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  1. 1. Best Places To Get Ahead - Page 1 of 5 Become a member | Log In Portfolio | Forbes Magazine - just $1.15/issue Make My Home Page Bookmark This Page Home Page for the World's Business Leaders Free Trial Issue Search Stock Quote U.S. EUROPE ASIA HOME BUSINESS TECH MARKETS ENTREPRENEURS LEADERSHIP PERSONAL FINANCE FORBESLIFE LISTS OPINIONS Business Travel Collecting Health Real Estate Sports Style Travel Vehicles Wine & Food Advertisement Lifestyle Best Places To Get Ahead Francesca Levy, 02.01.10, 06:04 PM EST Over the last few years, jobs and incomes in these counties grew most. In Pictures: Best Places To Get Ahead Professional success often requires some degree of sacrifice. Surprisingly, one of those sacrifices might include moving to the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio. Living in Delaware County is, in some ways, a smarter career move than packing up and heading for Wall Street or Silicon Valley. With three-year income growth of 11% between 2007 and 2009, Delaware County is one of 10 places Forbes found best for professionals to get ahead. The fastest-growing county in the How To Spend Your Bonus state, it has benefited from both a diverse mix of jobs that has kept the economy strong, and family-friendly neighborhoods America's Highest Property that expanded out from the city center. Taxes Why homeowners Westchester In Depth: Best Places To Get Ahead County, New York pay the most. The counties on our list are Article Controls geographically spread out and EMAIL Toys 'R' Us: Zhu Zhu Central varied in industry, but they have PRINT Retailer discusses the hamster phenom and Black Friday's one thing in common: They're all REPRINT discounts. suburbs of big cities. But these NEWSLETTER aren't sleepy bedroom communities COMMENTS (2) feeding off of urban spillover. SHARE YAHOO! BUZZ "The inner-ring suburbs look very much like their city neighbors," Get Stories By Email says Lawrence Levy (no relation to this story's writer), executive Select Topics: director of the National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra Baker Hughes Job Growth University. "They look like it physically, racially, ethnically, and Texas Instruments Careers economically." Job Markets Cities Behind the Numbers Not a member yet? Join Now! Already a member? Log In To find the best places to get ahead, we looked at counties Enter Username Enter Email where the number of jobs had grown the most between the 2/18/2010
  2. 2. Best Places To Get Ahead - Page 2 of 5 second quarter of 2007 and the second quarter of 2009 (the Select Your Title Receive Special Offers? most recent quarter for which county-level statistics are FAQ |Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy available), using data from the U.S. Department of Labor. We factored in the counties with the highest income growth as well, ADVERTISEMENTS using median household income growth between 2007 and Hot Stock Alert - EHSI 2008, the most recent year that the data are available from the Profit From Healthcare Explosion New Millionaires Created Today U.S. Census Bureau. www.EmergingHealthcareSolutionsInc. We limited our search to counties where the median household Capture The Futures Market income was $75,000 per year or higher, to focus on places Superior execution, accurate clearing and processing with MF Global. where you can earn a solid salary and move up quickly, rather than ones that went from low to average incomes. It's a sign of Is Your Bank in Trouble? the times that in many of these counties, job growth was flat or Free list Of Banks Doomed to Fail. The Banks and Brokers X List. Free! even down, but they still placed high because the drop was more modest than elsewhere in the country. Buy a link here Related Stories Space: The Only Frontier GO Get Briefed: Sen. Ted Kaufman Here Come the Viet Gamers Content Management Software Accounting Software Email Marketing Software eCommerce Software A Businesswoman's Boomtown In Dubai Project Management Software Help Desk Software Global Debt Bomb >> Browse All Directories Related Videos Global Stocks Ride High Headlines from Miserable Cities: Stockton's Makeover Hewlett-Packard Tops Wall Street Hasbro CMO On Managing 1500 Brands Style Diary: Diane Kruger Leveling The Ebook Market Style Diary: Drew Barrymore Famous Kids of Famous Parents Travel - A-List Celebrity Getaways Fort Bend County, Texas, a Rate This Story suburb of Houston, topped Your Rating our list. Incomes there have grown 10% between 2007 Overall Rating Most Popular and 2008, and that's not a Reader Comments 1. The World's Most Corrupt Countries | Story fluke based on a small 2. How To Be A Billionaire | Story contingent of wealthy I have lived in Sugar Land fo 3. Inside An American Billionaire's Castle | Video residents. The county has r the past ten years. It is pro 4. The World's Billionaires | Story also added 5,913 new jobs bably one of the best places 5. Al Qaeda's Cash Crunch | Video since the second quarter of to live and bring up a family. 6. Full List: Where Americans Pay Most In Property Excellent all around. Taxes | Story 2007, an increase of 5%. 7. Top-Earning On-Screen Couples | Video Like the rest of Texas, Fort Read All Comments (2) 8. America's Most Miserable Cities | Story Bend gets a healthy chunk 9. Highest-Earning Olympic Athletes | Video Post a Comment of its revenue from the 10. Miserable Cities: Stockton's Makeover | Video energy sector, but it also benefits from a diversity of industries--including education and hospitality--that has fueled several decades of rapid population growth. Several companies on Forbes' 400 Best Big Companies list are headquartered there, including Texas Instruments ( TXN - news - people ), Baker Hughes ( BHI - news - people ) and Thermo Fisher. Center Strength In the Midwest, the decline of the manufacturing sector has curbed employment growth in many areas, but some pockets have bucked the trend. Kendall County, a suburb of Chicago, is No. 3 on our list. The area's 90% population growth, from 54,560 in 2000 to 103,460 in 2008, spurred an influx of restaurants, stores and service-industry businesses to accommodate the newcomers. The result: a 7% rise in income 2/18/2010
  3. 3. Best Places To Get Ahead - Page 3 of 5 and a 3% jump in job growth. Another fast-growing Chicago suburb and No. 6 on our list, Will County, Ill., saw incomes grow by 7% between 2007 and 2008. Carver County, Minn., on the outskirts of Minneapolis, ties Hanover County, Va., for the No. 10 spot, with income growth of 5%. Like this story? Become a fan of ForbesLife on Facebook and find others like it. Or follow us on Twitter @forbeslife. If you live on the east coast, your best bet is to head to areas just outside the capital, where a steady churn of government jobs has kept nearby suburbs growing. Loudon County, Va., and Alexandria County, Va., wealthy communities outside of Washington, D.C., saw 4% and 7% job growth, respectively. Dugg on If you're driven by sheer How Goldman Sachs ambition, you'll have the best Masked Greece's Huge shot at getting ahead in places Deficit where industry is diverse enough China's Legal Catch-22 - to be buffered from a decline in Microsoft's Mobile any one sector, or areas Makeover Ruffles dominated by education, health Developers - Al-Qaida's Dirty Little care or government. Secret - But even in these places, Visit The employment has inched--rather Digg Channel than leapt--ahead recently. Only a handful of the counties we ranked saw job growth in the past three years, and even then, only at an average rate of 2%. So no matter where you are in the country, the real key to getting ahead might just be holding on until the economic recovery takes off. In Depth: Best Places To Get Ahead ADVERTISEMENTS Hot Stock Alert - EHSI Profit From Healthcare Explosion New Millionaires Created Today www.EmergingHealthcareSolutionsInc. Capture The Futures Market Superior execution, accurate clearing and processing with MF Global. Top-Rated MBA Online Earn Your MBA In 2 Years. No GMAT Required. 100% Online Program! Buy a link here Five Bad Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur Obama's Debt Czars A Security Prescription For 2010 Bears Still In Control Reader Comments I have lived in Sugar Land for the past ten years. It is probably one of the best places to live and bring up a family. Excellent all around. Posted by tjoseph1 | 02/05/10 11:58 AM EST Fort Bend County, and especially the city of Sugar Land is a great place to live. I came here on a job transfer knowing nothing about it. It's self-contained 2/18/2010
  4. 4. Best Places To Get Ahead - Page 4 of 5 and much more than just a bedroom communi [Read More] Tags: houston, Richmond, Sugar Land, Stafford, Fort Bend Posted by sugarlander | 02/03/10 05:47 PM EST Post a Comment SITEMAP HELP CONTACT US INVESTMENT NEWSLETTERS FORBES CONFERENCES FORBES MAGAZINES A d I nf o rm at i o n F or be s . c om M ob i l e RSS Re p rin t s / P er m is s io ns S u bs c r i be r S er v i c es P r iv a cy S t a t eme n t T er m s , Co n di ti on s an d N o t ic es 20 1 0 F o r be s . c om L LC ™ A l l Ri gh t s R e s er v ed Dow Jones industrial average, Nasdaq composite and S&P 500 indexes are real time and are powered by Xignite. All other indexes and commodities are delayed at least 15 minutes. All pricing is automatically refreshed every five seconds for the first two minutes the page is open, refreshed every 10 seconds for the third minute the page is open and refreshed every 15 seconds thereafter 2/18/2010