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Innovative thinking in Reinventing Management
                      Global innovation and its application in the uniquely ...
Please also diarise 21 May 2010                                                      Corporate in-house presentations
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Julian birkinshaw electronic


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Julian birkinshaw electronic

  1. 1. Innovative thinking in Reinventing Management Global innovation and its application in the uniquely South African organisational context. Reinventing Management Visit to Conference view the full list of Speakers and Topics This event is a collaborative effort between the SAODN (South African Organisational Development The conference will highlight and utilise some Network) and Symphonia Leadership Development, off-beat, yet highly impactful facilitation and is endorsed by partners Wits Business School, techniques to truly shift the learning and Destiny Magazine, IPM, Finweek and MLab. experience in large group events. Julian Birkinshaw Management 2.0, the theme for this year’s Keynote Speaker conference is an alternative way of thinking Benefits of attending about management practices. It has been Julian Birkinshaw is a Professor of defined by an elite group of people including the • Insight and understanding into the Strategic and International Management likes of Gary Hamel, Peter Senge, C.K. Prahalad problems of modern management at The London Business School. and others, as a set of challenging goals, the • A diagnostic/toolkit to help your company ‘25 Moon Shots for Management’. These He is Director and Co-founder, with Gary figure out what it needs to do differently Hamel, of the Management Innovation management challenges can be implemented in Lab (MLab) that is operating in collabora- an organisation’s quest to achieve transformation • Practical suggestions from real SA success tion with The London Business School. from old-style management to more creative stories an how to reinvent management and innovative management practices. in your company MLab, one of the conference partners, is a non-profit research organisation dedicated Julian Birkinshaw, Professor and Deputy Dean, • Develop understanding about the latest to management innovation, with a London Business School and Co-founder of the innovation thinking from some of the mission to accelerate the evolution of Management Innovation Lab (MLab) is the key- global and local master in leadership, management. note speaker at this conference. He will discuss: change and innovation His academic research is focused on strat- • How and why today’s organisations need • Understand both global and local egy and management of multinational to rethink and reinvent their management context on the subject of innovation and firms, corporate entrepreneurship, and practices reinventing management. management innovation. • The current financial crisis and the underlying Julian is widely published in academic causes of management failure in companies Who should attend? journals and his article “Management • How management can become a source of Business leaders, executives, managers, Innovation” was selected as the best advantage for organisations and spark creativity HR, OD, Strategy, Leadership, Innovation paper in the leading journal, Academy of Management Review, in 2008. and innovation specialists and directors and anyone who has an interest in the future of their organisation. • How new Web 2.0 technologies and a new His new book, “Reinventing Management: generation of employees can facilitate significant Ideally several people or management teams Smarter Choices for Getting Work Done”, from each organisation should consider will be published in March 2010. changes in the nature of managerial work attending together – in order to take the • Practical examples of international learnings collectively from the workshop organisations who are experimenting with back into the organisation in order to new ways of working. collectively co-create and mobilise real The conference will also showcase Management change in management practices. 2.0 exemplars from within the South African context. Representatives from organisations who have reinvented their management practices will present different case studies around ‘25 Moon Shots for Management’.
  2. 2. Please also diarise 21 May 2010 Corporate in-house presentations Reinventing Management: Implications for Change & OD Practitioners Professor Birkinshaw will be available for limited in- Delegates who are attending the Reinventing Management Conference on 20 May house sessions with organisations on the morning and 2010, will be eligible to book for the one day interactive Reinventing Management: afternoon of 19 May 2010, and the afternoon of 20 May Implications for Change and OD Practitioners Workshop on 21 May 2010, also 2010, in the Johannesburg area.This is an extremely in Johannesburg. During this workshop Change & OD practitioners will take the cost effective way of reaching your entire organisation learning’s from the previous day’s conference and interactively discuss how to or large groups of staff, through the topic of Reinventing practically integrate the ‘25 Moon Shots for Management’ into their organisations. Management presented exclusively by Julian Birkinshaw. Please contact 021 913 3507 Please note: The Reinventing Management: Implications for Change and OD Practitioners Workshop is only open to delegates who attend the Conference on or email if you would like to book 20 May 2010 for a nominal additional rate of R 800.00 per person excl VAT. Julian for an in-house session. TICKET PRICES* Standard ticket R 3,200.00 Standard Early Bird** R 2,700.00 SAODN registered annual member / Partner member / R 2,700.00 JOHANNESBURG Alumni / Subscriber*** Date: Thurs, 20 May 2010 SAODN registered annual member / Partner member / R 2,200.00 Alumni / Subscriber Early Bird** Registration: 08:00 for 08:30 20 May Conference PLUS 21 May Workshop: add R 800.00 to the above rates. Time: 08:30 - 17:30 * All ticket prices are excl. VAT * All tickets include a 3 month subscription (12 issues) to Finweek, Venue: Midrand Conference Centre, South Africa’s best selling financial weekly magazine. Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa ** Early Bird rates are for bookings made and paid for by 31 March 2010. *** SAODN rates are only applicable to fully paid-up SAODN members for 2010 (R 300.00 annual membership). Book now places are limited! Click here to download a a registration form, or contact Johleen on 021 913 3507 or email