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SS Online Resources Flyer


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SS Online Resources Flyer

  1. 1. Holt, Rinehart and Winston’s Website,, has a wealth of creative and interactive resources for students and teachers. Keyword Description Current Events Continually Updated Current Events SS Foldnotes Foldnotes Activities for Social Studies Graphic Organizers 38 Interactive Graphic Organizers and Teacher Notes Historian Reading Like a Historian with Document Analysis Explore these online SS Women's History Women's History Information keywords. The SS Rosa Parks Information on Rosa Parks’ life and impact activities do not SS Black History Black History Information & Activities require Holt textbooks. Black History DBQ Document-Based Questions relating to Black History SST Black Leaders Biographies of significant Black Leaders SST Culture Culture Activities and Information 911 Home Information on September 11, 2001 SS Iraq War Conflict in the Persian Gulf/Iraq INSTRUCTIONS: SS Katrina Information on Hurricane Katrina, 2005 SS Tsunami Information on Tsunami, 2005 1. In the web address SS Citizenship Citizenship and History box on the internet, type SS Constitution Day Constitution Day Information [Holt’s webpage pictured SS Democracy Participating in Our Democracy above should appear] SS Supreme Court Supreme Court Watch Current Supreme Court Information SS SC Case Studies Supreme Court Case Studies Handbook, 2006 2. Although many keywords SS Election 2004 Presidential Election, 2004—Process and Results are listed in the student and teacher textbooks, the SST Disputed Elections Disputed Elections throughout U.S. History keywords in the chart are SS Space Shuttle Columbia Space Shuttle Crash, 2003 new. In the white box, Holt Researcher Holt Researcher type the keyword and then Reagan Remembered Information on Ronald Reagan’s life and impact click “go” to access the SST North Korea Conflict History of U.S. and North Korean Relations activities. Be sure to put a SST Crisis Main China and United States Relations space between the first SS Outline Maps U.S. History and World History Outline Map PDFs grouping and second grouping of words. For SS Rubrics Alternative Assessment Handbook—Rubrics example, put a space SS Strategies Online Reading Support and Activities between SS and Rubrics. SST Activities Social Studies Activities and Internet Activities SS Native American Native American Heritage Information & Activities SS Asian Heritage Asian American Heritage Information & Activities SS Jewish Heritage Jewish American Heritage Information & Activities SS National Poetry National Poetry Month Activites and Author Information SS Hispanic History Hispanic American Heritage Information & Activities SS Personal Finance Personal Finance and Consumer Economics Info.