes and stakeholders
  9. 9. Learning from NBA IPL in the second richest brand of sport in the world after NBA NBA features  Each franchise has to contribute some thing to the NBA cares foundation every year.  This will include benefits for the poor, education to the public, pension to the senior citizens if needed  Also, there will be free coaching sessions on basket ball, Sponsorship to kids for other sports.  The franchises also help in improving infrastructure of stadiums across the country  The players are also involved in all the activities. The contracts given are in such a way that any one involved in NBA has to volunteer in such activities very strictly. Things that can be done mandated by BCCI for each of the franchises a) Any brand ambassador, player, official has to contribute to activities which will improve public life in India. b) Allocate money for education of the poor c) Let players involve themselves in coaching the kids who are playing during the season. d) Improve sporting facilities across India e) BCCI should have brand ambassadors f) Funding for sports research related activates
  10. 10. THANK YOU