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Chapter 3: Application Software


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Chapter 3: Application Software

  1. 1. Chapter 3 Application Software
  2. 2. APPLICATION SOFTWARE Programs designed to perform a specific task
  3. 3. APPLICATION SOFTWARE Four major categories of application software Productivity/business Graphic design/multimedia Home/personal/education Communications
  4. 4. APPLICATION SOFTWARE Running a Software Application The User Interface Desktop • Icons • Buttons Menu • Commands Voice recognition
  5. 5. APPLICATION SOFTWARE How is software distributed? Packaged software Custom software Shareware, distributed free for trial period Freeware, copyrighted software provided at no cost Public-domain software, freeware with no copyright restrictions
  6. 6. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient Types of business software Word processing Spreadsheet Database Presentation graphics Personal information management Accounting Project management
  7. 7. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Word Processing Software Allows users to create and manipulate documents that contain text and graphics One of the most widely used types of application software
  8. 8. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Word Processing Software Basic Word Processing Features • Word-wrap • Color • Fonts • Columns • Graphics / Clip Art • Header / Footer • Autocorrect
  9. 9. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Word Processing Software Basic Word Processing Features • Margins • Find / Replace • Grammatical checker • Spelling checker • Tracking changes • Mail merge
  10. 10. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Spreadsheet Software Organize numeric data in rows and columns Performs calculations on this data Rows and columns collectively called a worksheet • Rows: identified by a number • Columns: identified by a letter • Cells: identified by a letter for the column and a number for the row
  11. 11. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Spreadsheet Software Cells may contain • Labels (text) – Ex “Student Name” • Values (numbers) – Ex: 89 • Formulas / Functions – Ex: SUM( B8:B19 ) Automatic Recalculation “What if” analysis
  12. 12. Charting Visual representation of data Several types: bar, pie, line, … BUSINESS SOFTWARE
  13. 13. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Database Software Allows you to create and manage data • Add, change, delete, sort, and retrieve data
  14. 14. Database Software Table contains records Record is a row in a table • contains info about one entry in the table Field is a column in a table • contains one piece of information within a record Query is a question used to retrieve data BUSINESS SOFTWARE
  15. 15. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Presentation Graphics Software Allows you to create slides that are used in making presentations
  16. 16. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Presentation Graphics Software Features include • Many chart types • 3-D effects3-D effects • Shading, shadowsshadows, textures • Sound and animation • Slide sorter
  17. 17. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Presentation Graphics Software Printing • Outline • Audience notes • Notes page
  18. 18. BUSINESS SOFTWARE PDA Software A PDA is an electronic planner Capabilities include: • Appointment calendars • To Do lists • Address books • You can synchronize, or transfer information between the handheld computer and a desktop computer
  19. 19. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Software Suite A collection of individual applications sold as a single package You install the entire collection of applications at once Advantages: • Lower cost than buying pieces separately • Consistent interface means easier to use
  20. 20. BUSINESS SOFTWARE Accounting Software Helps companies record and report their financial transactions Newer packages support online direct deposit and payroll services
  21. 21. GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA SOFTWARE Software used by power users for specific tasks Computer-aided design Desktop Publishing Paint / Image editing software Video and Audio editing software Multimedia authoring software (authorware) Web page authoring software
  22. 22. SOFTWARE FOR HOME, PERSONAL, AND EDUCATIONAL USE Inexpensive: Often less than $100 Examples: Integrated Software vs. Software Suite Personal Finance Software Legal Software Tax Preparation Desktop Publishing Home design / Landscaping Software Entertainment Software Educational / Reference Software
  23. 23. SOFTWARE FOR COMMUNICATIONS E-mail Web browsers Chat rooms Newsgroups Instant messaging Videoconferencing
  24. 24. APPLICATIONS ON THE WEB A software application that exists on a Web site, such as maps and directions Some Web applications store your data and information at their site Mapquest Cool Running
  25. 25. APPLICATIONS ON THE WEB What is Web-based training (WBT)? Self-directed, self-paced instruction on a topic on the Web Distance Learning (DL) is the delivery of education at one location while the learning takes place at other locations
  26. 26. LEARNING AIDS AND SUPPORT TOOLS Online Help FAQs Tutorials Wizards Printed manuals and books
  27. 27. Chapter 3 Complete