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Hush pupies


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segmentation of hush puppies

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Hush pupies

  1. 1. HUSH PUPPIES Products: Foot wear By, Group III
  2. 2. Introduction: •Founded in 1958. • Headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, USA. • Developed the concept of a "casual" pigskin shoe. • Hush Puppies uses a Basset Hound as its logo. • Markets in 120 countries.
  3. 3. Behavioral segmentation: •Fashion Crazy. •Comfortably Stylish. •Purely Practical.
  4. 4. Fashion Crazy.  Demand style over everything else.  Follow and wear the latest trends in footwear.  Seek popular brands and designer names.  Will pay full price but also are motivated to buy shoes when on sale.  Most likely to shop online.  Tend to be younger in age under 35.
  5. 5. Comfortably Stylish. • Demand Style and Comfort. • Pay more for shoes that are comfortable. • Quality is important.. • Most likely to shop at department stores, mass merchandisers and specialty stores.
  6. 6. Purely Practical. Not particularly interested in shoes. Purchase for a specific need or to replace existing shoes. Wear shoes based on function and utility. Seek comfort and durability over fashion. Less likely to pay more for comfortable shoes. Like to purchase shoes while they shop for other household items.
  7. 7. Population division: Fashion crazy Comfortably stylish Purely practical