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  1. 1. City of Liverpool GRANT DOCUMENT Ref. Q10226 LIVERPOOL JET SERVICE PERSONAL FINANCE AND DEBT ADVICE PROJECT Return Date: 10.00am Monday 17th March 2008 Issued by; Procurement Support Unit 4th Floor Venture Place Sir Thomas Street Liverpool L1 6BJ Telephone; 0151 225 2816 E Mail;
  2. 2. City of Liverpool Grant Document Instructions for completing grant document 1. It is the City Council’s intention that, where a number of organisations are working in partnership to provide the solution, a single entity will act as prime contractor. 2. All answers must specifically refer to each component in the consortium if established, or the prospective lead organisation of a future consortium. 3. Please complete the electronic copy provided, returning the electronic copy CD and two hard copies. 4. Unless specifically requested to supply copies of documents, please insert your answers in the space provided following each question (the table will expand as required). All enclosures and supporting documents should be clearly marked with the sections and questions to which they relate. All questions anticipating enclosures are marked with an asterisk. 5. Please do not include general marketing or promotional material from your Organisation as answers to any of the questions unless specifically requested to do so. It is essential that you attach the address label to your return envelope. Please return two hard copies and one electronic copy on CD. Where tenders are delivered by hand they must, in every case be handed to a member of staff. Tenders must be securely sealed and returned in an envelope bearing the address label provided. The envelope must not bear any indication of the identity of the tenderer by way of postal franking or any other mark. Where the envelope is inadequate to contain all the documents to be submitted, the documents shall be parcelled and sealed securely and shall have the addressed envelope attached firmly to the outside of the parcel. The parcelling must not bear any marks which might identify the tenderer. From time to time tenders submitted using the services of delivery agencies or couriers have had the name of the tenderer written on the parcel or the envelope by the delivery agent. Tenderers should note that this practice may result in the tender being invalidated. When you have downloaded the document, please email confirmation of this to
  3. 3. No: Q10226 CLOSING TIME AND DATE: 10.00am Monday 17th March 2008 Liverpool City Council Procurement Support Unit 4th Floor Venture Place Sir Thomas Street Liverpool L1 6BW
  4. 4. TO THE CITY OF LIVERPOOL Signature ............................................................................................. Designation ............................................................................................. Firm/Company ............................................................................................. Registered Address ............................................................................................. Telephone Number ............................................................................................. Dated this ...................... day of .................. 2008 NAME OF PERSON DEALING WITH THIS SUBMISSION Full name Position Telephone Fax E-mail Signature Date
  5. 5. LIVERPOOL JET SERVICE PERSONAL FINANCE AND DEBT ADVICE PROJECT The JET (Jobs, Education and Training) Service is seeking to commission suitably qualified advice providers to deliver a dedicated service for its customers. The aim of the project is to provide advice and assistance to individual customers to help them to overcome any personal finance issues and problems that are a barrier to them finding employment, and remaining in it long term. There will be a contract for each of the five neighbourhood based JET Centres • JET Alt Valley • JET Eastern Link • JET Liverpool Atlantic • JET South Central • JET South Liverpool SERVICE SPECIFICATION The service that we envisage will be as described below. In order to make access to this support as straightforward as possible for each JET customer, we would prefer one agency to deliver the full service for each JET Centre. However we are willing to consider partnership arrangements, provided that we are assured that they would provide a seamless service for the customer. Better off in work calculations – to demonstrate to each customer whether accepting a particular job that they are interested in would make them better off financially if they claim those in-work benefits and tax credits to which they would be entitled. Assistance to claim in-work benefits and tax credits – to ensure that the claims process runs as smoothly as possible for each customer, so that they are not discouraged from obtaining their entitlements; also bearing in mind that many customers are not fully competent in literacy and / or numeracy. Preparation of appeals and representation at tribunals – whenever the need arises in connection with these in-work benefit and tax credit claims. Budgeting advice – to help customers to manage their money appropriately, and ensure that they are aware of their obligations to pay rent and council tax that may previously have been processed automatically by the benefits systems, and other arrears or repayments that may have been deducted from their benefits at source. Debt advice and support – to ensure that customers deal appropriately with any outstanding creditors who may expect immediate or increased repayments once the customer is receiving wages; to negotiate repayment schedules with creditors that allow the customer to retain enough of their income to feel that paid work is worthwhile; and to help them avoid incurring Attachment of Earnings Orders which might lead an employer to terminate their employment. Signposting and referrals – to other organisations that may help a customer to resolve personal finance or debt problems; for example credit unions - particularly those that participate in the DWP’s Growth Fund project – and other Now Let’s Talk Money campaign intermediaries. Service providers will be expected to prioritise those cases where there is the greatest risk of a customer dropping out of employment, or of being dismissed by their employer, because of personal finance or debt problems.
  6. 6. STAFFING We will require selected contractors to supply one suitably qualified full-time person, or equivalent, to deliver this service in each JET Centre area. JET CENTRE AREAS, OFFICES, AND OUTREACH LOCATIONS Each Advice Worker will be based at one of the offices of the appropriate JET Centre. However they will be expected to deliver the service at the other office(s) too, and as part of the JET’s outreach services to the Job Cafes, etc., listed. JET Alt Valley works with people living in the Norris Green, Fazakerley, Gillmoss, Clubmoor & Croxteth areas (L9, L10, L11). They have offices at: • 7 - 8, Bridgeway, Norris Green, Liverpool, L11 8NZ • Long Lane Complex, Long Lane, Aintree, Liverpool, L9 7HT Outreach services are provided at • Norris Green Library, Townsend Avenue, L11 JET Eastern Link works with people living in the Kensington, Dovecot, Tuebrook, Old Swan, Knotty Ash, Broadgreen & Smithdown areas (L6, L7, L12, L13, L14, L15). They have offices at: • The Job Bank, 4, Tunnel Road, Wavertree, Liverpool, L7 6QD • Dovecot MAC, Back Dovecot Place, Dovecot, Liverpool, L14 9BA • 299, Kensington, Liverpool, L7 2RN Outreach services are provided at • Kensington Children’s Centre, Quorn Street, L7; • Yewtree Children’s Centre, Berryford Road, L14; • plus other locations on an adhoc basis. JET Liverpool Atlantic works with people living in the Everton, Vauxhall, Breckfield, County & Anfield areas (L3, L4, L5, L6). They have offices at: • 239, Breck Road, Breckfield, Liverpool, L5 9PT • 49b, County Road, Walton, Liverpool, L4 3QA Outreach services are provided at • Breck Road Library, L5; • Community Justice Centre, Boundary Street, L5; • Vauxhall Children’s Centre, Titchfield Street, L5; • Vauxhall Neighbourhood Council, Sylvester Street, L5; JET South Central works with people living in the Dingle, Granby, Toxteth, Picton, Abercromby & Arundel areas (L1, L7, L8 and L17). They have offices at: • Dingle Opportunities, 300 Park Road, Dingle, Liverpool, L8 4UE • 3, Yanwath Street, Toxteth, Liverpool, L8 0XP Outreach services are provided at • Picton Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Lawrence Road, L15; • St James Medical Centre, Nelson Street, L1; • United Reform Church, Earle Road, L7.
  7. 7. JET South Liverpool works with people living in the Netherley, Speke, St Mary's & Valley areas (L19, L24, L25, L27). They have offices at: • 85-87, South Parade, Speke, Liverpool, L24 2SF • Unit 14, Belle Vale Shopping Centre, Childwall Valley Rd, Liverpool, L25 2RG Outreach services provided at • ARCH, 42 Window Lane, Garston, L19; • Belle Vale Millennium Centre, Childwall Valley Road, L25; • Jobcentre Plus, Childwall Valley Road, Belle Vale, L25; • Jobcentre Plus, Speke Road, Garston L19; • Margaret Thompson Health Centre, 105 East Millwood Road, Speke L24; • Real Time Training, Belle Vale Shopping Centre, L25; • Woodlands Community Centre, 30 Woodlands Square, Netherley L27; • Drop-In Study Centre, Parklands Library, Conleach Road, Speke, L24 QUALITY Service providers must hold a Legal Services Commission Quality Mark for Community Legal Service advice services. FACILITIES PROVIDED BY JET CENTRES Each JET Centre will provide the Advice Worker with a desk and computer with internet access. There will be access to general office services – printer, photocopier, fax, etc. We will also provide access to shared use of confidential interview rooms. FUNDING Initial funds have been allocated to start this project as soon as practicable. It is anticipated that sufficient additional funds will be approved to continue the service until at least 31st March 2009.
  8. 8. TENDER QUESTIONS 1. Please indicate the JET Centre(s) at which you are interested in supplying this service. Please tick JET Alt Valley JET Eastern Link JET Liverpool Atlantic JET South Central JET South Liverpool 2. Please confirm that you hold a Legal Services Commission Quality Mark for Community Legal Service advice services. YES / NO 3. Please describe your experience of providing welfare benefits, personal finance and debt advice and support. Make particular reference to any experience with client groups similar to JET Service customers. Partnership proposals should describe the relevant experience of each organisation. 4. Based on that experience, please give an estimate of the number of new customers that you would expect to be able to deal with each week. 5. For partnership proposals only. Please state which parts of the service specification would be delivered by each organisation. Also describe what steps would be taken to ensure a seamless service for any JET customers who would need the services of more than one organisation. 6. Please state how long after the award of a contract you would be ready to start delivering this service (allowing for recruitment of new staff or reallocation of duties of existing staff, if necessary). 7. Please state the advice qualifications held by staff who would deliver this service, or that you would require of newly recruited staff. 8. Please state the payment that you would require to provide 1 full-time advice worker, or equivalent, for the year April 2008 to March 2009.
  9. 9. EVALUATION CRITERIA Essential Criteria Question 2 It is essential that any contractor selected should have a Legal Services Commission Quality Mark for Community Legal Service advice services. Any applicant that cannot confirm this will not be considered. Question 5 A partnership proposal will not be considered if it does not demonstrate that each aspect of the service specified will be delivered. Scored Questions The scoring of the tenders will be weighted as follows Question 3 30% of total marks Question 4 20% of total marks Question 6 20% of total marks Question 7 10% of total marks Question 8 20% of total marks