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Allout case


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Allout case

  1. 1. Presented By:- Abhishek Gupta Abdul Mateen Mansi Mittal Saket BihariSharda Prakash Pandey Tanya Jaiswal Vishal Sudera FOSTIIMA Business School
  2. 2.  India had a large and growing market for mosquito repellants. Allout :- Generic name for liquid vaporizers. Belongs to Karamchand Appliances Private Limted (KAPL). “Mat” market was flourishing, KAPL wanted to invest in this market.
  3. 3.  Tied up with Earth chemicals (Japan) for making Mats. KAPL saw a vapourizer being sold by Earth in Japan with huge popularity. Decided to manufacture vaporizers. They finally launched vaporizers in 1990.
  5. 5.  First of its kind/ new variant. Advanced Technology. Transition –cord to plug. Highly effective than Mats. High quality packaging.
  6. 6.  Price was initially high to recover cost of initial investment . Premium Pricing, creating an impression of a premier product. Flexible pricing strategy to accommodate market sentiments. Year Price 1990 Rs.225 1994 Rs.135 1995 Rs. 90 1996 Rs.135(Twin Pack ) 1998 Rs.99(Deadly Offer) 1999 Rs.27(Deadly exchange scheme)
  7. 7.  Available only at 18% (120 Outlets) only. The only P in which KAPL was behind its major competitors was „place‟ and accessibility. GSLL and R&C were multi –products giants where KAPL was a new comer with a single product . Hence the former companies (before launching vaporizers) all ready had well established distribution networks .
  8. 8.  Ads were unique . Unconventional advertising strategy Hindi movie cassettes FM radio. Evening news program/ Test cricket commentary. Movie songs / fights sequence on Doordarshan and siticable. Adapting ideas from Earth chemicals. High mind recall. Advertisement cost was quite low.
  9. 9.  Pioneer Product- First of it‟s kind. Dependable Japanese Technology. Innovative Technology. Effective and long lasting than Mats, coils etc. Strong Marketing strategies. No other competitor in vaporizer segment at time of launch, later GSLL and others came.
  10. 10. COMPETITORS ALLOUT ( GSLL & OTHERS ) Single point focus –  Invested heavily in other one product company. categories also- Pioneer product- cream, spray, mats. vaporizers  Focused mainly on mats Distribution channel and coils. weak ( 18%).  Distributor channel strong ( 82%). Strong Marketing  Weak Marketing strategies. strategies.
  11. 11. Strengths Strong Advertising strategy. Dependable Japanese technology. Hassle-free. Effective and long lasting
  12. 12.  Harmful effect of chemicals Major profits through only one product. Misleading advertisements criticized by the industry. Excessive ads on television.
  13. 13.  Diversification of products : Candles, Mosquito bats, spray etc. Tapping Huge rural market. Regular technological innovations to reduce harmful effects of chemicals. More innovative marketing and advertising strategies.
  14. 14.  Dependence on a flagship product for now. Advent of new substitutes in market. Can lose out in market where there is no electricity. Price wars with the competitors.
  15. 15.  Use herbal extracts. Details of contents on packing. Related diversification : Candles , Mosquitoes Bats ( all out ), sprays Battery empowered All-Out. Expand the distribution network.