Al Shaya Digital Marketing Case Study


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MENA ecommerce review within retail

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Al Shaya Digital Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. A case study by Mohammed Sajjad Bhojani 3rd March 2013 “Al Shaya, online and digital”
  2. 2. 70 brands, 2,400 outlets – Al Shaya is a retail phenomenon International retail franchise operator Founded 1980 Operates in MENA, Russia and EU 32,000 employees, $2billion turnover
  3. 3. Retail continues to flourish in ROW, but internet is now part of the retail landscape
  4. 4. Pure plays start the eCommerce revolution & innovate where traditional retail has not moved fast enough Circa 2m member mark. MENA roll out 3m uniques per month Trading in 6 Gulf markets Secured $20m in funding
  5. 5. $1m turnover in 10 months –
  6. 6. Online shopping (2012 ) worth $2bn in UAE Online sales in Egypt up 150% Iran up 80%
  7. 7. Region is connected 24/7
  8. 8. Connected customers consume content
  9. 9. Mobile is ecommerce
  10. 10. Fear of credit card security starts to decline
  11. 11. Amazon et al fall foul of logistics, clearing & no COD
  12. 12. Aramex changes ecommerce with COD. Online sellers see 70-80% via COD (low margin, high returns)
  13. 13. Last mile continues to challenge MENA just as in more mature markets
  14. 14. Al Shaya select Magento platform for ecommerce
  15. 15. Mothercare.KW goes live March 2012 Not yet global/local and needs an Arabic version asap Suffers from duplicate content with .com site
  16. 16. La Senza acquisition sees new web site released in 2012 New site is key part of La Senza re-launch in UK offering a national shop window
  17. 17. First phase Body shop live in Dubai, next step transactional???? Turkey? Russia?
  18. 18. Al Shaya sites suffer low volume of traffic, lacking digital plans & execution
  19. 19. Evidence of digital marketing exists with La Senza’s affiliate programme
  20. 20. Competitors leveraging large volume of ebay traffic (18m million visits per week)
  21. 21. PPC activity or lack of is a concern. Competitors bidding on brand name Customer searches on la Senza Figleaves and Ann Summers are picking off brand loyal, returning and high ROI customers
  22. 22. SEO rankings are poor vs competitors. Current approach lacking. Customer enters Sleep wear ASOS and Next rank for “Sleep Wear”
  23. 23. Large generic traffic keywords owned by competitors Customer enters Lingerie La Senza rankings not visible. Urgent SEM strategy needed with investment
  24. 24. SEO KPI analysis identifies poor La Senza performance within market La Senza BHS Selfridges Page Authority 58 64 79 Page Moz Rank 5.18 5.69 6.16 Page Moz Trust 5.72 5.84 6.1 External followed links 2,988 10,152 34,998
  25. 25. Recent changes have impacted Google shopping – this is no longer free but is a large traffic driver No presence for La Senza within Google Shopping Suggests inactive feed or new PLA ads not set up with a CPC investment
  26. 26. Al Shaya SEO approach is questionable– Mothercare.KW Meta data requires rework Keyword selection does not appear to be researched or chosen based on keyword volume – why would you target the keyword “Drive” “Combination”?
  27. 27. Page titles and meta data are core SEO components – site is not optimised Page title only contains Car Seats this should be supplemented with target keywords eg Isofix, childrens car seat etc based on a keyword plan How many Al Shaya sites have a keyword plan?
  28. 28. Page source analysis shows meta data on car seats page is not page specific and loaded with same keywords from home page... Within the car seat category the content and keywords should be car seat related
  29. 29. Significant opportunity online for Al Shaya across all markets Needs to up-weight multi language roll out and deliver high volume of sites rapidly Digital Marketing strategy needed to ensure cost effective/efficient traffic generation across all sites and markets Short term priority with la Senza to drive web contribution and web sales with Traffic plan
  30. 30. SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Retail experience Cost effective platform (Magento) 2 Trading sites live (LaSenza/Mothercare) Experienced management team Al Shaya investment/resources Strong brands & recognition Trusted brands Local language (Mothercare) Stock/Merchandising (Mothercare) Pace – roll out of multi lingual sites Digital Marketing Lack of mobile (LaSenza/Mothercare) Analytics Trading & Merchandising Digital Marketing strategy Non Branded SEO eCRM Retargeting Social Media (LaSenza/MENA)PPC Conversion via platform enhancement Mobile – multi platform & multi channel Get logistics and customer service right In Store POS Local pure plays getting it right More nimble competitors with quicker pace of development Customer adoption (slow) Customer fears ref credit card usage online