50 Good Habits will change your life..!


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Success only means to improve the way you work...!

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50 Good Habits will change your life..!

  1. 1. Improve your life with 50 Good Habits by: Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur 50 Good Habits By: Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur 1
  2. 2. I understand this thing better that there are billions of the people in the world with various professions ages and life styles, so it is not necessary to be agreed with all of these points as good but I am certain that many of these will come in handy to you to revolutionize your life if you ponder over them deeply and apply in your routine. 1. Start every good thing with Bismillah. 2. Meet people with smiling face. 3. Either remain silent or speak with confidence. 4. Keep yourself and your surround clean and neat. 5. Continue to donate to the poor, orphans, welfare or educational institutes. 6. Exercise regularly and never do it immediately after the meal. 7. Recite the Glorious Quran daily because it is the most positive book in the world and the guidance from Allah for humanity. 8. Early to sleep early to rise makes you healthy wealthy and wise. 9. Read any social magazine at least once per month. 10. Visit at least two historical places per year. 11. Offer prayer daily. 12. Be aware of current affairs by reading newspapers, watching T.V news or receiving tweets at mobile. 50 Good Habits By: Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur 2
  3. 3. 13. Meet less with your opposite gender excluding your family. 14. Join any good organization or party or welfare movement to conveniently convey your message to many people. 15. Check up your health and beauty by yourself and in case of need from doctor at least once per week. 16. Always save some money for future. 17. Attend welfare gatherings, programs and shows. Meet daily either with your friends, teachers, relatives or scholars. 18. Bestow your family with gifts, lunch or dinner at restaurant, new dressing, or a visit at least once per month to create more love. 19. Make your every day conversation precious by including The verses, quotes, poetry philosophy and incredible stories of past, also speak in a gentle, slow and kind tone 20. For good health remain clean, take care and balanced diet. 21. Try to learn and speak different languages. Always speak the truth, never tell a lie. 22. Make ideals in your life who succeeded in all aspects of life and the best of these are the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) and his Sahaba (R.A). 23. Transfer your anger from your family, friends and loved ones to the real terrorists, wickeds and the international gangs. 50 Good Habits By: Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur 3
  4. 4. 24. Use internet and modern technology not just for entertainment but for the welfare of humanity. 25. Let children play more outdoor and indoor games in comparison to computer games to make them healthy and socially fit. 26. Abandon bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, eating pork, gambling etc. 27. Help the people when they need you. 28. Forgive the people when they acted just against you, but never forgive the brutal against feeble and those who do blasphemy of the sacred ideas and personalities of Islam. 29. It is better to remain hungry than snatching others’ rights and taking interest. 30. Prefer quality over quantity. 31. Never give up. 32. Love the youngers and respect the elders, teachers and the scholars. 33. Guide the people right with your knowledge and experience. 34. Follow the sunnahs of The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in your routine works likw drinking, eating, meeting etc as they have even been scientifically proved beneficial. 35. Remain away from pornography of any form at any rate. 36. Say the things straight forward, neither hesitate nor tell a lie because all the benefit and harm is only from Allah. 37. Use fragrance. Keep flowering and ornamental plants at your home. 50 Good Habits By: Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur 4
  5. 5. 38. Do the today’s work today, don’t leave it for tomorrow. 39. For your study, give pre and post readings to lecture. 40. Thank Allah all the times. 41. Remember your aim every moment of life. 42. Instead of just flattery and tease, learn from the way the others succeed or failed. 43. Don’t argue with ignorant. 44. Tell your children the factual tales and achievements of the inspirational people 45. Try to be expert in the profession should be your first priority. 46. Listen speeches of world famous scholars at least once per month. 47. Engage in creative activities like writing some pages for your book, composing poetry, drawing, other arts, wallpapers, videos, notes, MCQs etc. 48. Do big preparation even for small work; also do the small works in a best way. 49. Learn from past, act it in present and plan for future. 50. Learn, practice and preach 50 Good Habits By: Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur 5
  6. 6. 50 Good Habits By: Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur 6