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Links to Professional Resources

  1. 1. Links to Professional Resources Web sites for Financial Planning Standard & Poors personal finance site FinanCenter Motley Fool CNN Financial News Quicken U.S. Federal Reserve System Consumer Price Index & inflation data Calculators for the time-value of money Money Magazine Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine Business Week Magazine Worth Magazine Smart Money Magazine The Wall Street Journal Web sites for Career Planning
  2. 2. Career planning tips Listings of available jobs Resume preparation advice U.S. Dept. of Labor & state agencies Web sites for Money Management and Budgeting Standard & Poors personal finance site FinanCenter Consumer Expenditure Survey Goal-setting tips Budgeting information National Center for Financial Education Web sites for Tax Planning Internal Revenue Service Tax forms & tips File your taxes online Ernst & Young H&R Block TurboTax State income tax information
  3. 3. Web sites for Banking Services Current rates for savings instruments Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation U.S. Savings Bonds Federal Reserve System Credit Union information Purchasing government notes & bonds Current value of U.S. savings bonds American Bankers Association Financial calculators for savings Making payments on the Internet Online banking information Web sites for Using Consumer Wisely and Comparing Credit Costs RAM Research Group Comparison of costs & features Current loan & credit card rates National Center for Financial Education Credit reports information
  4. 4. Consumer Credit law information FinanCenter National Foundation for Consumer Credit Debt Counselors of America Credit cost calculators Web sites for Consumer Buying, Transportation Consumer Reports Consumer topics Brand, price, and feature comparisons Government information sources National Fraud Information Center Better Business Bureau Legal information for consumers Motor vehicle purchasing tips Prices of new and used cars Leasing information Driving safety information Crash test and insurance-related data Web sites for Housing Renting vs. buying Home buying assistance Mortgage
  5. 5. information FNMA (Fannie Mae) Dept. of Housing & Urban Development Reverse mortgages Mortgage cost calculator Web sites for Insurance Insurance Research Council Basic insurance information Rate information Links to health-related sites Life & Health Info Foundation for Education Long-term care issues Medicare (Social Security Administration) Medicare supplement information Comparing coverages and costs Life insurance information Planning assistance & rate information State insurance regulatory agencies Web sites for Investment Information Standard & Poors personal finance site FinanCenter Motley Fool CNN Financial News Quicken
  6. 6. Bloomberg Money Line Daily Rocket Basic investment information National Association of Securities Dealers American Association of Individual Investors Investment club information Securities and Exchange Commission Stock quotes and related data New York Stock Exchange American Stock Exchange NASDAQ Annual report information Company information High-tech stock investing Bonds Online Savings bonds, treasury notes, and t-bonds Morningstar Basic Mutual Fund Information Money-market fund information Chicago Board of Trade Chicago Mercantile Exchange Web sites for Retirement and Estate Planning Retirement planning, assistance and articles
  7. 7. American Association of Retired Persons Social Security Administration Roth IRA information Pension plans American Express John Hancock Co. Fidelity Investments T. Rowe Price Estate planning information Wills and estate planning information Federal estate tax information Estate taxes