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Islamic walpapers and arts


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The most meaningful and beautiful islamic walpapers!

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Islamic walpapers and arts

  1. 1. LIFE Time Youth Wealth Health Make sensible use of Sacrifice all these for Allah other wise you will have nothing other than regret…! Don’t make life fun just run, run and run until you get your work done or else you will have none in the day of judgment under sun…!
  2. 2. Live like artery and vein, which always run in opposite directions, But still stay together…! fight fight You have your way And I have mine…! peace peace fight fight
  3. 3. HeavenHell Life (Battle) Justice Cruelty Pornography Truth Corruption Tauheed
  4. 4. The aim = Prayer (Ibadat) The guidance = Quran and sunnah The destination = Paradise Successful life Successful life Successful lifeSuccessful life