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Personal Finance


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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Personal Finance

  1. 1. Personal Finance Managing your money in an ever-changing world! Course Orientation For students in FIN 125 Mark J. Fronke, CPA Professor – Cerritos College
  2. 2. Personal Finance Course Orientation Why Study Personal Finance? To understand how money works To make sound financial decisions To realize your dreams To bring you peace of mind To buy your freedom!
  3. 3. Personal Finance Course Orientation Course Overview o The financial planning o Owning a home process o Insuring for financial risk o Money management o Investing in Stocks techniques o Investing in Bonds o Planning your taxes o Investing in Mutual Funds o Using financial services o Planning your retirement o Managing credit o Estate planning concepts o Your rights as a consumer and techniques
  4. 4. Personal Finance Course Orientation Course Activities oText and chapter assignments o Internet Projects o Powerpoint Presentations o Current articles and free stuff o Discussion Forums o Quizzes o Final Exam o Final Case Project
  5. 5. Personal Finance Course Orientation Text and chapter assignments Focus on Personal Finance Kapoor, Dlabay, Hughes 2nd Edition Chapter Assignments Include Discussion Questions and Problems “Internet Connection” Activities “Case in Point” illustrations
  6. 6. Personal Finance Course Orientation Internet Projects o Goal Setting Powerpoint project o Buying a Home o Evaluating the purchase of a car o Planning your taxes o Playing the stock market o Watching your money grow! o Planning your retirement o Executing a Health Care directive
  7. 7. Personal Finance Course Orientation Powerpoint Presentations Publishers Powerpoint slides I have linked all the publishers Powerpoint slides on the course website. Take a look at these to review for the quizzes or help when reading each chapter. My Powerpoint slides. These run like movies where you just start and stop them as One for each chapter you want Designed to present classroom lecture materials Self-paced and always available
  8. 8. Personal Finance Course Orientation Articles and Freebies Financial literacy and the financial markets are ever- changing. It is important for people, who want to properly manage their money, to have a basic understanding about how the economy works and how economic factors influence global markets! • Four (4) one page essays will be required throughout the semester •Any topic related to personal finance •From any informational source possible Magazines Newspapers The Internet Freebies (I have provided a list of these and have a gaggle of items available)
  9. 9. Personal Finance Course Orientation Discussion Forums Students learn a tremendous amount from their fellow students. I have provided a forum on the internet for discussions about different topics related to personal finance You will be required to participate in the discussion forums by posting a response to one of my questions. You are also encouraged to respond to one of the other students postings. Following are some of the topics we typically discuss in the forums: The Economy Health Care in America The Stock Markets Overspending Credit Cards Cost of Car Ownership (gas prices) Southern California Real Estate
  10. 10. Personal Finance Course Orientation Quizzes and Exams Naturally, some of your grade will be based on subjective assessment in the form of quizzes and a final exam. All of the quizzes will be on-line. Each quiz will be worth 10 points Quiz questions are either T/F or M/C There will be quizzes on all 14 chapters (You can drop your lowest quiz score) The final exam will also be on-line include 40 T/F or M/C questions.
  11. 11. Personal Finance Course Orientation Welcome Aboard! The ultimate assessment of this course is how well you grasp the basic concepts of money management and apply them to your life! I am pleased you have chosen to allow me the opportunity to present this material. I applaud you for taking this course and look forward to our interaction throughout the semester. My job is to help you understand the material and answer any questions you may have. Please send me an email whenever you have a question, or just to say Hi! Be Happy and Healthy
  12. 12. Posted Announcements I will post the assignment for each week on the Talonet website by 5:00 on Mondays. It is important that you read the announcement on Monday evening in order to understand the requirements of each assignment. That way, if you have any questions or need clarification, you can communicate with me before the deadline. Don’t get behind in the work!!
  13. 13. Personal Finance Course Orientation Your First Assignment Go to my website at Get the syllabus and course schedule and read it carefully. Log into the Talonet Website for the course and take the orientation quiz. Send me an email and say: Hi Mark, This is (Insert your name here). I’m ready to get started on the road to financial freedom!!! I’ll be communicating with you weekly to report my progress and turn in assignments. Wish me luck, (Your name here)