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Day1 research stream_1515_europe_mobile_advertising_market


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Day1 research stream_1515_europe_mobile_advertising_market

  1. 1. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/Mobile media: consumer insights across Europe
  2. 2. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/1995Internet media was born
  3. 3. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/ 2011What’s going on around mobile?
  4. 4. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/mobile eligible as a mass media TV Personal Internet Mobile households computers users subscribers 1.5B 0.9B 1.3B 5.1B Source : BBDO, Orange, Yankee group
  5. 5. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/people love their mobiles 2x as many people would keep their mobile over TV 78% of people have their mobiles on at all the times 68 min – average time to report a lost mobile (vs 26 hours for a wallet) Source : BBDO
  6. 6. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/IAB Europe mobile committeemarket educationmarket insightsmeasurement guidelines Ludovic Levycase studies Chairman of mobile committee Director of mobile advertising, Orange FTnetworking Group
  7. 7. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/collective personal
  8. 8. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/ interactiveanonymous personal static beyond its own attributes, mobile makes all media interactive
  9. 9. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/# pixels Value 2000 K 800 K 400K intrusiveness
  10. 10. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/Mobile consumer insightsreach, usages, activitiesmultiple sourceslocal legitimacy MobiLens™
  11. 11. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/Across19 Europeancountries
  12. 12. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/INSIGHTS Mobile ownership Mobile internet penetration Mobile media activities Mobile advertising Mobile commerce
  13. 13. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/ Mobile ownership in Europe MAP • • d , , Z Z / ^
  14. 14. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/ 3 groups of mobile internet markets*• D Z ^• E h • ^ / d W ^* reach on mobile population usage over last week
  15. 15. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/Mobile media usage in Turkey•• W /• d W
  16. 16. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/Activities on mobile media•• /• ^ Z
  17. 17. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/Media meshing• D /• t / ds
  18. 18. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/Mobile advertising: relevant for consumption• D , Z • / d W• / ^D^ / ^
  19. 19. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/M-commerce MAP• W D W• ^ h / / , /• D ^
  20. 20. dKd,Z KZsZ KE/E dZ /d/KE D/THANK YOUBruce Hoang, group marketing director, orange advertising