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Jason cross

  1. 1. Product SummaryApps formobile devicesDevelopment resources, APIsand middlewareIn less than three years, consumers have downloaded over 13 billionmobile apps from the Apple App Store and Android Market, andhundreds of millions more from other market places.There are now dedicated app stores for both feature phones andsmartphones, covering almost all the mobile market. With hundredsof thousands of apps to choose from, consumers are fast adopting thisnew channel of media consumption.Mobile apps provide marketers and brands with a new and personalway to connect with their markets, even when they’re away fromtheir computers or TVs. Continue reading to find out how you canimplement a mobile app within your strategy and start reachingconsumers today.
  2. 2. Why customers need App functionalitya mobile app Mobile apps can provide a range of functionality limited only by your imagination. We haveTo coin a popular phrase, “There’s an app for that”. experience in developing mobile apps that include:Research has shown that there is now a  Location-based servicesdemographic that relies primarily on mobile apps  Augmented realityto get them through the day. Why? It’s because  Mobile coupons and discountsapps are faster and more usable than typical  GPS tracking and mappingdesktop websites.  mCommerce transactions  Content delivery and publishingApps can be more intuitive and better designed,can render content quicker than sites, and Remote content updatesare easily accessible. There is also a trend for Our innovative ‘ripple’ technology allows forsome consumers to browse app stores, actively real-time configuration and live content updateslooking for new content or tools, whilst others using our mobile app middleware, providing thevisit sites. ability to manage all devices from a single input. Included is also an enterprise change control process that includes a staging environment toApp platforms verify content updates.There are currently eight major mobile platform Third party integration with thearchitectures on the market today, including: Incentivated platform We are system integration specialists with Apple iOS, developed using Objective C extensive experience in providing parallel data BlackBerry OS, developed using Java streams between systems if required. BlackBerry PlayBook OS, developed using ActionScript Enterprise class security Google Android, developed using Java We have vast experience providing mobile data HP webOS, developed using C++ systems for the public and financial sectors Microsoft Windows Phone 7, developed and understanding of security on all mobile using C# devices. For protection of any sensitive data, we Symbian, developed using C++ can ensure the correct protocols and encryption JME, developed using Java technology is deployed.One of the most challenging aspects of creating amobile app is deciding which platforms to target. Intelligent screen renderingThat’s why Incentivated has developed a library Our custom technology automatically ensuressupporting cross-platform technology, allowing us that application content displays correctlyto deliver the same app across multiple platforms. regardless of device-type or resolution.
  3. 3. Development approachesEvery project is assigned to a project manager develop a solution to meet your requirements.and we use best practice Prince 2 methodology This is the recommended approach when thefor the project management process. Software solution is complex.development is done in-house using Agileand RAD methodologies allowing for iterative Advantagesdevelopment and testing processes to deliver a  Able to deliver a superior solution to meetbest of breed solution. business requirements (the very best apps are always ‘native’)We offer two mobile app development  Able to deliver richer user experiences thatapproaches and will recommend the one that exploit the full capabilities of each platformbest suits your requirements. DisadvantagesApproach 1: Cross platform build  Longer time to marketBy utilising our unique set of cross platform  More costly to produce an applicationlibraries and templates, we can deliver mobile specifically for each mobile platformapplications that can be deployed across alltypes of mobile devices. They are designed Rich engagement analyticsand developed to work across multiple screen Need to know how popular your mobile app isresolution variants on mobile phones and and what your customers are doing in the app?include Apple iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook and Then our made for mobile advanced reportingAndroid tablets. solution can tell you what you need to know. We will include tracking tags on every page and onAdvantages every functional element and provide a usage Single code base supporting cross platform report on a daily or weekly basis, allowing us to environments continually optimise the mobile app interface and Supports variable screen resolutions functionality. Quick turnaround time Reduced cost Deployment and marketing There are now thousands of mobile appsDisadvantages available in the various mobile app market places. As the library is designed to be cross platform, We work closely with the app store owners to the full range of functionality included within ensure timely and correct placement of your app. mobile device APIs is not available We also provide mobile app marketing solutionsApproach 2: Native build using QR codes that redirect the user directlyNative mobile app build offers the full to the download of the mobile app that is Client integrationextensibility of the mobile devices API to compatible for the mobile device. with the Incentivated platform HTTPS/ Client systems Incentivated platform SFTP/... Content Excel Web service Video Mobile app XML Asset URL Middleware content management Mobile CSV app Web server Assets Files Client website Files Direct URL to external source Video
  4. 4. Product Summary 10 years leti m obi o et m ge ith t en ga g e d w Contact us for more information Email: info@incentivated.com A selection of other mobile solutions we offer: Web: Scan the QR code below to see our  Mobile internet optimised website on  mCommerce your phone.  Direct response  Enterprise messaging Tel: +44 (0)20 7392 2323 Incentivated is an independent technology company with 10 years’ experience operating exclusively in the mobile marketing services sector. We help our international client base engage with their customers by designing, developing and delivering integrated acquisition, retention (CRM) and transaction (mCommerce) campaigns and services for mobile. Our proprietary technology and specialist staff are well positioned to help brands, the public sector and charities to develop everything from enterprise messaging (SMS & MMS) through to mobile internet sites, to server-side software or handset applications, including web-apps, for ‘smartphones’ and feature-phones. We also provide strategic, creative and technical advice for the use of mobile by businesses to raise awareness, deliver marketing ROI and provide customer service. Scan the QR code below to see our website optimised for your mobile phone, but accessed through our existing website URL. (no code reader? Text CODE to 62233 to link to a reader appropriate to your phone)