Definitions and mcqs of matric (10th class) physics


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Complete notes of matric class physics

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Definitions and mcqs of matric (10th class) physics

  1. 1. Chapter 1Introduction to Physics(You can neither stop nor save the time butcan make every moment historical if youknow the value of time…!)Physics Def. & MCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  2. 2.  Definitions1. Physics: - It is the branch of science that dealswith the study of matter and energy and theirmutual interactions between them.OR “The scientific study of nature of thenature is called Physics”2. Energy: - The ability/capacity to do work iscalled energy.3. Work: - Work is said to be done on a bodywhen, by applying force it attains somedisplacement.4. Force: - It is the agency that changes or tries tochange the state of rest or motion of the body.5. Mechanics: - Mechanics is the branch ofphysics that deals with the bodies in rest ormotion under forces.6. Fundamental quantity: - The quantity, whichcannot be resolved into more fundamentalquantities and other quantities are derived fromit.7. Derived quantity: - Quantities, which are,expressed as some combination of fundamentalquantities.8. Proportional quantities: - Such thesequantities are dependent on each other; thePhysics Def. & MCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  3. 3. change in one quantity causes the change inanother quantity.9. Directly proportional quantities: - Thequantities in which increase in the amount ofone quantity results in the increase of otherquantity and the decrease in one quantity affectsthe reduction in another quantity.10. Inversely proportional quantities: - In such acase the increase in the amount of one quantityleads to the decrease of the other quantity andvice versa.11. Constant of proportionality: - Whenproportionality sign is removed, the “=”sign isapplied only after putting a constant that isdetermined experimentally and is calledconstant of proportionality.12. System of units: - A set of fundamental andderived units is called a system of units.13. Mean solar day: - A mean solar day is the timeinterval between two successive overheadappearances of the sun.14. Second: -Iit is the duration in which CesiumCS133atom completes 9192631770transitionsbetween two hyperfine levels.15. Ampere: - One ampere is the amount ofcurrent, witch if maintained in two straightconductors of infinite length and negligible areaof cross section and placed one meter apart inPhysics Def. & MCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  4. 4. space would exert a force of 2*10-8on eachother.16. Meter: - It is the path/distance covered by lightor the object moving with the speed of light in1/c seconds (c= 3*108).17. Kilogram: - One kilogram is the mass of theplatinium-irradium cylinder at 0 C kept at BIPMnear Paris.18. Mole: - The gram atomic mass, gram molecularmass or gram formula mass of any substance,which contains 6.02*1023particles19. Kelvin: - It is 1/273. 16 of the thermodynamictemperature of the triple point of water. (Triplepoint is the temperature where all the threestates of water co-exist).Physics Def. & MCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  5. 5.  Multiple Choice Questions1. Physics is the study of:a) nature b) matterc) energy d) A.O.T2. The invention of microscope, laser andultrasound technologies are the blessings of:a) Biology b) Physicsc) Chemistry d) A.O.T3. In the field of science, the strong incentivecomes from no other book and no otherphilosopher as it comes from the Holy Quran.a) True b) False4. Kitabul manazir, laws of reflection and theinvention of the pin hole camera were theachievements of:a) Al- Beruni b) Al- Razic) Ibne Sina d) Ibnal Haithm5. Observation is always the first step of thescientific method.a) True b) False6. The unavoidable errors due to the externalchanging conditions of temperature, humidityand voltage are called.a) personal error b) systemic errorc) random error d) A.O.TPhysics Def. & MCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  6. 6. 7. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was awarded nobleprizea) true b) false8. Dr. Abdus Salam proposed grand unificationtheory.a) true b) false9. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan blessed Pakistan withnuclear technology (atom bomb)a) true b) false Questions 10 -15• Select from the terms below:A) Mechanics B) AstrophysicsC) Electromagnetism D) Plasma PhysicsE) Solid State Physics F) Nuclear PhysicsG) N.O.T10. The study of electrical charges11. The study of engines and motion of objects withor without considering force acting on them12. The study of light13. The study of heavenly bodies(sun, moon, stars)14. Atom is the building block of matter. It consistsof nucleus and shells. The statement comes from15. The nucleus of carbon has six protons and sixneutrons. The statement comes from:Physics Def. & MCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur
  7. 7. Answer Key1 D 2 B 3 A4 D 5 A 6 C7 B 8 A 9 A10 G 11 A 12 G13 B 14 G 15 FPhysics Def. & MCQs Dr. Sajid Ali Talpur