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  2. 2. Scene 1 Bedrooms Smart guy wakes up. The camera shot shows his POV of the ceiling. The camera lens will have a blinking effect. A parallel shot, where two scenes separates into one screen. The camera shot of both scenes will be from a bed angle showing a mid shot POV of each character’s alarm clock ringing. The time will be 7:00am Still in POV and a parallel screen. Smart guy reaches out to turn off alarm clock while the hoodie guy throws a pillow on it. Still in POV and a parallel screen. Both characters get out of bed. The camera will show a both their legs swinging off their beds. Smart guy is wearing pj’s whereas the hoodie guy is in shorts and socks. Still in POV and a parallel screen. The camera will do a panning shot across both character’s room from bed to the bedside table. From this shot it will show a clear difference between them e.g. clean and tidy for the smart guy and dirty and messy for the hoodie guy Still in POV and a parallel screen. Smart guy picks up calendar while the hoodie guy looks at calendar on the wall. The date 7/7 is marked with a cross. Scene 2 Bathroom Still in parallel screen but the camera shot is now follow the character from behind. Both characters are walking towards the bathroom. Camera will be a full body shot. The parallel screen pans so that it only shows the smart guy The smart guy goes in the bathroom and the door shuts on camera. Scene 3 Smart guy The camera is on a low angle showing the smart guy walking down the stairs and buttoning his top and walking towards the kitchen The camera then goes back into the smart guy’s POV showing him eating his toast.
  3. 3. The camera is still in POV showing the smart guy packing his mobile in his briefcase. The camera is still in POV of the smart guy. The smart guy walks to the door and picks up the pile of letter on the floor. He ruffles through the post until he stops at a pink envelope, opens it and sees a picture/painting from his daughter. The camera is still in POV of the smart guy. The smart guy sighs, folds picture, puts it into his briefcase. The camera goes out of a POV and shows the smart guy opening the front door, walks out and slams it onto the camera Scene 4 POV hoodie guy The scene switches back to show the hoodie guy opening the bathroom door and walks out. The camera is tracking his movement The camera is at the other end of the hallway showing the hoodie guy walking toward the camera zipping up his hoodie The hoodie guy turns to his daughters bedroom door the door sign says saiyen. He opens the door and slightly looks through. But it doesn’t show the inside of the room. He walks towards the kitchen. Camera follows the movement (tracking shot) The camera changes to POV, showing the hoodie guy pouring his orange juice. Then drinks it, the cup comes towards the camera to illustrates that it’s the hoodie guys POV. Walks out to the hallway Scene 5 Hoodie guy conversation with daughter Has a conversation with daughter, the daughter is off screen. HOODIE GUYS DAUGHTER (SHOUTS FROM UPSTAIRS) Daddy?! HOODIE GUY
  4. 4. (Shouts back) Yes?! While this conversation happening, he puts mobile phone inside his backpack. And fills backpack with bottles, boxes and paper. HOODIE GUYS DAUGHTER (Shouts) Will you come and see me perform today? HOODIE GUY (Shouts back) I won’t miss it for the world HOODIE GUYS DAUGHTER (Shouts) Do you promise? Hoodie guy slams door. Camera changes into a long shot looking towards the front door as he shuts it. The door number will be 7. He turns corner into a crowned street. Camera is from a high angle. Then the camera goes into close up shot of hoodie guy hand. He looks and his watch (time is 7:30) Cut to Hoodie guy brushes past a woman (with a pram) The camera is directly behind him. Scene 6 Bus Long shot view of bus stop, the hoodie guy walks to the bus stop. The smart guy is also in this scene and he pulls out a hand for the bus. Bus stops. Mid shot showing two of the characters going inside the bus. Smart guy walks in first followed by the hoodie guy. Mid shot of the smart guy on bus. He is sitting near a window seat reading a metro newspaper. At this point of the film we finally see their faces. The hoodie guy can be seen at the a few seats behind him. Camera moves into a close up shot of smart guy, showing his eyes, mouth and hands. Eyes will look be looking
  5. 5. around, mouth will be chewing his gum and hands are on his knees. Close up of security screen (CCTV) The CCTV shot will fade into a close up shot of the hoodie guy. He is holding a device. A mid side shot of the hoodie guy. The view outside the window can be seen showing the bus passing Canary Wharf. Scene 7 Phones Hoodie guy’s phone rings. Camera zooming in his bag that’s on the seat next to him. Opens and picks up phone A MANS VOICE AT THE OTHER END OF THE LINE Where are you? HOODIE GUY I’m going to be late; I’m just on the bus. A MANS VOICE AT THE OTHER END OF THE LINE Should we start the meeting without you? HOODIE GUY Yes. I’ll be there is a sec A MANS VOICE AT THE OTHER END OF THE LINE Alright then Dead tone Then a text message alert Camera tracks and zooms to smart guy’s phone. Camera shows a full screen of the phones screen. The text message will say “Blast @ 8:00 ^,.,^” Smart guy looks at his watch the camera follows his movement. Then camera zooms in to watch. Time is 7:58 A smart guy goes into his suitcase and gets out a piece of paper, dials a number and picks phone in his right ear. The camera switches to the hoodie guys POV the top frame of the camera will have a dark hooded shaped. We can see the back of the smart guys head.
  6. 6. Then camera goes into a close up shot of the smart guy’s face. SMART GUYS DAUGHTER Hello daddy Smart guy looks down at the picture his daughter drew. Camera will be from a high angle. Still on the phone but not replying he gets out a device from his suitcase. Close up shot of dads face. He sighs and closes eyes. Camera goes into his hand handing a device and presses button Quick blast. Screen goes white. Screen then turns black. Dead tone of phone is heard Screaming, crying and sirens are heard