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Here is success! No more depression.


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How to succeed? The success tips.

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Here is success! No more depression.

  1. 1. Dr. Sajid Ali TalpurSuccess Tips 1 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  2. 2. Success question: Do you want to see yourself on the summit of successes? Ans. obviously! Everybody desires and requires success at every pace to win the life race. AND…! I hope you are going to be among those who challenged the circumstances and became celebrity, if you get the following success questions answered! SUCCESS QUESTIONS:1. What is success?2. What is this huge universe consist of?3. Who was and who will be successful?4. What is the success path?5. Is forgiving more beneficial than revenge?6. How to remain steadfast?7. How can I help myself?8. What is difference between happiness and pleasure?9. Why there is failure in my life?10. Who should be my ideal?11. What is this complex human consist of?12. What connects me to people?13. How to take right decision?14. How to get valued?15. Do I have only one life?16. How to get power?17. How can I benefit humanity?18. What is the fuel of life?19. At what level of successes I am? and have I achieved my destination?20. What is the successful life quote? These questions are satisfactorily answered in the form of following headings. Success: To acquire what you deserve and desire is called success. The entire universe consists of the two components! 1) Me and 2) My surrounding Explanation: If these two things become beautiful, you are beautiful every thing is beautiful. Now, the basic question how can I be fine? To shine your own personality! Do the two things. 1) Be sure and keep strong faith in what you are going to start 2) act on it come what may Success Tips 2 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  3. 3. The second question how to get my environment glorious?Once again very easy, do the two things.1) Educate people about your mission and the truth. 2) remain steadfast over theirreaction.Be a Historian!Explanation:We do not know what will happen but we know what happened. Look for people ofgreatness and come to know the way they succeeded. That’s why Almighty Allah hasdescribed the tales of various nations to us in the Glorious Quran to enlighten our path toheaven.Make a programmed routine and the planned destination!Explanation:1) Just think what would happen if your eyes were put under your feet2) Irregular work results in heart and brain disorders3) If train does not follow the tract, the devastation is inevitable4) You can’t digest the food without eating itQuote: “Don’t let luck decide your future also the hard work is useless unless thedestination and the planned path to achieve the destination are determined”Prefer pardon over revenge!Explanation:If some one teases you, you dislike him! You dislike him because of his teasing mischief.If you tease him in turn it means you are his follower and has incorporated such a nastyactivity in yourself.Quote: “People are bad enough to tease you but I am sure you are good enough to forgivethem”Never loose enthusiasm!Explanation:Just think; 1) every dark night ends in a bright day 2) the grains are always compiled in the last 3) people steal honey but the bee never tired 4) diseased body never gives up to fight the germs 5) no matter moths are burnt but yet they are attracted to lightSuccess Tips 3 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  4. 4. Think and think positiveExplanation:1) what you do is the result of how you think, if you think positive you react positive, ifyou react positive it is revolution, if you bring revolution it is progress, if you areprogressing it means you are getting which you deserve and desire and if all that whichyou deserve and desire is accomplished it means you are succeeded in your aim2) You only get what you try for.3) As you sow, so shall you reap.4) Every action has an equal and opposite reaction5) Your result will be according to choices you marked in the mcqs paper6) Optimism is like a ray finishing all the darkness and pessimism is like a drop of filthcontaminating whole glass of water7) Think before taking decision because you can do only one work at a time either youmay say yes or no, either you will be right or wrong, either you will pass or fail. Successlies in taking the right decision and the way you live life. So think about the Creator andcreation to lead you to heavenDistinguish between happiness and pleasure.Happiness PleasurePositive NegativeLong-term comfort Short-term comfortIt leads to freedom It makes you slavePassing exams is perpetual happiness Drinking alcohol is a short term enjoymentOther examples include helping a needy and then forever addiction i.e. slavenessMarriage, getting job etc Other examples include punishing the poor And orphan showing off yourself arrogant, Drugs usage, sexual activities, Music listening etcFollow: Parents →Teachers →Almighty Allah.Explanation:Failure is due to disobedience of parents, teachers and Almighty Allah because;1) None of the human beings love you more than your parents2) Your teachers know more than you and3) Your Creator your Almighty Allah loves more than your parents and knows more thanyour teachers.Revolutionize your world.Explanation:1) friendship: if your friend is fond of cricket you will engage in it, if your friend smokesyou are likely to adopt it, if your friend drinks alcohol you will also drink it, if your friendgoes to cinema you will also go to cinema if your friend reads history books you will alsoSuccess Tips 4 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  5. 5. read religious books you will also read religious books. The drop of water on sand willappear as sand, the drop of water in sea will look like sea, the drop of water in the goatwill come out as milk. Consequently your friendship your relation is your identity sokeep a good friendship to adopt good habits and the way of successes.2) Plantation: plants are our green friends providing us food and oxygen thus maintaininga healthy environment.3) Love scholars and scorn useless T.V programs and movies. As you are born ignorantso you need knowledge to take right decision and to obtain knowledge without strive isimpossible but it becomes easier when your ideals are scholars.Kill nafs, make soul king and rule over body!Explanation:A human being is composed of nafs (collection of illegal desires), soul and body.1) Soul is lover of goodness (the way of prophets)2) Nafs is lover of badness (the way of devils)3) Body is slave either of the two.Wile slapping someone you make nafs your king which ends in regret on the other handyour hands for prayer for someone make your soul king which ends in happiness. In boththe cases body obeys you now it relies on you whether to make soul your king leading toheaven or make nafs your king leading to hell.Speak sweetly and humbly with confidence and knowledge.Explanation:Speech is the only biological character differentiating you from animals.1) Don’t speak loudly: if you don’t pay 1000$ for a 500$ mobile, if you don’t give even1$ extra to your servant then don’t talk so much than the required.2) Noise rises blood pressure and remember to serve is to survive.3) Confidence can only be flourished when you are fully skilled in your subject.4) Make your conversation precious by including and using wisdom, quotes, verses, theProphet(s.a.w)’s teachings, scientific inventions etc.Keep the destination twinkling in your memories.Explanation:1) You have only one life and all that you want have to achieve in a short period of time.As stated by Almighty Allah in the Glorious Quran Islam is the complete code of life.consequently, keep heaven your destination and follow Islamic teachings as a guide.2) The most of the students study when the exams are nearer and they some how pass theexam but those who keep this pace from the very beginning become position holder.3) The busiest person in the world is the one who remembers his aim every moment oflife.Success Tips 5 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  6. 6. Quote: “Don’t make life fun, Just run, run and run, Until you get your work done, Otherwise you will have none, In the day of judgment under sun!Get valued by admiring goodness in people instead of criticism onmistakes.Explanation:1)to seek out flaws is devil’s character who wanted to value himself by arrogance in amanner of considering himself made up of fire and Adam(A.S) of soil (note: the soilgives life the fire takes life)2)the house fly and the bee both are arthropods but the social difference becomes clearwhen one sits on the wound abandoning the whole beautiful body and the other is insearch of flowers, nectar and scent.Knowledge is power:Explanation:Human is born ignorant and knowledge is the only defense weapon for existence.How to become scholar?First of all it is easier to obtain degree but difficult to be educated.We are bestowed with five senses to acquire knowledge; out of that the eyes and ears areused to study systemically. Don’t forget that the knowledge is one of the lights ofAlmighty Allah and it only passes through sacred paths hence don’t pollute your earswith senseless and science less music and songs and save your eyes from prohibitedsights.Be skilled be creative!Explanation:1) University buildings are not great but they are made great by skilled people.2) The profession is not great but your skills and dedication matter. As Newton is greaterthan an ordinary poet so is Shakespeare greater than an ordinary physicist.3) Every one is creative up to certain extent as we argue all the time giving our views butdon’t give it proper words and titles so be creative and be writer4) Physically you are a single human being but by writing a column you rule overthousands. Since the books are the key of revolutionQuote: “Tungsten is not illuminating until given voltage, you are not beautiful untilskilled”Success Tips 6 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  7. 7. Reward and punishment as a fuel of success:Explanation:1) In order to secure 1st position in the exams think of your value, grade and respect as areward and failure, less marks or less respected by parents, teachers and friends as apunishment.2) To become good and obey Almighty Allah all the prophets pulled us for heaven as areward and hell as punishmentSelf inspection test:Explanation:In this world nobody knows you more than you and your Creator. Now judge merits anddemerits in you in the light of your knowledge, history, experience and the GloriousQuran, the guide book conferred on us by our Creator.Self inspection chart:Explanation:Draw such a self inspection chart in which place the things you like the most and givepercentage to your self in the respective months. In accomplishing this survey you maytake assist of your parents, teachers and friends.Activity Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecHealth careStudy timeLanguageskillCreativeactivityReasoning&thinkingConcentrationCuriosityPrayerSocialActivitiesExtracurricularSuccess Tips 7 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  8. 8. VocabularyFaith&loyaltyJusticeExam resultResearchSuccessful Life Quotes:I fear life more than death because death is not determined by me,But success or failure; heaven or hell is determined by my thoughts, walks,talks and tasks…!I do not own any business,But the entire world is my own!Where Almighty Allah is to be felt,And Muhammad (s.a.w) to be followed!Success Tips 8 Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
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