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  • Goal of this presentation is to share resources with you that will directly assist you in your work and personal life.
  • A database is a collection of information available electronically. All of the information in the databases comes from published, edited sources – unlike the Internet where anyone can post anything. The databases give you access to a higher quality of information. Click on the HomeAccess icon or “online databases” link to get into the databases.
  • To access the databases I’ve shown you and many more - Visit your libraries homepage, click on the HomeAccess logo (or a link which says “Read Magazines & Newspapers online”).
  • To access the databases I’ve shown you and many more - Visit your libraries homepage, click on the HomeAccess logo (or a link which says “Read Magazines & Newspapers online”).
  • Information for each of these questions can be found using the Business & Company Resource Center.
  • CURRENT HEALTH INFORMATION Offers full-text, reliable information focusing on a variety of health issues. Included are links to diet, cancer, and health assessment sites as well as government databases. Health and Wellness Resource Center is made up of hundreds of the best medical journals, pamphlets and reference materials available The Quick Start buttons are a great way to start; this will give you fine-tuned results that get to the information you’re looking for quicker – hence the name!
  • THIS IS A WEBSITE!! You can get there by using the address listed above. This is a wonderful health site which has many resources that would likely interest you. A few include: -Lab tests online (clinical lab tests searchable by test, condition/disease) -Toll Free numbers for orgs providing health information. -Clinical (current information about clinical research studies.) - Physician Directories - Alternative Health Links - NYS Physician Profiles (board cert., education, practice info., legal actions etc.) - Nursing Home Locator - FIRSTGOV for Seniors - MEDLINE PLUS for low-vision users
  • Thousands of current magazines and newspapers, many updated daily and containing full-text articles back through 1986. Just Type in a search term or phrase, such as “dvd player”, type in “Consumer Reports” in Publication Type box and view results. Database is straightforward and user-friendly.
  • You can make selections from the results list, or refine the search based on suggested topics, or Browse Suggested Publications. Some libraries have stopped carrying the print version of certain publications because they can access them easily from the databases. You’d be surprised at all the publications you can view electronically through our databases.
  • Go to “Publication Search” and type in a keyword, such as “retirement”. Related publications should pop up. If you know the name of the actual publication, type that in. You can browse the publication and read articles of interest. You can save money by reading magazine’s such as Kiplinger’s online, instead of buying a subscription.
  • Information for each of these questions can be found using the Business & Company Resource Center.
  • Go to ProQuest – click on Topic Guide Then use the list of topics to lead you to what you are interested in looking at. Click on a heading, which will branch out to a new set of subjects. When you find a topic your interested in – “View Articles.” This will let you read related articles. Take note of the publications listed here as they might be ones you would like to browse in their entirety. Also in the Topic Guide are the related topics of “Leisure”, “Outdoor Activities,” and “Travel.”
  • Select “Publications” in MasterFile Select. Do a subject search under “travel.” Some travel magazines of interest include: Backpacker, Consumer Reports Travel Letter, Cruise Travel, Outdoor Life, Town & Country, TravelAmerica
  • Information for each of these questions can be found using the Business & Company Resource Center.
  • 150 national and international newspapers. Search by keyword, date, newspaper section or a particular paper. You can search up to 10 newspapers in one search.
  • We have databases to help with homework. They cover all different education levels: elementary, middle school, and high school. These databases can be accessed when the library is closed.
  • This is the interface to the database of all the “holdings” or materials of the public libraries in Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Putnam and Ulster Counties. There are nearly 2 million items in 66 libraries in this database, including books as well as videos, DVDs, books on tape and CD, magazines, large print books, music CDs and cassettes, comic books….. You can set up a record online and then use some handy features: renew materials with a click so they won’t be overdue, check the status of items you requested, save special searches (ones that were complex or an author you want to search for regularly.)
  • View results and click “Request-a-Title” for those that are of interest. You’ll need a library card. You must type in your barcode to request items. You can have the items delivered to the library of your choice. Example – My home library is LaGrange, but I have all materials delivered to Adriance in Poughkeepsie since I work right next door. This is really convenient.
  • After searching and viewing a specific item, click the Request-a-Title button; then choose a pick-up location and click “Submit” You’ll need to type in your library barcode and pin #. If you don’t have a pin # you’ll need to create one.
  • This is an example of how to use the online catalog – First, you would go to your library’s homepage. To get into the catalog, click on the link that says “Search the Catalog.” If you have a problem getting in, call the library.
  • Pass out library registration cards.
  • Getting your library card is easy, and it opens the doors to 70 libraries, not just your local library. If you don’t have a card – be sure to get one. It will allow you to access the resources I’ve shown you today and many more. Libraries are not the same places they were 50 years ago – they have the latest technology and resources you can access from your home or office. Don’t worry if you aren’t real knowledgeable about using the computer, you can take a class at the library or stop by the library and someone can help you access the resources you’re looking for. Don’t miss out on using the library’s services because they will definitely enhance your life!
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    1. 1. The Information YOU Need is at Your Fingertips Mid-Hudson Library System
    2. 2. Today’s presenter : [Insert Your Name & Your Library’s Name] Mid-Hudson Library System NOVEL is an online virtual library connecting New Yorkers to 21st century information via local libraries statewide. NOVEL is currently supported with temporary federal Library Services and Technology Act funds.
    3. 3. Database Access Mid-Hudson Library System Insert a screen capture of your library’s website
    4. 4. HomeAccess Mid-Hudson Library System
    5. 5. HomeAccess Mid-Hudson Library System
    6. 6. Your Needs Mid-Hudson Library System Need to research a disease or drug?
    7. 7. Health & Wellness Resource Center Mid-Hudson Library System
    8. 8. MHLS Health Information Project Mid-Hudson Library System
    9. 9. Your Needs <ul><li>Need to research a product before purchasing it? </li></ul>Mid-Hudson Library System
    10. 10. Product Research <ul><li>Go to ProQuest & look at Consumer Reports </li></ul>Mid-Hudson Library System
    11. 11. Product Research Mid-Hudson Library System
    12. 12. Your Needs <ul><li>Interested in looking up financial planning information for retirement? </li></ul>Mid-Hudson Library System
    13. 13. Financial Planning <ul><li>Go to ProQuest & look at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Retirement Guide </li></ul>Mid-Hudson Library System
    14. 14. Your Needs Mid-Hudson Library System <ul><li>Want to read more about a hobby? </li></ul>
    15. 15. Read About a Hobby Mid-Hudson Library System <ul><li>Use the Topic Guide in ProQuest </li></ul>
    16. 16. Travel Ideas? <ul><li>Browse Travel Magazines in MasterFile Select </li></ul>Mid-Hudson Library System
    17. 17. Your Needs Mid-Hudson Library System Need to keep up on Politics?
    18. 18. Politics & Current Events Mid-Hudson Library System Try Newspapers & look at newspapers that appeal to you.
    19. 19. Your Needs Mid-Hudson Library System Want to help your grandchildren succeed in school?
    20. 20. Homework Help Mid-Hudson Library System Encourage them to use the Homework Support available
    21. 21. Your Needs Mid-Hudson Library System <ul><li>Do you need books on a health condition? </li></ul><ul><li>Materials about a hobby? </li></ul><ul><li>Resources for planning a trip? </li></ul>
    22. 22. Use the Online Catalog Mid-Hudson Library System Search by keyword, title, or author. Search all libraries or just your local one.
    23. 23. Request-a-Title Mid-Hudson Library System
    24. 24. Requesting a Title 1 2 3 Mid-Hudson Library System 4
    25. 25. Example Mid-Hudson Library System Insert a screen capture of your library’s website
    26. 26. Access Mid-Hudson Library System To access the resources I’ve showed you today: 1) Get a library card (if you don’t already have one!) 2) Visit your local library or your local library’s web site: (this link lists all libraries in the Mid-Hudson area)
    27. 27. Getting Your Library Card Mid-Hudson Library System It’s easy! Just come in with your photo ID and fill out a registration card; your card will be issued on the spot! Kids under 18 must have a parent with them.