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Day1 ad stream_1545_brands_the_new_entertainers_brand-e_tonic


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Day1 ad stream_1545_brands_the_new_entertainers_brand-e_tonic

  1. 1. Brands: the new entertainers Steve Mullins, Content Director, brand-e
  2. 2. Brands: the new entertainersBeyond product placement: film, TV, music, games, the artsEngagement… by immersion in very rich environmentsThe rise and rise of FacebookPlus other engaging socials, eg crowdsourcing, social TVAll very sharing
  3. 3. Brands: entertain & engage
  4. 4. almost in gearRange Rover’s Being Henry is a step up… High production values Quality engaging online experience Interactive (yes!) & immersive But the product link is weak Where’s the share?
  5. 5. gets the partStella Artois’ Le Cannes Casting Call… Fits with brand’s cinematic creds Engaging experience Audience participation Strong pay-off
  6. 6. out of doorsGet billboarded with Mini… Good experiential Online participation (Facebook) Instant reward Sharing
  7. 7. Branded entertainment trendsSocial media Interactivity Deep media235 million FB Consumer input All mediaEuropean UVs (Mar-11) Multiple platforms Non-linear, participatory &More content for a Game-like immersive‘marketing revolution’Campaign migrations Highly personalisedto Facebook,YouTube
  8. 8. Brands: the new entertainers
  9. 9. •adjective /ˌintərˌaktiv/(of two people or things)Influencing or having aneffect on each other
  10. 10. I hate when I’m on a flight and I wakeup with a water bottle next to me likeoh great now I gotta be responsible forthis water bottle kanyewest Kanye West
  12. 12. “New Lynx advert is amazing...Angels falling and an amazing new mix of AIRs Sexy Boy. Branding brilliance!" “I love this dramatic choral version, I hope there will be more!“Looks like someone in the Axe marketing department has decent taste in music..” “Truly wonderful! I love the 90s version, however, as soon as I saw the TV advert I was utterly transfixed. Beautifully done!” “Beautiful music! Like the song of the Sirens from Odysseus"
  13. 13. 37294336 6225 43321 7
  14. 14. “beautifully done…I actually did that thing with my mobile phone where you can press a button and find out who covered it” JANICE LONG – BBC RADIO 2“slightly spoiled by the fact that it’s currentlysoundtracking a deodorant commercial”JARVIS COCKER – BBC 6 MUSIC
  16. 16. www.tonic.fmThank you.