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Scientific biological reasons (dna & chromosome)


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Scientific reasons of biology

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Scientific biological reasons (dna & chromosome)

  1. 1. Chapter 6 DNA and Chromosome (Don’t just pass life, just pass in life…!)Biological Reasons: 1 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  2. 2. Q 1: Why DNA is considered as King, RNA asminister and protein as labour?Ans. Because DNA by being lodged in nucleussends commands which are carried by RNA andprotein (or enzymes) finally function in themetabolic reactions.Q 2: Why the term chromosome is misnomer?Ans. Because they are not colored bodies.Q 3: If the term chromosome is misnomer then whyit is named so?Ans. it is because when Germen EmbryologistFleming discovered then they stained much darkerthan the rest of the organelles.Q 4: Can chromosomes be seen in normal, non-dividing cells?Ans. No, because in a resting cell they are present inthe form of a network and appear only during thecell division.Q 5: The sex of baby is determined by father ormother?Ans. It is determined by Father’s chromosome.Because mother’s both the chromosomes are XXare similar but the father’s XY chromosomes aredissimilar and if the X is contributed the baby willbe girl and if Y is contributed the baby will be boy.Biological Reasons: 2 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  3. 3. Q 6: Can males have like and females unlikechromosomes?Ans. Yes, but in few animal species like moths,birds and some fishes where males have ZZ andfemales have ZW chromosomes.Q 7: How the histones and DNA remain tightlybound together?Ans. DNA are negatively charged and histones arepositively charged so they remain tightly boundtogether.Q 8: Which of the sperm and egg contributes moreto the formation of zygote?Ans. Both of the gametes contribute equallybecause each of them contains equal no. of 23chromosomes in humans.Q 9: Why R-type bacteria are non virulent whereasthe S-type virulent?Ans. S-type bacteria are virulent because they arecovered by capsule which prevents them from beingdigested by WBC.Q10: Why replication is considered as semiconservative?Ans. Since each DNA molecule is consist of twostrands and after replication new DNA moleculecontains one old and one new strand. Hence theduplex is not conserved rather, each strand becomesthe part of the other duplex.Biological Reasons: 3 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  4. 4. Q11: Why the urine of Alkaptonuria patient turnsblack on exposure to the air?Ans. because such a urine contains homogentisicacid which is oxidized when exposed to air andturns black.Q12: Why proteins are synthesized in cytoplasm butnot in the nucleus?Ans. because the protein factories called ribosomesare present in cytoplasm also the amino acidsrequired for protein synthesis are available incytoplasm but not in the nucleus.Q13: There are only 20 basic different amino acidsand millions of the proteins. Explain it.Ans. However, there are only 20 basic proteins buttheir sequence is different in each protein. It is asthere are 26 basic alphabetic letters but millions ofthe words.Biological Reasons: 4 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
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