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Personal Finance

  1. 1. Personal Finance Virtual High School 2008 Contact information: Mrs. Kari Hancock Email: or AIM: RCPSFinance Office hours: Sunday 8:00-9:00 pm via AIM Course Description: Students learn how to navigate the financial decisions they must face and to make informed decisions related to career exploration, budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, spending, taxes, saving, investing, buying/leasing a vehicle, living independently, and inheritance. Development of financial literacy skills and an understanding of economic principles will provide the basis for responsible citizenship and career success. Course Requirements: 1. Reading Requirements: 2. Discussion: 3. Written Requirements: All writings will be submitted via digital dropbox. 4. Tests/Quizzes: Grading and Evaluation: The following percentages serve as guidelines for how assignments are weighted: Essays 30% Assignments 20% Quizzes 15% Projects 35% Online classes do not fall under the exam exemption program; the final exam will constitute 20% of the course grade. Failure to turn in assignments will have a drastic effect on one’s grade. Assignments not turned in on due date will be docked 10% per day late. Honor Code and Consequences: As students enrolled in Roanoke County Schools you are expected to uphold standards of academic integrity. All work, be it on examination or formal writings, is to be your own. Academic dishonesty includes cheating; buying, selling, downloading, or stealing any material purported to be part of an assignment; committing plagiarism; and/or using unauthorized materials during a test. According to Chapter 36 of The Little, Brown Handbook plagiarism is defined as using the ideas or language of another person so that these seem to be the writer’s own ideas or language. Plagiarism, be it accidental or deliberate includes: 1. Presenting another writer’s ideas without giving credit. 2. Copying anther’s material and presenting it as one’s own. 3. Using the sentence structure, diction, or order of ideas from another source. 4. Submitting as one’s own, any material solicited anyone else to write, or that has been acquired /purchased from another source. 5. Submitting as one’s own any paper that has been significantly altered by another. 6. Falsifying documentation.
  2. 2. Because of our convictions about the serious nature of plagiarism and our efforts to hold students to the highest academic standards, actions will be taken if a student is caught plagiarizing. Course Requirements: 1. Labeling and turning in files for digital dropbox: All file names MUST be labeled in the following format: First name, last name, assignment title. Example: Todd Smith Personal Narrative. Deadlines for turning in work are always midnight of the day assignments are due). If there is going to be a foreseeable conflict, you must contact me through email. I will ALWAYS have access to email. 2. Emailing files: If you have problems with Blackboard and cannot dropbox your assignment(s), email them to Problems with Blackboard do not constitute an extension. 3. Writing rules: All work for this course will be completed independently and to the best of the student’s ability. If you choose to not follow instructions, I will never know; HOWEVER, you will not be prepared to take the exam. Students will submit essays and timed writings in the instructor’s digital drop box. All papers must be typed in Microsoft Word (not Works or WordPerfect) as they will be electronically graded and returned. Online Etiquette: You will be participating in various online forums and chats. As a member of this class I expect you to be respectful of others ideas, beliefs, and opinions. I expect you to conduct yourselves in a manner in accordance with your exemplar status as online students. There will be no harassing or flaming in the discussion boards; otherwise, you will be locked out and a substantial portion of your grade docked. I do not foresee any problems from you. See handout on discussion board policies for more information. ASSIGNMENTS/PROJECTS All assignments and projects must be completed and submitted by midnight on the following due dates. Student’s original work is expected. Where necessary, students must provide references/documentation for their assignments. DUE DATE UNIT 1: 2 Weeks Implementing Virginia’s CTE Course Requirements Participating in the Student Organization Developing Career Exploration and Employability Skills • Vocabulary • Vocabulary Quiz • Developing Career Exploration and Employability Skills – 25 points – Assignment Grade • FBLA Internet Search – 20 Points – Assignment • Research Your Career – 30 Points – Project Grade • Professional Portfolio – 75 Points – Project Grade UNIT 2: 1½ Weeks Planning for Transportation, Housing, and Leisure Expenses Developing Consumer Skills • Vocabulary
  3. 3. • Vocabulary Quiz • Basic Economic Concepts and their Impacts on Production – 20 Points – Assignment • Making a Purchase & Interacting with Salespeople – 50 Points – Project • Common Contracts– 20 Points – Assignment • Lease & Lease Questions– 20 Points – Assignment • The impact of advertising and marketing on Consumers– 25 Points – Assignment • To Rent or to Buy….– 30 Points – Assignment • Vacation Project– 50 Points – Project • Independent Living– 50 Points – Assignment UNIT 3: 1½ Weeks Handling Credit/Loan Functions Handling Banking Transactions • Vocabulary • Vocabulary Quiz • Handling Banking Transactions 55 points (45 points Assignment, 10 Points Quiz) • Assignment 1/Quiz • Assignment 2 • Assignment 3 • Assignment 4 • Reconciling Bank Statements– 35 Points – Project • Bankruptcy – 20 Points – Assignment • Various Methods of Financing a Purchase – 20 Points – Assignment • Sample Credit/Loan Application – 30Points – Assignment • Credit: What is it anyway?! – 35 Points – Assignment • Calculate Payment Schedules – 25 Points – Assignment • Debt Brochure – 40 Points – Project UNIT 4: Analyzing Insurance as Risk Management 1 Week • Vocabulary • Vocabulary Quiz • Your Guide to Insurance Brochure - 75 points - Project • Insurance Quiz - 30 points - Quiz Unit 5: Earning and Reporting Income, Conducting Tax 2 Weeks Functions and Financial Implications of Inheritance • Vocabulary • Vocabulary Quiz – 33 Points - Quiz • Calculating Taxes - 30 Points - Assignment • Tax Project – 65 Points - Project Unit 6: Planning for Personal Financial Success, Devising an 2 Weeks Investment and savings plan • Vocabulary • Vocabulary Quiz – 20 Points - Quiz • Simple vs. Compound Interest – 10 Points - Assignment
  4. 4. • Budget Project – 55 Points - Project • Government Actions on Economic Conditions Writing Assignment – 60 Points - Assignment • Explore how the Stock Market Works Writing Assignment – 44 Points - Assignment Unit 7: Planning Financial Aspects of a Business Enterprise 1 Week • Vocabulary • Vocabulary Quiz – 9 Points - Quiz • Examining the Global Economy Writing Assignment – 64 Points – Project Grade Unit 8: Exploring Management Functions 1 Week • Making the Right Ethical Choices – 50 Points - Project EXAMS MIDTERM EXAM – FINAL EXAM – **There is NO exam exemption in Virtual High School. Everyone must take the midterm and final exams.** GRADING The Roanoke County grading scale will be used. • A 94-100 • B 87-93 • C 77-86 • D 70-76 • F 0-69 **This syllabus is inclusive, but could be modified at anytime **
  5. 5. QUICK REFERENCE SHEET Keep this near the computer Mrs. Hancock E-Learning Coordinator Mrs. Caroline Overfelt (w) 562-3900 ext.10261 Blackboard Login: Roanoke County Public Schools: If, AT ANY TIME, you do not, FOR WHATEVER REASON, hear from me within twenty four hours of an email, usually I will respond within the hour, then contact Ms. Overfelt IMMEDIATELY! She will call me!!! Attitude is more important than aptitude in determining altitude