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Penguins In Danger By Sajeeth And Janahan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Penguins In Danger By Sajeeth And Janahan

  1. 1. Penguins affected by global warming By Sajeeth.V and Janahan.N
  2. 2. Penguins, what are those? Penguins are flightless birds that live in the southern hemisphere. The largest living species is the Emperor Penguins. Not all penguins live in cold climate. So much of the penguins are found in the temperature zone. Not all penguins are black on the outside, in fact most of them are born with a brown outside. We need to take care of them before we lose them, we might lose them because of global warming.
  3. 3. Loss of habitat A wide range of penguins are unfortunately losing their habitat . This is because of global warming! Global warming is caused by us human beings. For example, us humans affect the earth by burning fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are released into our atmosphere and they slowly damage our o zone layer. Because of this more heat is directed towards earth and the icebergs in Antarctica are melting.
  4. 4. Temperature In Antarctica Antarctica, the first thought that would cross your mind is the fact that it’s cold. Although, temperature's been changing , and its rising each year because of global warming! If the temperature continues to rise, by the time our children have children penguins might become extinct. If we plan on preserving our penguin population, we must work together and reduce the amount of green house gases we release into the atmosphere. On the following slide there is a graph which shows the population drop of penguins from 1990-1999.
  5. 5. Penguins Percentage of 1990 Population As you can see in this graph the population of the penguins are getting low. This is all because of global warming that us human beings made. The ice is melting and the penguins can’t stay cold. If this keeps going on this could possibly lead to extinction. So we must find a solution before any of that happens.
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