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Monday, October 21.doc

  1. 1. 1 University of Wisconsin Center--Waukesha Business 110---Personal Finance Fall, 2002 Instructor: Carol A. Fischer Office: 121 Northview Hall Phone: Office 521-5432 Home 567-6364 E-mail: School Home Office Hours: Before and After Class and By appointment. Textbook: Personal Financial Planning, Ninth Edition Lecture Notes From Bookstore Calculator: A financial calculator is required for this class. Suggested is a Texas Instruments BA 2+ which has statistical functions as well. Individual Concern Paper: Select a financial decision you will be making in the next few year. Gather the facts and analyze them for me in a three page paper. Examples include --buying a home, refinancing a home, selecting a credit card, selecting stocks and bonds, selecting the appropriate life insurance, etc. Syllabus: Monday, September 9 ** Discussion will center around present and future value computations using tables. ** Chapter One of Text The Personal Financial Planning Process. Monday, September 16 Discussion will focus on present and future value calculations using your financial calculator. Prepare Question Two on page 33. Prepare Cash 1-2 Sid’s Dilemma: Finding a New Job .Look at some of the information on the Web about Careers—remember now that for many this is your most important goal. Make sure you bring your financial calculator to class.
  2. 2. 2 Monday, September 23 Read: Chapter 2 Your Financial Statements and Plans Assignment: **Think about your personal assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses as you read this chapter and come prepared to work on your personal balance sheet.. **Complete the assigned problems using your financial calculator. **Answer Questions 5,6, and 7 Chapter Two Monday, September 30 Read: Chapter 3 Managing Your Taxes Assignment: Case 2-1 The Sullivan’s Version of Financial Planning Prepare your personal financial statements. You may use the disk to help you. Look over Your personal finances on page 84 Check you a website or two. Monday, October 7 Read Chapter 4 Managing your Cash and Savings Assignment: Case3-1 The Aggarwals Tackle Their Tax Return Look over questions 2, 5, and 6 on pages 127-128. **Submit topic for individual concern paper for my approval. EXAM COVERING CALCULATOR FUNCTIONS AND CHAPTERS 1,2 AND 3 Monday, October 14 Read: Chapter 5 Making Automobile and Housing Decisions Be sure to bring in your financial calculator for this session. Assignment: Case 4-1 Susan Chan’s Savings and Banking Plans 4-2 Pattersons Checkbook Monday, October 21 Read: Chapters 6&7 Borrowing on Open Account Using Consumer Loans Assignment: Case 5-3 Julie's Rent or Buy Decision Case 5-1 The McNeil’s new Car Decision Monday October 28 Read: Chapter 8 Insuring Your Life Assignment: Case 6-1 Cullens Seek Some Credit Card Information . Case7-2 Calmeron Gets His 4-Runner Look over questions 6-5,6, and 7-3,4,5,6,7
  3. 3. 3 Monday, November 4 Read: Chapter 9 Insuring Your Health Assignment: Case 8-1 Lee Hsiah’s Insurance Decision Case 8-2 The Kings Want to Know When Enough is Enough Monday, November 11 Read: Chapter 10 Protecting Your Property Assignment: Case 9-1 Evaluating Ricks Health Care Decision Monday, November 18 Read: Chapter 11 Investment Planning: Assignment: Case 10-1 The Salvatis’ Homeowner’s Insurance Decision Case 10-2 Auto Insurance for Heather Weisbach Exam covering Chapters 4-10 Monday, November 25 ReRead: Chapter 11 "Investment Planning Monday, December 2 Read: Chapter 12 "Investing in Stocks and Bonds" Assignment: Case 11-2 Col Takes Stock of His Securities Due: Individual Concern Paper. Monday, December 9 Read: Chapter 13 "Investing in Mutual Funds, " Assignment 12-1 The Jordon’s Problem: What To Do With All That Money Monday, December 16 Comprehensive Final Exam Scheduled Grading First Exam 100 points
  4. 4. 4 Second Exam 100 points Homework and participation 50 points Final Exam 150 points Individual Concern 30 points Total 430 Anticipated Curve A= 390 and above- B= 350-389 C= 300-349 D= 250-299 F= Below 250