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  1. 1. 1 MONEY BASICS FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS Debt Management, Credit Repair These items are ideal for the person who’s just starting to make money, set & Bankruptcy up a household, & save for the future. Control Your Money: A Quick & A Car, Some Cash & A Place to Crash: The Only Post-College Sur- Easy Guide NEW READER vival Guide You’ll Ever Need / by Rebecca M. Knight (2003) Chap- 332.024 C768N (1997) ters explain things like renting an apartment, understanding credit The Credit Repair Kit / John Ventura cards, paycheck deductibles, etc. (on order) (4th ed.) 332.7 V567C 2004 The Everything Budgeting Book / Tere Drenth ( 2003) Credit Repair / Robin Leonard & Deanne With chapters on prioritizing your spending, totaling monthly expenses, cut- Loonin 332.743 L553C 2002 ting down, restructuring debt, help from the government, etc. 640.42 D815E The Everything Get Out of Debt Book / The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Personal Finance in Your 20s & 30s / Sarah Cheryl Kimball & Faye Kathryn Doria Young Fisher & Susan Shelly (1999) 332.024 F537C (2002 ed.) 332.02402 K561E The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Money for Teens YA 332.024 Sh44c Fastread Getting Out of Debt: Repair Bad Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms (Barron’s) 332.03 D758D 2003 Credit & Restore Your Finances! / Rich Mintzer (2001 ed.) 332.02402 M668f NOTE: For very basic information (“how to write a check” & so Good Advice for a Bad Economy: Size Up forth), see also the 332 area of Waukesha’s ADULT NEW READER Your Finances, Set Up a Budget, Deal With collection. See also the “Real U” guides (Real U Guide to Living Debt, Handle Financial Emergencies / John on Your Own, Real U Guide to Buying Your First Car, etc.). Plus: Ventura (2003) 332.02404 V567G Everyday Math For Dummies (510 SE45E) (has balancing a The Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt / Greg checkbook, credit basics, etc.) ; Math Skills That Work, Book #1 Pahl (2000 ed.) 332.02402 P151u (513.2 M695C) (has “Balancing a Checkbook,” “Writing a Check”) ; Everyday Math for Everyday Life (510 R956E) (includes The Bankruptcy Solution: How to Eliminate credit cards, checking accounts, insurance, etc.) Debt & Rebuild Your Life / Peggy Palms (2003) 332.75 P185B INTERNET Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Repay Your U.S. Government’s “My Money” web site Debts / Robin Leonard (2001) 346.078 L553C 2001 Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institution’s “Your Money Matters” Web Sites for Quick Information (Chose “Index” for a good overview.) Wisconsin Bar Association Sound Money radio program (WUWM 89.7 Sun 3pm; Mon 1pm) (Click on “Legal Explorer,” then “Legal Q & A” and choose either “Bankruptcy” or “Debt”) Right On the Money (Twin Cities Public Television, St. Paul, MN) American Bankruptcy Institute (Click on “Consumer Education Center”) The Motley Fool (Select “Personal finance”) Findlaw CNN / Money Magazine’s Money 101 (Click on “Bankruptcy & Debt”) Smart Money Magazine (select “The Basics”) YAHOO! Finance CREDIT REPORTS MSN Money Central Credit bureaus are listed in the yellow pages. Some national ones are: Credit Talk (by Mastercard) Equifax Experian GE Center for Financial Learning Trans Union Practical Money Skills for Life Further information on obtaining credit reports is The Beehive available at the Wisconsin Dept. of Financial (includes the VERY basics—checking accounts, etc.) Institutions web site: (Click on FAQ, then Consumer Affairs FAQ, then scroll to the headings under Consumer Information.) Waukesha Public Library Note: Web sites vary in quality, timeliness, and 321 Wisconsin Ave thoroughness. Inclusion of a web site in this NEW: All consumers to be entitled to at least Waukesha, WI 53186 flyer does not constitute an endorsement by one free credit report per year (beginning in the Waukesha Public Library. Spring 2005). See Consumer Reports, Nov. 04, 262-524-3682 11/04 P. 55, for information about this new law.
  2. 2. 2 Free money ! Local Low-Income Assistance Or, “Help! All the Matthew Q: “I need financial assistance for paying my utility bills, paying my rent, food Lesko books are checked out ! ” stamps, whatever!” Government Benefits $ A: Dial 2-1-1 (information & referral); also: Information on both state & federal benefits and assistance of all types. Waukesha County government Government Loans $ Health & Human Services Department Includes information for “First Call for Help.” Click on Information on federal loans from the “Financial Assistance” for links to the Food Share pro- following U.S. agencies: HUD, Dept. of gram (formerly food stamps), energy services, medical Education, Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of assistance, etc. Also senior services. Local numbers: Veterans Affairs, and the Small Business Administration. Hint: For a list of Waukesha County services: Government Grants $ State of Wisconsin Covers 26 federal grant-making agencies. Wisconsin Dept. of Health & Human Services Foundations In Wisconsin Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development 361.7632 F825W The Foundation Directory Wisconsin Energy Assistance Bureau 361.7632 F825 2004 1-866-HEATWIS The Funding Information Center at More about emergency fuel assistance, weatherization Marquette University assistance, etc., for lower income families. (Note good resources under HUD Subsidized Apartment Search “Other Useful Web Sites”) (Click on “Renting”); or go to Q: “I heard you can buy a house for a buck from the government!” NOTE: The Refer them to the U.S. Dept. of federal web site is also a portal for aid in each state. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (Click on “Single Family,” then GRANTS & BENEFITS MAY ALSO BE EASILY “HUD homes.”) ACCESSED FROM: Q: “I want to get a bargain on surplus government property!” Just click on “Find Government Benefits,” “Apply for Go to: Government Grants,” and/or “Government Benefits, or Grants and Financial Aid.” (Click on “Public Services,” For senior citizens: then “Surplus property…”) Q: “I want to see if I’m entitled to For students: any unclaimed property!” Go to the Wisconsin State Treasurer’s office: For the Disabled (also Note: Inclusion of a web Waukesha Public Library site in this flyer does not 321 Wisconsin Ave Q: “How can I access the Catalog constitute an endorsement Waukesha, WI 53186 of Federal Domestic Assistance by the Waukesha online?” The online version is at: Public Library. 262-524-3682 11/04
  3. 3. 3 For patrons trying to stretch a small Home Buying budget, or who simply love a bargain! Basic information available at: Books U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Cheap Talk with the Frugal Friends / Angie Zalewski & Deana Ricks (2001) 640.73 Z14C Freddie Mac Savvy Discounts / Richard deGaris Doble (2003) 640.73 D654S. Fannie Mae Clark’s Big Book of Bargains / Clark Howard (scroll down to “Homepath”) (2003) 640.73 H831C Radio talk show host shares bargain strategies. WHEDA (WI Housing & Economic Development Authority) Michael Finney’s Consumer Confidential / Michael Finney 332.024 F497M Real Estate vocabulary (Click on “Buying a Home,” then scroll to “Real Estate The Smart Consumer’s Book of Questions / Glossary.”) Linda Mack Ross (1996) BOOKS 640.73 R733s What to ask before buying. Mortgages for Dummies / Eric Tyson (2nd ed., 2004) Living Well on a Shoestring / Yankee 332.722 T988M 2004 Magazine (c 2000) 640.41 Y16Y “1,501 ingenious ways to spend less for what The Pocket Mortgage Guide / Jack Guttentage (2004 ed.) you need & have more for what you want.” 332.722 G982 P Frugal Families: Making the Most of Your Includes monthly payment tables for loan amounts up to Hard-Earned Money / Joni McCoy (2nd ed, $400,000, at 4%-12.75% interest rates. Also a large 2003) 640 M137F section of mortgage Q & A’s The Complete Cheapskate / Mary Hunt Mortgages 101: Quick Answers to Over 250 Critical 332.024 H913CO Questions About Your Home Loan / David Reed (2004) 332.722 R251M The Consumer Bible: 1001 Ways to Shop Smart / Mark Green (1998) 640.73 G824C Real Estate Investing Made Simple: A Commonsense Approach to Building Wealth / M. Anthony Carr (c.2005) Free Money to Pay Your Bills / Matthew 332.6324 C23R Lesko (2003) 362.582 L565F Goldmining in Foreclosure Properties / George Achenbach Fantastic Discounts & Deals for Anyone (2003) 332.63243 AC45G Over 50! / Janet Groene 640.730846 G892F Investing in Fixer-Uppers / Jay P. DeCima (2003) Web Sites 332.63243 D357I for Savvy Consumers The Complete Guide to Investing in Rental Properties / Steve Berges (2004) 332.63243 B453C U.S. Government consumer sites Successful Real Estate Investing / Robert Shemin (2004) 332.6324 SH44S (Click on “Consumer Protection”) Econoguide® Buying and Selling a Home / Corey Sandler 333.3383 SA56E The web site includes the online version of the federal government’s 2004 Consumer Action Handbook State of Wisconsin Dept. of Agricul- (REF 381.34 C766F 2004 CONSUMER), a goldmine of ture, Trade & Consumer Protection information on customer complaints, credit reports, etc. Clark Howard’s radio show site RESEARCHING CHARITIES Waukesha Public Library 321 Wisconsin Ave Better Business Bureau Waukesha, WI 53186 MORE WEB: 262-524-3682 Note: Inclusion of a web site in this flyer does not constitute an 11/04 endorsement by the Waukesha Public Library.
  4. 4. 4 Unemployed, etc. Insurance, etc. State of Wisconsin Unemployment Insurance Commissioner of Insurance Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development (Click on “Consumer.”) Can look up specific insurance companies. Also, basic (Click on “Workers,” then scroll to “Unemployment Insur- consumer information about all sorts of insurance. ance” Local claimant information 414-438-7713 U.S. Dept of Labor COBRA Continuation Health Coverage & HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and (Click on “Unemployment Insurance.”) Accountability Act U.S. Dept of Labor—Employee Benefits Security Workers Compensation Administration (Scroll to “Frequently Asked Questions.”) (Click on “Workers,” then “”Workers Compensation”) Wisconsin Health Insurance Risk Sharing Program (HIRSP) 1-800-828-4777 Other Assistance (Click on “Workers,” then “Dislocated Worker (Layoff Assis- State of Wisconsin BadgerCare tance).” Has sections on “Coping with Layoff and Personal Finances,” “What Should I Do About Pension & Health Benefits,” etc. Medicare print: Medicare & You 368.421 M468U 2005 Periodicals for the Money-Conscious Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Smart Money magazine U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine Consumer Reports magazine Barron’s newspaper Medicaid in Wisconsin Wall Street Journal newspaper Wisconsin Dept of Health & Family Services: 1-800-362-3002 WILLS & ESTATE PLANNING Wisconsin State Law Library Insurance Ratings — Reference Books (hint: click on “legal topics a-z”) Weiss Ratings’ Guide to Life, Health, & Annuity Wisconsin Bar Association Insurers R 368.32 W436W 2004 FALL (hint: click on “legal explorer,” then “legal Q & A”) Weiss Ratings’ Guide to Property & Casualty Insurers BOOKS R 3681. W436W 2004 FALL The Procrastinator’s Guide to Wills & Estate Planning 364.73052 M427P 2004 Best’s Key Rating Guide, Life / Health 8 Ways to Avoid Probate 364.052 R159E 2003 R 368.3 B464K 2004 Best’s Key Rating Guide, Property / Casualty Miscellaneous gateways R 368 B46A 2004 Federal Reserve Michigan Electronic Library Web Sites With Insurance Overviews for Consumers: Librarian’s Index to the Internet Insurance Information Institute Social Security Benefits Local office: 707 N. Grand Ave, 1st floor Smart Money Magazine (click on “Insurance”) Waukesha, WI 1-800-772-1213 AARP Note: Inclusion of a web (Click on “Health & Wellness,” then “Insurance & Medicare.” ) Waukesha Public Library site in this flyer does not 321 Wisconsin Ave constitute an endorse- Waukesha, WI 53186 America’s Health Insurance Plans ment by the Waukesha (Click on “Consumer Information,” then “Consumer Guides.”) Public Library. 262-524-3682 11/04