Lower limb anatomy mcqs/bcqs


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mcqs/BCQS on lower limb muscles

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Lower limb anatomy mcqs/bcqs

  1. 1. (I fear life more than death because death is not determined byme but success or failure; heaven or hell is determined by mythoughts, walks, talks and tasks…!)Lower Limb Anatomy MCQs 1 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  2. 2. Note: First 40 MCQs are only related to muscles.1. which of the following muscles has dual nerve supply:a) Sartorius b) gluteus maximusc) adductor longus d) adductor magnus2. which of the following muscles is different from the others:a) rectus femoris b) quadratus plantaec) gastrocnemius d) biceps femoris3. all of the following muscles are supplied by femoral nerve except:a) iliacus b) psoas majorc) pectineus d) Sartorius4. the muscle known for tailor master:a) iliacus b) psoas majorc) pectineus d) Sartorius5. the largest muscle of the body is:a) adductor magnus b) adductor longusc) gluteus maximus d) gastrocnemius6. which of the quadriceps muscles perform flexion as well as extension:a) vastus medius b)vastus lateralisc) vastus intermedius d) rectus femoris7. which of the following muscles crosses two joints:a) vastus medius b)vastus lateralisc) vastus intermedius d) rectus femoris8. the deepest of the following muscles is:a) vastus medius b)vastus lateralisc) vastus intermedius d) rectus femoris9. it is the first gear muscle:a) gastrocnemius b) soleusc) Sartorius d) gluteus maximusLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 2 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  3. 3. 10. it contains peripheral heart:a) gastrocnemius b) soleusc) Sartorius d) gluteus maximus11. it is a bipennate muscle:a) vastus lateralis b) rectus femorisc) Sartorius d) pectineus12. peripheral hearts are located in:a) thorax b) armc) leg d) abdomen13. which muscle passes through the greater sciatic foramen?a) obturator externus b) obturator internusc) piriformis d) superior gemulus14. the muscle having action at its origin:a) popliteus b) pectineusc) plantaris d) lumbricals15. it performs its function in the unlocking of kneea) plantaris b) popliteusc) gastrocnemius d) soleus16. tendocalcaneus is formed by:a) gastrocnemius & soleus b) gastrocnemius & popliteusc) soleus & plantaris d) plantaris & popliteus17. it is situated between superior gemellus and inferior gemellusa) obturator externus b) obturator internusc) piriformis d) quadratus femoris18. it is inserted to quadrate tubercle:a) quadratus femoris b)quadriceps femorisc) quadratus plantae d) gracilusLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 3 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  4. 4. 19. iliotibial tract receives the insertions of:a) gluteus maximus and gluteus mediusb) gluteus maximus and gluteus minimusc) gluteus medius and gluteus minimusd) gluteus maximus and tensor fascia lata20.which of the following muscles is partially paralyzed when obturatornerve is damaged:a) Sartorius b) adductor longusc) adductor magnus d) adductor brevis21. which two muscles have the insertion at the same place:a) tibialis anterior and peroneus longusb) extensor digitorium longus and extensor hallucis longusc) extensor digitorium longus and extensor digitorium brevisd) extensor digitorium longus and peroneus brevis22.oblique popliteal ligament is formed by:a) popliteus b) semitendinosusc) semimembranosus d) biceps femoris23.rectus femoris takes origin from:a) anterior superior iliac spineb) anterior inferior iliac spinec) posterior superior iliac spined) posterior inferior iliac spine24.which muscle is attached to the tuberosity of navicular bone:a) plantaris b) tibialis posteriorc) peroneus tertius e) flexor digitorium longus25.the tendons present in the 4thlayer of sole are:a) extensor digitorium longus and extensor hallucis longusb) flexor digitorium longus and flexor halucis longusc) peroneus longus and peroneus brevisd) peroneus longus and tibialis posteriorLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 4 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  5. 5. 26.the adductor hiatus is present in:a) adductor longus b) adductor brevisc) adductor magnus d) adductor hallucis27.the semimembranosus muscle is inserted at:a) anterior of medial condyle of tibiab) posterior of medial condyle of tibiac) lateral of medial condyle of tibiad) medial of medial condyle of tibia28.the tubercle separating the tendons of peroneus longus and peroneusbrevis is:a) anterior tubercle b) posterior tuberclec) medial tubercle d) lateral tubercle29.the sesmoid bones over first metatarsal bone develop from the tendonof:a)extensor hallucis longus b) adductor hallucis brevisc)flexor hallucis longus d) flexor hallucis brevis30.in which quadrant of the buttock intramuscular injections are given?a) upper medial b) upper lateralc) lower medial d) lower lateral31. which muscle is pierced by sciatic nerve:a) superior gemelus b) inferior gemelusc) piriformis d) obturator internus32.medial boundary of the femoral triangle is formed by:a) Sartorius b) adductor longusc) adductor brevis d) adductor magnus33.the lateral wall of adductor canal is formed by:a) adductor longus b) vastus medialisc) vastus lateralis d) SartoriusLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 5 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  6. 6. 34.muscular branches of posterior division of femoral nerve supply:a) Sartorius b) ioliopsoasc) pectineus d) quadriceps35.the posterior division of obturator nerve pierces:a) piriformis b) obturator externusc) obturator internus d) superior gemelus36.the different of the following muscles is:a) biceps femoris b) semitendinosusc) semimembranosus d) adductor magnus37.upper lateral boundary of popliteal fossa is formed by:a) semitendinosus and semimembranosusb) lateral head of gastrocnemiusc) biceps femorisd) lateral head of gastrocnemius and plantaris38.popliteus muscle is supplied by:a) tibial nerve b) common peroneal nervec) superficial peroneal nerve d) deep peroneal nerve39.it is an evertor:a) tibialis posterior b) peroneus tertiusc) extensor digitorium longus d) extensor hallucis longus40._ _ _ _bursae are usually associated with the gluteus maximusa) 2 b) 3c) 4 d) 541. Sub sartorial (adductor) canal is located in:a) thigh b) legc) middle third of thigh d) lower third of thigh42.which structure does not enter femoral sheath:a) femoral artery b) femoral nervec) femoral vein d) femoral lymph vesselsLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 6 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  7. 7. 43.the skin of ____ is thicka) iliotibial tract b) fascia latac) plantar aponeurosis d) N.O.T44.It is the largest bone of the body:a) femur b) tibiac) sternum d) hip bonee) radius45.it is the union of three bones.a) femur b) tibiac) sternum d) hip bonee) radius46.The largest nerve of the body is:a) sural nerve b) sciatic nervec) femoral nerve d) radial nerve47.the sesmoid bone of the lower limb is:a) pubis b) patellac) tarsal bones d) calcaneum48.the foot drop is caused by the damage to:a) sciatic nerve b) com. Peroneal nerv.c) plantar nerve d) posterior cutaneous nerve.49.which structure does not take part in the formation of knee joint:a) medial condyle of femur b) lateral condyle of femurc) condyles of tibiad) head of fibula50.femoral vein receives blood from:a) external iliac vein b) internal iliac veinc) Superior gastric vein d) great saphnus veinLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 7 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  8. 8. 51. greater sciatic foramen is formed by which ligaments.a) sacrotuberous and sacrospinatousb) ischio femoral and pubo femoralc) ilio femoral and pubo femorald) iolio femoral and ischio femoral52.medial femoral circumflex artery is the branch of :a) femoral artery b) external iliac arteryc) internal iliac artery d) profunda femoris.53.superficial circumflex iliac vein is the tributary of:a) femoral vein b)great saphnous veinc) profunda femoris vein d) external iliac vein54.the saphenous opening is filled with loose connective tissue called:a) falciform margin b) cribriform fasciac) collagen type 4 d) fascia lata55.Which structure is the most medial in the femoral sheath?a) femoral artery b) femoral nervec) femoral vein d) femoral lymph vessels56.it is L shaped bone.a) ilium b) ischiumc) pubis d) rib57.how many tarsal bones are therea) 12 b) 14c) 16 d) 1858.such a wait bearing state causes knee joint dislocation:a) flexed b) semi flexedc) extended d) semi extended59.the first web space in the foot is dorsally innervated by:a) tibial nerve b) common peronealc) superficial peroneal d) deep peronealLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 8 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  9. 9. 60.which of the following structures is not present in popliteal fossa:a) small saphenous vein b) saphenous nervec) tibial nerve d) posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh61. About how many popliteal lymph nodes are present in the popliteal fossa?a) 4 b) 6 c) 8 d) 1062.regarding the popliteal lymph nodes:a) 6 b) lateral surface of footc) anteriolateral surface of leg d) anteriomedial surface of leg63.which nerve is subcutaneous:a) tibial nerve b) common peroneal nervec) superficial peroneal nerve d) femoral nerve64.how many retinacula are present around ankle?a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 565.superficial peroneal nerve supplies:a) anterior surface of leg b) posterior surface of legc) anteriomedial surface of leg d) anteriolateral surface of leg66.nutrient artery to the fibula is a branch of:a) anterior tibial artery b) posterior tibial arteryc) peroneal artery d) genicular branch of femoral artery67.the apex of apponurosis is attached to:a) tuberosity of calcaneum b) medial tuberclec) lateral tubercle d) medial and lateral tubercles68.the nail beds are supplied by:a) medial plantar nerve b) lateral plantar nervec) both a & b d) superficial peroneal nerve69.the lateral condyle of tibia possesses articular facet for the head offibula on its:a) anterior aspect b) posterior aspectc) lateral aspect d) medial aspectLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 9 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  10. 10. 70.regarding tibia:a) anterior border is subcutaneousb) lateral border is subcutaneousc) medial border is subcutaneousd) medial surface is subcutaneous71. which bone does not part in the formation of knee joint:a) femur b) tibiac) fibula d) patella72.which surface of calcaneum contains most of the tubercles?a) anterior b) posteriorc) superior d) inferior73.symphysis pubis is:a) primary cartilaginous joint b) secondary cartilaginous jointc) synovial joint d) fibrous joint74.The floor of the acetabulum is non articular and is called:a) acetabular notch b) acetabular fossac) capsule d) fovia capitis75.Intertrochanteric line is the connection between two trochanters.a) anteriorly b) posteriorlyc) medially d) laterally76.Medial and lateral condyles of femur are separated posteriorly by:a) intertrochanteric line b) intertrochanteric crestc) intercondylar notch d) popliteal fossa77.The trochanteric anastomosis provides main blood supply to the:a) head of femur b) neck of femurc) greater trochanter d) lesser trochanter78.The increase in neck angle with the shaft of femur is reffered as:a) coxa valga b) coxa bendac) coxa vera d) coxa increaseLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 10 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  11. 11. 79.The saphenous opening is situated 1.5 incha) lateral to pubic tubercleb) inferior to pubic tuberclec) below and lateral to pubic tubercled) below and medial to pubic tubercle80.Regarding femoral artery:a) superficial epigastric arteryb) superior epigastric arteryc) deep external pudendal arteryc) profunda femoris arteryAnswer Key1 D 2 B 3 B4 D 5 C 6 D7 D 8 C 9 B10 B 11 B 12 C13 C 14 A 15 B16 A 17 B 18 A19 D 20 C 21 A22 C 23 B 24 B25 D 26 C 27 B28 29 D 30 B31 C 32 B 33 B34 D 35 B 36 D37 C 38 A 39 B40 B 41 C 42 B43 D 44 A 45 D46 B 47 B 48 B49 D 50 D 51 A52 D 53 B 54 B55 D 56 B 57 558 B 59 D 60 B61 B 62 D 63 C64 D 65 D 6667 D 68 C 69 CLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 11 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
  12. 12. 70 B 71 C 72 D73 B 74 B 75 A76 C 77 A 78 A79 C 80 BBy the same Author: Cardiovascular system anatomy quiz How to be successful? Definitions of chemistry terms Definitions of Physics terms Definitions and MCQs on branches of Biology Ninth Class Chemistry MCQs Ninth Class Biology MCQs Scientific Biological Reasons Definitions, Scientific Reasons and MCQs on ChemistryLower Limb Anatomy MCQs 12 Dr Sajid Ali Talpur
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