Skeletal muscle physiology bcqs by Sajid Ali Talpur


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Skeletal muscle physiology bcqs by Sajid Ali Talpur

  1. 1. Skeletal muscles physiology BCQs1. intracellular fluid between the myofibrils is: a) sarcomere b) sarcoplasm c) cytoplasm d) matrix2. about____ of the body is skeletal muscle: a) 10% b) 25% c) 40% d) 50%3. Regarding the skeletal muscle fibers: a) voluntary b) striated c) Innervated by single motor nerve d) intercalated disc4. sarcolema is a: a) true plasma membrane b) encloses muscles c) plasma membrane + polysaccharide d) attached directly to bones5. the portion of myofibril between two successive Z discs is called: a) sarcoplasm b) sarcomere c) sarcolema d) myofilament e) muscle filament6. these are the dark bands: a) A-bands b) I - bands c) H - zone d) Z disc7. the length of myosin filament is: a) 1.6 µm b) 2 µm c) 1.6 nm d) 2 nmPhysiology BCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  2. 2. 8. how many myosin and actin filaments are there in myofibril of skeletal muscle: a) 1000 : 2000 b) 2000 : 1000 c) 1500 : 3000 d) 3000 : 15009. it remains constant during the contraction throughout its length: a) A-bands b) I - bands c) H - zone d) A.O.T10. it contains only myosin filament: a) A-bands b) I - bands c) H - zone d) M line11. it has only actin filament: a) A-bands b) I - bands c) H - zone d) Z disc12. myosin filaments are connected to Z discs through: a) connexin protein b) myosin molecules c) tightin proteins d) actin filament13. each myosin molecule is consist of polypeptide chains: a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 814. polypeptide chains in the myosin molecules are as: a) 3 heavy : 3 light b) 2 heavy : 4 lightPhysiology BCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  3. 3. c) 4 heavy : 2 light d) 5 heavy : 1 light15. Ca++ ions are present in ______for muscles: a) sarcomere b) sarcoplasm c) sarcoplasmic reticulum d) E.R16. the molecular weight of light and heavy chains of myosin molecules is: a) 200, 2000 b) 2000, 20000 c) 20000,200000 d) 200000, 200000017. the myosin filament contains about ____myosin molecules: a) 20 b) 200 c) 2000 d) 2000018. troponin is consist of_____subunit proteins: a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 619. the inhibitory effect of troponin tropomyosin complex on actin filament is itself inhibited by: a) Na ions b) Ca ions c) K ions d) Mg ions20. in the motor end plate the nerve fiber____the sarcolema: a) penetrates b) touches c) does not touch d) may be any of themPhysiology BCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  4. 4. 21. the common enzyme present in the synaptic cleft is: a) acetylinase b) acetylencholinase c) acetylcholinesterase d) neurotransmirase22. about ___ vesicles of acetylcholine are released into the synaptic cleft on the arrival of nerve impulse at the neuromuscular junction: a) 125 b) 130 c) 135 d) 14023. acetylcholine receptors contain: a) alpha subunits b) alpha and beta subunits c) alpha, beta and delta subunits d) alpha, beta, delta and gamma subunits24. the skeletal muscles are fatigued because of the accumulation of: a) malic acid b) lactic acid c) oxalic acid d) CO2 e) A.O.T25. to reach the action potential at the deep myofibrils the skeletal muscle fibers use: a) trnsmition tubules b) transistor tubules c) transverse tubules d) transmitter tubulesPhysiology BCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  5. 5. Answer Key:1 B 2 C 3 D4 C 5 B 6 A7 A 8 C 9 A10 C 11 B 12 C13 C 14 B 15 C16 C 17 B 18 B19 B 20 C 21 C22 A 23 D 24 B25 CPhysiology BCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur