2009-2010 Enrollment Guide


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2009-2010 Enrollment Guide

  1. 1. Iowa County 4-H Enrollment Information 2009-2010 Re-Enrollments due at the UW-Extension Office for members and leaders by December 1st . NO re-enrollments accepted after January 1st. New members by April 1st if want to exhibit at the fair. Completing 4-H Enrollment Forms 1. RETURNING MEMBERS need to review all information on the re-enrollment form that was sent to you:  Cross out inaccurate information and print correct information above the crossed out information.  Clearly identify the projects you plan to participate in this year.  Request only the literature you need. Request only one copy per family, and try to re-use literature within your club wherever possible. 2. NEW ENROLLMENT: If you are interested in joining a 4-H club, contact the organizational leader of the club or the Extension Office for an enrollment form.  NEW MEMBER, please complete every space of the form. 3. CLARIFICATION a. Membership Status  Cloverbud Members – Kindergarten and Second Grade as of October 1, 2009 – ONLY enroll in the Cloverbud Projects.  4-H MEMBERS (grades 3-13 as of Oct. 1, 2009) can enroll in any projects appropriate to their grade level.  You’re a Project Leader if your primary task will be planning/leading project meetings.  You’re an Organizational/General Leader if you’re responsible for overall club organization.  You’re an Activity Leader if your primary task focuses on club activity leadership. b. Enrollment Status  You are a RETURN if you are already a member of 4-H.  You are a NEW enrollment member if you’ve never been in 4-H before. c. Personal Information  Fill out each space as completely as possible. This information needs to be fully completed.  To correct any information cross out the wrong information and print the accurate information above it.  Your age and grade is what you will be on October 1, 2009.  Include your email address (clearly printed).  NOTE: Call the office any time during the year if there are changes to your mailing address or email address (if your address is not kept up-to-date, you will not receive the monthly newsletter). d. Ethnicity and Residence  Circle the most appropriate category. e. Project Information  Choose the project you wish to complete this year from the Project Selection Guide. Include both the project name and number code.  Only enroll in projects you plan to be active in and complete.  Request literature and resources you will need. Try to re-use literature within your club if possible.  Cloverbuds DO NOT take any projects other than Cloverbud. f. Disability Information  If you need an accommodation due to a disability to participate in 4-H programs, state the disability and needed accommodation in this blank. g. Open Records  UW-Extension must comply with Open Records Law. If requested we must give out any of our lists. Check this blank if you do not want the UW-Extension to reveal your name, address, phone number or email address as part of a public record when this is requested by an organization, business or citizen. h. Signature  Parent/guardian and general leader MUST sign your form (adult leaders sign their own). The enrollment fee must be submitted with the enrollment form. The fee is $5 per youth member, or $15 for a family of three or more. Please make checks payable to: Iowa County 4-H New and returning volunteer leaders must submit a completed enrollment form and the “Volunteer Behavior Expectations for Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development” form. New leaders must attend volunteer orientation training. Dates and further information will be in the family newsletter, “The Clover Connection”. Contact UW-Extension Iowa County with questions: 222 N Iowa St Dodgeville WI 53533 - 608 935-0391 1
  2. 2. debra.ivey@ces.uwex.edu or Karri.mccarthy@ces.uwex.edu Iowa County 4-H Family -- This is your guide...a 4-H project is an area that you want to learn more about during the year. There are projects on just about any topic you'd like to study and explore, from art to woodworking, from trees to rabbits, from clothing to rockets. Remember, you'll learn more than "subject matter" as you complete your projects. You will learn many "life" skills that you will use every day of your life, such as understanding yourself, communicating, problem solving, decision making, and working with others. If this is your first year in 4-H, choose one or two projects to concentrate on. Usually you can spend more than one year in a project unit because there are enough ideas there to span two or three years. Most 4-H'ers take the levels in order, but what you decide to take as part of your project work is up to you. If you have questions, please talk to your club leader. If you are re-enrolling in 4-H, look over the information at the top of the enrollment form. Make corrections to any of that information that has changed since last year (change of address, phone, etc.). Parent and member should both sign the form. Return the form to your club leader. All enrollment forms must be signed by the club leader. To re-enroll in a project that is already on your enrollment form, simply circle the Y to the left of that project name. To enroll in a new project, write the code number assigned to that project on your enrollment form. Also write in the name of the project. Indicate if you need project literature for this project. Because of the cost of 4-H literature, we suggest recycling literature within your club and requesting only one copy per family of materials. Adult leaders will also use this enrollment form to enroll or re-enroll as a general or project leader. Enrollment for adults is done in the same way as youth, but notice that there are project code numbers for leaders. If you are a project leader for a project that does not have a leader code listed, use the member number as your project code. Please check the "No. of Years in 4-H" for accuracy. Additional forms are available from the club general leader or the Extension Office, 935-0391. 2009-2010 Project Selection Guide Iowa County 4-H YOUNGER MEMBERS 10200 YOUTH LEADERSHIP LDR Resources: 07903, Leadership Mentor Guide for Grades K-5 10350 CLOVERBUD LDR 07904, Leadership Mentor Guide for Grades 6-12 Resources: 4H414, Helping Youth Grow into 4-H Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/leadership.cfm 05560, 4-H Discovery Program for 6-8 Yr. Olds Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/cloverbuds.cfm 10201 YOUTH LEADERSHIP 1 What you can do in this project: 10351 CLOVERBUDS 1 • Assess your leadership skills What you can do in this project: • Practice effective communication skills • Learn about your 4-H club or group • Set goals and resolve conflict • Begin developing different skills, e.g., working with others • Plan a group event • Explore your community Grades: 3-5 • Discover areas of project interest Resource: 07905, My Leadership Workbook for Grades 3-5 Grade: Kindergarten Resources: 05561, Cloverbuds – Activity Sheets 10202 YOUTH LEADERSHIP 2 05562, Cloverbuds – Program Record What you can do in this project: 05563, Cloverbuds – Participation Summary • Explore how leaders are different • Develop a multi-media presentation 10352 CLOVERBUDS 2 • Set and achieve team goals What you can do in this project: • Practice teamwork • Learn about 4-H activities and events Grades: 6-8 • Learn about working together as a club or team Resource: 07906, My Leadership Journal for Grades 6-8 • Share with others what you have learned Grade: 1 10203 YOUTH LEADERSHIP 3 Resource: See Cloverbuds 1 What you can do in this project: • Build trust in a group 10353 CLOVERBUDS 3 • Assess you own strengths and weaknesses What you can do in this project: • Write vision and mission statements • Begin learning about specific 4-H project areas • Contribute to a group project • Learn to complete projects as an individual Grades: 9-12 • Share with others what you have learned Resource: 07907, My Leadership Portfolio for Grades 9-12 Grade: 2 Resource: See Cloverbuds 1 10209 YOUTH LEADERSHIP YTH LDR 10359 CLOVERBUDS YTH LDR 2
  3. 3. SELF-DETERMINED • Learn to keep your goat healthy • Feed your goat for maximum production 10900 SELF-DETERMINED LDR • Prepare for kidding Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/selfdetermined.cfm • Develop judging skills • Learn how to milk a goat properly 10901 SELF-DETERMINED Grades: 6-8 What you can do in this project: Resource: 08353, Stepping Out • Create your own project or expand on an old one • Select a project, develop a plan, identify resources 20513 DAIRY GOAT 3 • Carry out and evaluate your plan What you can do in this project: Grades: 3-13 • Learn about genetics, diseases and breeding Resource: 4H272, Designing Your Own Project • Study body-condition scoring and linear appraisal • Understand bio-security and prevention measures 10909 SELF-DETERMINED YTH LDR • Gain leadership and explore career opportunities ANIMAL SCIENCES Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08354, Showing the Way 20100 BEEF LDR Resources: 08146, Beef Helper’s Guide 20159 DAIRY GOAT YTH LDR 117R, Beef Resource Handbook Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/beef.cfm 20190 MEAT GOAT LDR Resource: 07912, Meat Goat Helper’s Guide 20101 BEEF 1 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/goats.cfm What you can do in this project: 20191 MEAT GOAT 1 • Identify various beef breeds What you can do in this project: • Identify parts of a beef animal • Identify meat goat breeds and parts • Judge beef cattle • Learn to select a good animal • Halter-break a calf, fit a steer, show a calf • Feed and care for a meat goat • Recognize and raise a healthy animal • Develop a budget for a meat goat project Grades: 3-5 Grades: 3-4 Resources: 08143, Bite Into Beef Resource: 07909, Just Browsing 20102 BEEF 2 20192 MEAT GOAT 2 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Present oral reasons during judging • Recognize meat goat diseases • Learn about feed ingredients, behavior, and parasites • Select a veterinarian and purchase breeding stock • Study how to do nose-print identification • Understand reproduction cycle and keep records • Learn beef carcass composition and retail meat cuts • Fit and show meat goats Grades: 6-8 Grades: 5-8 Resources: 08144, Here’s the Beef Resource: 07910, Get Growing with Meat Goats 20103 BEEF 3 20193 MEAT GOAT 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Explore selection and judging • Learn to control diseases • Learn about careers, health, reproduction, etc. • Understand bio-security and quality assurance • Discover how to market your animal and by-products • Formulate rations Grades: 9-12 Resources: 08145, Leading the Charge • Evaluate goat pastures Grades: 9-12 20109 BEEF YTH LDR Resource: 07911, Meating the Future 20199 MEAT GOAT YTH LDR 20150 DAIRY GOAT LDR Resource: 08355, Dairy Goat Helper’s Guide 20200 DAIRY LDR Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/goats.cfm Resource: 08164, Dairy Cow Helper’s Guide Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/dairy.cfm 20151 DAIRY GOAT 1 What you can do in this project: 20201 DAIRY 1 What you can do in this project: • Gain hands-on experiences in the goat project • Identify dairy breeds • Select, manage, fit, and show goats • Study and identify parts of the dairy cow • Learn responsible goat ownership Grades: 3-5 • Learn how to select quality dairy calves Resource: 08352, Getting Your Goat • Fit and show a calf • Identify stages of calving and care • Assemble tools needed for packing a show box Grades: 3-5 Resources: 08161, Cowabunga 20202 DAIRY 2 20512 DAIRY GOAT 2 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Learn about housing and hay quality 3
  4. 4. • Learn about milking and food safety • Present your horse in showmanship classes • Explore ways to keep an animal healthy • Rate your showmanship skills • Observe animal behavior • Practice proper show ethics Grades: 6-8 Grades: 8-12 Resources: 08162, Mooving Ahead Resource: 08057, Jumping to New Heights 20203 DAIRY 3 20306 HORSELESS HORSE 1 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Practice mastitis detections • You do not need a horse in this project • Learn to balance rations • Explore horse behavior, terms and breeds • Practice pregnancy detection and delivery of a calf • Identify body parts • Learn body-conditioning scoring • Learn grooming, saddling and bridling • Promote dairy products • Learn about safety and equipment • Explore various dairy industry careers Grades: 3-5 Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08053, Giddy Up & Go Resources: 08163, Rising to the Top 20307 HORSELESS HORSE 2 20209 DAIRY YTH LDR What you can do in this project: • Learn about horsemanship 20300 HORSE/HORSELESS HORSE LDR • Explore judging and oral reasons Resources: 08058, Horse Helper’s Guide • Learn selection, training and showing Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/horses.cfm • Practice trail riding skills 20301 HORSES 1 Grades: 6-8 What you can do in this project: Resource: 08054, Head, Heart & Hooves • Learn horse behavior and terms 20308 HORSELESS HORSE 3 • Study breeds and identify body parts What you can do in this project: • Saddle, groom and bridle your horse • Explore horse breeding, genetics and heredity • Practice horse safety and horse selection • Understand horse diseases and prevention Grades: 3-5 • Learn about fencing, pasturing and housing Resources: 08053, Giddy Up & Go • Explore horse-related careers 20302 HORSES 2 Grades: 9-12 What you can do in this project: Resource: 08055, Stable Relationships • Practice horsemanship and judging 20309 HORSE/HORSELESS HORSE YTH LDR • Understand horse selection and training • Learn about tack, feeding and diseases 20380 CLOTHES HORSE LDR • Practice showing a horse and trail riding Resource: 4H360, 4-H Clothes Horse Activity Guide Grades: 6-8 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/horses.cfm Resource: 08054, Head, Heart & Hooves 20881 CLOTHES HORSE 20303 HORSES 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Learn how to make riding apparel and equipment • Explore horse breeding, genetics and heredity • Develop sewing and creative skills • Understand horse diseases and prevention • Understand textile selection and care • Learn about fencing, pasturing and housing Grades: 3-12 • Explore horse-related careers Resources: 4H374, Additional Patterns for Clothes Horse Grades: 9-12 4H389, Horse & Riding Attire Resource: 08055, Stable Relationships 20400 SWINE LDR 20304 HORSES 4 Resources: 08068, Swine Helper’s Guide What you can do in this project: 134R, Swine Resource Handbook • Train a horse Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/swine.cfm • Practice a round-pen workout • Learn English and Western style bridles 20401 SWINE 1 • Understand equitation and riding styles What you can do in this project: Grades: 3-7 • Identify swine breeds, feeds and animal parts Resource: 08056, Riding the Range • Practice judging market hogs • Identify pork meat cuts • Practice fitting and showing a hog Grades: 3-5 Resources: 08065, The Incredible Pig 20402 SWINE 2 20305 HORSES 5 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Make a swine health care plan • Learn to set goals • Identify diseases • Compare costs of show clothing • Assemble tack and pack a show box 4
  5. 5. • Plan and organize a facility expansion • Identify diseases • Complete a plan for a new pork product Grades: 3-12 Grades: 6-8 Resources: NCR060, Small Turkey Flock Management Resources: 08066, Putting the Oink in the Pig 20506 BANTAMS 20403 SWINE 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Discover bantam breeds and breed characteristics • Learn to make breeding and culling decisions • Learn how to get started raising bantams • Judge a class of breeding gilts • Select and mate bantams • Design a preventative herd health plan • Incubate and rear their young • Manage a feeding program • Learn to feed and house birds Grades: 9-12 • Fit and show bantams Resources: 08067, Going Whole Hog Grades: 3-12 Resources: NCR209, Bantams 20409 SWINE YTH LDR 20509 POULTRY YTH LDR 20500 POULTRY LDR Resource: 06366, Poultry Helper’s Guide 20600 SHEEP LDR Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/poultry.cfm Resources: 06370, Sheep Helper’s Guide 194R, Sheep Resource Handbook 20501 POULTRY 1 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/sheep.cfm What you can do in this project: • Identify poultry breeds 20601 SHEEP 1 • Learn parts of the bird What you can do in this project: • Learn parts and functions of the egg • Identify sheep breeds and body parts • Learn how to select and handle poultry • Observe sheep behavior • Fit and show poultry • Identify uses of wool and other by-products Grades: 3-5 • Fit and show sheep Resources: 06363, Scratching the Surface Grades: 3-5 Resources: 06367, Lambs, Rams and You 20502 POULTRY 2 What you can do in this project: 20602 SHEEP 2 • Observe a healthy flock What you can do in this project: • Select and judge broilers • Learn to identify sheep parasites • Discover how an egg is formed • Promote meat safety • Prevent poultry diseases • Judge wool • Discover how chicks imprint • Diagnose sheep diseases Grades: 6-8 • Use medications safely Resources: 06364, Testing Your Wings • Explore careers Grades: 6-8 20503 POULTRY 3 Resources: 06368, Shear Delight What you can do in this project: • Organize a judging clinic 20603 SHEEP 3 • Manage a laying flock What you can do in this project: • Discover qualities of eggs • Set sheep production goals • Handle poultry products safely • Plan sheep related activities • Process a chicken • Market sheep products and teach others Grades: 9-12 • Plan a judging contest Resources: 06365, Flocking Together • Explore careers Grades: 9-12 20504 WATERFOWL Resources: 06369, Leading the Flock What you can do in this project: • Learn about waterfowl breeds and parts 20609 SHEEP YTH LDR • Handle waterfowl properly • Select and prepare waterfowl for market 20650 CATS LDR • Incubate and exhibit waterfowl Resource: 08151, Cat Helper’s Guide Grades: 3-12 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/cats.cfm Resources: A3311, Raising Waterfowl 20651 CATS 1 20505 TURKEYS What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Select a cat • Learn about buying poultry • Identify cat breeds • Prepare a brooding area • Name the parts of a cat • Raise range turkeys • Handle and groom a cat • Feed and water turkeys • Care for its health 5
  6. 6. • Create a budget • Explore health issues and feeding Grades: 3-5 Grades: 3-5 Resource: 08148, Purr-fect Pals Resource: 08080, What’s Hoppening? 20652 CATS 2 20752 RABBITS 2 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Learn about cat senses and sounds • Learn to select show rabbits • Explore tricks to teach a cat • Give oral reasons and judge rabbits • Traveling with a cat • Learn to tattoo and keep records of animals • Learn about feeding and emergency care • Detect diseases • Detect signs of illness and health issues Grades: 6-8 Grades: 6-8 Resource: 08081, Making Tracks Resource: 08149, Climbing Up! 20753 RABBITS 3 20653 CATS 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Learn about breeding and genetics • Explore veterinary procedures • Design a rabbitry and marketing rabbits • Learn reproduction and cat body systems • Learn about disease prevention and rabbit registration • Learn showmanship and cat behavior Grades: 9-12 • Explore community laws and animal welfare Resource: 08082, All Ears Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08150, Leaping Forward 20759 RABBITS YTH LDR 20659 CATS YTH LDR 20800 VETERINARY SCIENCE LDR Resources: 08051, Veterinary Science Helper’s Guide 20700 DOGS LDR 4H192, Veterinary Science Resources: 08169 Dog Helper’s Guide 4H323, The Normal Animal 4H458, 4-H Dog Judging Guidelines Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/vetscience.cfm Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/dogs.cfm 20801 VETERINARY SCIENCE 1 20701 DOGS 1 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Learn different breeds of animals • Learn basic skills for dog care and training • Interpret animal behavior • Discover different dog breeds • Identify feed nutrients • Study and identify dog body parts • Describe animal life stages and systems • Learn how to keep a dog healthy and groomed Grades: 3-5 Grades: 3-5 Resources: 08048, From Airedales to Zebras Resources: 08166, Wiggles and Wags 20802 VETERINARY SCIENCE 2 20702 DOGS 2 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Create health records for your animal • Explore dog health and nutrition • Conduct food safety experiments • Discover genetic problems and population control • Discover importance of immunity and bio-security • Learn showmanship and training techniques • Consider ethics and animal welfare • Learn about show-ring ethics Grades: 6-8 Grades: 6-8 Resources: 08049, All Systems Go Resources: 08167, Canine Connection 20803 VETERINARY SCIENCE 3 20703 DOGS 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Investigate the importance of genetics • Investigate responsible breeding • Understand diseases that spread from animals to humans • Care for geriatric dogs • Learn about diversity of veterinary careers • Train service dogs Grades: 9-12 • Explore careers related to dogs Resources: 08050, On the Cutting Edge Grades: 9-12 Resources: 08168, Leading the Pack 20809 VETERINARY SCIENCE YTH LDR 20709 DOGS YTH LDR ARTS & COMMUNICATION 30000 PHOTOGRAPHY LDR Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/photography.cfm 20750 RABBITS LDR 30001 PHOTOGRAPHY 1 Resource: 08083, Rabbit Helper’s Guide What you can do in this project: Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/rabbits.cfm • Explore the camera and learn to use it properly • Learn the basics of lighting and composition 20751 RABBITS 1 • Learn the use of different light sources What you can do in this project: • Shoot photos that tell a story • Learn about selecting and handling rabbits Grades: 3-5 • Identify rabbit breeds and body parts Resource: PC1, Focus on Photography 6
  7. 7. 30002 PHOTOGRAPHY 2 • Explore art techniques, culture and history of art What you can do in this project: • Learn artistic challenges in drawing, fiber arts and sculpting • Learn about camera adjustments • Develop graphic design techniques • Learn about film speed, shutter speed and aperture Grades: 7-12 • Take silhouettes, candids, action shots and others Resources: 08140, Advanced Visual Arts: Sketchbook Crossroads Grades: 6-8 08141, Advanced Visual Arts: Portfolio Pathways Resource: PC2, Controlling the Image 30309 ARTS/CRAFTS YTH LDR 30003 PHOTOGRAPHY 3 What you can do in this project: 30310 LEATHERCRAFT LDR • Learn about wide-angle and telephoto lenses Resource: CIR006, Adventures in Leathercraft Leaders Guide • Explore the use of light meters and studio lighting Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/leathercraft.cfm • Experiment with special effect photos • Take still life photos and portraits 30311 LEATHERCRAFT Grades: 9-12 What you can do in this project: Resource: PC3, Mastering Photography • Learn about the characteristics and uses of leather • Use tools and equipment 30009 PHOTOGRAPHY YTH LDR • Make patterns and original designs • Explore various leathercraft techniques 30100 COMMUNICATIONS LDR Grades: 3-12 Resources: BU8159, Communications Helper’s Guide Resource: 4H149, Adventures in Leathercraft Members Guide Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/communications.cfm 30319 LEATHERCRAFT YTH LDR 30101 COMMUNICATIONS 1 What you can do in this project: 30330 BLOCK PRINTING LDR • Engage in non-verbal, verbal and written activities Resource: CIR008, Block Printing Leaders Guide • Strengthen your personal communication skills Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/blockprinting.cfm • Encrypt codes, write songs and give directions Grades: 3-5 30331 BLOCK PRINTING Resource: 08156, Picking Up the Pieces What you can do in this project: • Design and cut blocks from different materials 30102 COMMUNICATIONS 2 • Print designs on cloth and paper What you can do in this project: • Create your own original designs • Learn to become a confident communicator Grades: 5-12 • Present oral reasons, plan and present speeches Resource: 4H156, Block Printing Members Guide • Practice making good first impressions Grades: 6-8 30339 BLOCK PRINTING YTH LDR Resource: 08157, Putting It Together 30350 DRAWING & PAINTING LDR 30103 COMMUNICATIONS 3 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/drawing.cfm What you can do in this project: • Polish your communication skills 30351 DRAWING & PAINTING What you can do in this project: • Develop a public presence by speaking in public • Learn to draw with pencil, chalk, crayon, etc. • Explore communication careers • Learn to blend and shade • Write resumes and interview for a job • Make surface rubbings • Develop presentations Grades: 9-12 • Paint with watercolor Resource: 08158, The Perfect Fit • Paint with oil and acrylics • Mix colors, mat and frame your artwork 30141 CREATIVE WRITING Grades: 3-12 Grades: 3-12 Resource: 4H169, Drawing & Painting Resources: COMM01, Creative Woodworking COMM03, Crazy About Books Reading Circle 30359 DRAWING & PAINTING YTH LDR 30300 ARTS/CRAFTS LDR 30700 THEATRE ARTS LDR Resource: 07597, Arts & Crafts – A Palette of Fun Resource: 08073, Theatre Arts Helper’s Guide Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/artscrafts.cfm Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/theatre.cfm 30701 THEATRE ARTS 1 30301 ART 1 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project • Study acting from sound, movement, voice and speech • Learn art through cutting, pasting and drawing • Learn different ways to play a scene • Explore sculpting and constructing with fibers • Try pantomime, clowning and improvisation • Paint and print using different materials Grades: 3-5 Grades: 3-6 Resource: 08070, Play the Role Resources: 23112, Elements and Principles of Design Card 4H472, Palette of Fun Member Sheet & Introduction 30702 THEATRE ARTS 2 What you can do in this project: 30302 ART 2 • Become a puppeteer What you can do in this project: • Investigate the history of puppets 7
  8. 8. • Explore types of puppets and puppet characters • Develop family rules, prepare healthy meals • Use puppets in community service work • Check for safety hazards • Plan and present a puppet show Grades: 6-8 Grades: 6-8 Resource: 08076, Growing With Others Resource: 08071, Become a Puppeteer! 40103 CHILD DEVELOPMENT 3 30703 THEATRE ARTS 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Explore how to be an effective parent • Study costumes, makeup, stage sets, props and sound • Gain experience as a teacher or coach • Learn stage management • Make babysitting and first aid kits • Create sounds and disguises • Check out child development careers • Make up your own character and bring it to life Grades: 9-13 Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08077, Growing in Communities Resource: 08072, Set the Stage 40109 CHILD DEVELEOPMENT YTH LDR 30709 THEATRE ARTS YTH LDR 40200 CLOTHING LDR 30800 COMPUTERS LDR Resource: 08063, Sewing Expressions Helper’s Guide Resource: 08349, Teens Teaching Tech Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/clothing.cfm Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/computer.cfm 40201 CLOTHING 1 30801 COMPUTERS 1 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Identify sewing tools and machine parts • Learn about hardware, software and various applications • Thread a sewing machine, identify fabrics • Explore how they work, what are the components • Select and purchase a pattern, sew and clip a seam • Learn the various programs and their features • Sort clothes for laundry, remove stains • Participation is supported by an interactive website • Donate a sewing project Grades: 3-5 Grades: 3-5 Resource: 08346, Newbie Know How Resources: 08060, Under Construction 30802 COMPUTERS 2 40202 CLOTHING 2 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Build and repair a computer • Identify types of fabric constructions • Identify the components and how they work together • Sew different buttonholes and seam finishes • Learn to upgrade and create connections • Use pressing tools and thread a serger • Install operating systems • Research different laundry products Grades: 6-8 Grades: 6-8 Resource: 08347, Inside the Box Resource: 08061, Fashion Forward 30803 COMPUTERS 3 40203 CLOTHING 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Discover how to create and manage networks • Use specialized sewing tool or equipment • Make decisions about network management • Combine patterns to create a design • Explore security issues and troubleshooting • Create outdoor wear, design and embellish a garment Grades: 9-12 • Use a computer to print on fabric Resource: 08348, Peer to Peer Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08062, Refine Design 30809 COMPUTERS YTH LDR 40209 CLOTHING YTH LDR FAMILY, HOME & HEALTH 40300 CROCHETING LDR Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/crocheting.cfm 40100 CHILD DEVELOPMENT LDR Resource: 08078, Child Development Helper’s Guide 40301 CROCHETING Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/childdev.cfm What you can do in this project: • Learn to select and purchase yarn, thread and equipment 40101 CHILD DEVELOPMENT 1 • Explore crocheting and finishing techniques What you can do in this project: • Understand care instructions for crocheted items • Find out how you grow and develop Grades: 3-12 • Learn the development of babies and toddlers Resource: CC1403, Crochet Made Easy • Learn how to make toys safe for small children Grades: 3-5 40309 CROCHETING YTH LDR Resource: 08075, On My Own 40400 FOODS & NUTRITION LDR 40102 CHILD DEVELOPMENT 2 Resource: 07730, Foods Curriculum Helper’s Guide What you can do in this project: Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/foodsnutrition.cfm • Learn how to take care of yourself and others • See what makes your family special 40401 FOODS & NUTRITION 1 • Discover how to match toys to ages of children What you can do in this project: 8
  9. 9. • Learn what is good to eat and how to fix simple foods • Survey and select financial services • Fix pizza, pancakes, fruit kabobs and granola bars Grades: 9-12 • Explore why calcium is important to our bodies Resource: 07711, Money Moves • Understand TV commercial messages about food Grades: 3-4 40659 PERSONAL FINANCE YTH LDR Resource: 07144, Six Easy Bites 40700 HOME ENVIRONMENT LDR 40402 FOODS & NUTRITION 2 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/homeenv.cfm What you can do in this project: • Make main dishes, e.g., meatballs, pasta and salads 40701 HOME ENVIRONMENT 1 What you can do in this project: • Learn to make basic muffins and biscuits • Learn about home care • Learn to change recipes, reduce fat content in recipes • Learn to sand and finish a simple wood item • Discover how to store fruit and vegetables Grades: 5-6 • Make small home decorative items for the home Resource: 07146, Tasty Tidbits • Explore the world of home interior design Grades: 3-5 40403 FOODS & NUTRITION 3 Resource: 4H425, Exploring Your Home What you can do in this project: • Learn to evaluate nutrition information and fad diets 40702 HOME ENVRIONMENT 2 What you can do in this project: • Develop your own exercise program • Become more involved with activities around the home • Learn how to cook different cuts of meat • Learn to handle home tasks and entertain guests • Learn to divide large quantity packages for family use • Refinish wood furnishings and make other home items • Make baked chicken, breadsticks and stir-fried vegetables Grades: 6-7 Grades: 7-9 Resource: 4H426, Living With Others Resource: 07148, You’re the Chef 40703 HOME ENVIRONMENT 3 40404 FOODS & NUTRITION 4 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Learn the principles of home design • Learn how to make jelly, bake fish and marinate meat • Learn scale, balance and proportion in home design • Conduct a food activity with young children • Use the principles of design to arrange your home • Learn to divide recipes and make substitutions • Create storage centers, restore furniture • Plan menus on a budget Grades: 10-12 • Create a welcoming environment outside your home Resource: 07150, Foodworks Grades: 8-9 Resource: 4H427, Where I Live 40409 FOODS & NUTRITION YTH LDR 40704 HOME ENVIRONMENT 4 40500 FOODS PRESERVATION LDR What you can do in this project: Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/foodsnutrition.cfm • Focus on application of design fundamentals • Learn about purchasing furnishings for the home 40501 FOODS PRESERVATION • Restore or make a heritage item What you can do in this project: Grades: 10-12 • Learn the basics of preserving food safely Resource: 4H465, In My Home • Use UW-Extension Safe Food Preservation Series Grades: 6-12 40709 HOME ENVIRONMENT YTH LDR Resources: BO430, Canning Fruits Safely B1159, Canning Vegetables Safely 40800 KNITTING LDR B2267, Homemade Pickles and Relishes Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/knitting.cfm B2605, Tomatoes Tart and Tasty B2909, Making Jams, Jellies and Fruit Preserves B3278, Freezing Fruits and Vegetables B3345, Canning Meat, Wild Game, Poultry and Fish Safely B3570, Canning Salsa Safely 40801 KNITTING What you can do in this project: 40509 FOODS PRESERVATION YTH LDR • Discover what to consider when buying yarn or tools • Learn knitting and finishing techniques 40650 PERSONAL FINANCE LDR • Correct knitting errors Resource: 07712, Financial Champions Helper’s Guide • Learn how to care for your knitted items 40651 PERSONAL FINANCE 1 Grades: 3-12 What you can do in this project: Resource: CC1402, Knitting Made Easy • Learn money management skills • Learn how to live on a budget 40809 KNITTING YTH LDR Grades: 6-8 Resource: 07710, Money FUNdamentals 40850 CONSUMER SAVVY LDR Resource: 08033, Consumer Savvy Helper’s Guide 40652 PERSONAL FINANCE 2 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/consumersavvy.cfm What you can do in this project: • Learn about wants and needs, values and goal setting 40851 CONSUMER SAVVY 1 • Explore ways to use and save money What you can do in this project: • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of credit • Learn your shopping style 9
  10. 10. • Use the yellow pages to find goods and services • Discover how weather affects flying • Know the difference between wants and needs • Build and fly a kite, make a hot-air balloon model • Write a savings and spending plan Grades: 3-5 • Start a savings account Resource: 06843, Lift Off Grades: 3-5 Resource: 08030, The Consumer in Me 50003 AEROSPACE 3 What you can do in this project: 40852 CONSUMER SAVVY 2 • Build, exhibit, and launch model rockets What you can do in this project: • Test a paper hang glider • Identify your personal spending values • Make a flight simulator, demonstrate why rockets fly • Understand advertising appeal and its affects • Organize a kite-flying contest • See how peer pressure can influence your purchases Grades: 6-8 • Understand the risks of shopping on the Internet Resource: 06844, Reaching New Heights Grades: 6-9 Resource: 08031, Consumer Wise 50004 AEROSPACE 4 What you can do in this project: 40853 CONSUMER SAVVY 3 • Design and build rockets and box kites What you can do in this project: • Build an altitude tracker, plan a flight route • Define consumer responsibilities and ethics • Discover the affects of gravity • Understand your consumer rights • Explore life in space and aerospace careers • Use comparison shopping techniques Grades: 9-12 • Understand the costs of owning a vehicle Resource: 06845, Pilot in Command Grades: 10-12 Resource: 08032, Consumer Roadmaps 50009 AEROSPACE YTH LDR 40859 CONSUMER SAVVY YTH LDR 50200 BICYCLING LDR Resources: 08336, Bicycle Helper’s Guide 40900 HEALTH LDR 087507, Bicycle Fix It! (DVD) Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/health.cfm Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/bicycling.cfm 40901 HEALTH 1 50203 BICYCLING 2 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Practice first aid skills to treat basic injuries • Choose a bike that’s right for you • Learn how to respond to someone who is choking • Practice bike maintenance and road rules • Assemble a first aid kit Grades: 4-6 Grades: 3-5 Resource: 08335, Wheels in Motion Resource: 08174, First Aid in Action 50209 BICYCLING YTH LDR 40902 HEALTH 2 What you can do in this project: 50300 ELECTRICITY LDR • Identify your personal talent areas in health care Resource: 06852, Electric Excitement Helper’s Guide Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/electricity.cfm • Explore hygiene, nutrition and physical activities • Share what you learn with others Grades: 6-8 Resource: 08175, Staying Healthy 50301 ELECTRICITY 1 What you can do in this project: • Understand how to use electricity 40903 HEALTH 3 What you can do in this project: • Identify electrical materials, build a flashlight • Design your own fitness plan • Build and test a switch, wire a simple circuit • Track your plan and review your progress • Build and test a compass, build an electric motor Grades: 4-5 • Interview individuals in the health and fitness fields Resource: 06848, Magic of Electricity Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08176, Keeping Fit 50302 ELECTRICITY 2 What you can do in this project: 40909 HEALTH YTH LDR • Work with electrical equipment MECHANICAL SCIENCES • Learn to read circuit diagrams • Build a circuit and measure voltages 50000 AEROSPACE LDR • Communicate in Morse code Resource: 06846, Aerospace Helper’s Guide Grades: 6-7 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/aerospace.cfm Resource: 06849, Investigating Electricity 50002 AEROSPACE 2 50303 ELECTRICITY 3 What you can do in this project: What can I do in this project: • Build straw and paper rockets • Develop a basic electrical tool and supply kit • Learn to read a map, identify types of aircraft • Understand the symbols on wires and cables 10
  11. 11. • Replace a wall switch, locate your home wiring system 50500 SMALL ENGINES LDR Grades: 8-9 Resource: 08189, Small Engines Helper’s Guide Resource: 06850, Wired for Power Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/engine.cfm 50304 ELECTRICITY 4 50501 SMALL ENGINES 1 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Identify electrical and electronic parts and devices • Learn the basics of small engines • Learn how to solder and prepare parts for assembly • Explore external engine parts and tools • Assemble a circuit using a transistor • Identify the uses of small engines and safety issues • Use a photocell to activate an alarm Grades: 3-5 • Build an amplifier to power a speaker Resource: 08186, Crank It Up! Grades: 10-12 Resource: 06851, Entering Electronics 50502 SMALL ENGINES 2 What you can do in this project: 50309 ELECTRICTY YTH LDR • Explore the internal parts of engines • Learn engine sizes, safety issues 50370 GEOSPATIAL LDR • Explore different jobs related to small engines Grades: 6-8 50371 GEOSPATIAL 1 - Beginners Resource: 08187, Warm It Up! What you can do in this project: • Discover ways of thinking about geographic positions 50503 SMALL ENGINES 3 • Learn about navigational tools: GIS, GPS, compasses What you can do in this project: • Learn to measure distances • Tear down and rebuild an engine Grades: 3-5 • Learn to use diagnostic tools Resource: CD8458, Exploring Spaces, Going Places CD • Research rules and regulations in using small engines (“Getting Out” section) Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08188, Tune It Up! 50372 GEOSPATIAL 2 - Intermediate What you can do in this project: 50509 SMALL ENGINES YTH LDR • Learn how to collect data • Combine data with geographical positions 50600 SCALE MODELS LDR • Make maps of home, neighborhoods and community Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/scalemodels.cfm Grades: 6-8 Resource: CD8358, Exploring Spaces, Going Places CD 50601 SCALE MODELS (“On the Trail” section) What you can do in this project: • Assemble and create scale models of trains, cars, etc. 50373 GEOSPATIAL 3 - Advanced • Learn how to obtain materials you need in construction What you can do in this project: • Learn to display your model and judge it • Use multi-layered maps to attempt to solve problems Grades: 3-12 • Find ways to reduce traffic congestion Resource: 4H424, Guidelines for Building Scale Models • Pinpoint pollution sources • Discover ways of boosting tourism through mapping 50609 SCALE MODELS YTH LDR Grades: 9-13 Resource: CD8358, Exploring Spaces, Going Places CD 50700 TRACTORS LDR (“Reaching Your Destination” section) Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/tractors.cfm 50701 TRACTORS 1 50379 GEOSPATIAL YTH LDR What you can do in this project: • Learn and identify parts of the tractor, tractor maintenance 50380 ROBOTICS LDR • Learn about different fuels and engine cooling systems Resources: 08366, Robotics COACH Helper’s Guide • Research different safety features and learn safety rules CD8368, Robotics and You CD Grades: 3-4 (little or no experience) Resource: 4H961, Starting Up: Getting to Know Your Tractor 50381 ROBOTICS 1 What you can do in this project: 50702 TRACTORS 2 • Explore programming concepts using RoboLab language What you can do in this project: • Learn what a robot is, how to build one • Practice farm and tractor safety • Learn how to program the robot to use sensors • Understand the mechanics of engines Grades: 4-8 • Identify accessory equipment Resource: 08364, Robotics EXPLORER • Learn the functions of different operational systems Grades: 5-6 (little or no experience) 50382 ROBOTICS 2 Resource: 4H962, Tractor Operations: Gearing Up for Safety What can I do in this project: • Learn more advanced topics in programming • Advance your programming techniques 50703 TRACTORS 3 • Build your own custom functions What you can do in this project: Grades: 9-12 • Learn types of oil systems and fuel safety Resource: 08365, Robotics PROBE • Learn how to hook on a PTO unit • Learn tractor and machinery maintenance 50389 ROBOTICS YTH LDR Grades: 7-9 (some prior experience) Resource: 4H963, Moving Out: Learning About 11
  12. 12. Your Tractor & Farm Machinery Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/forestry.cfm 50704 TRACTORS 4 60051 FORESTRY 1 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Focus on safety and maintenance • Identify forest types, forest products and trees • Identify and work with operational systems • Age trees by counting rings Grades: 10-12 (some prior experience) • Understand forest competition, find a state forest Resource: 4H964, Learning More: Learning About • Describe how leaves affect rainfall Agricultural Tractors & Equipment Grades: 3-5 Resource: 08038, Follow the Path 50709 TRACTORS YTH LDR 60052 FORESTRY 2 50800 WOODWORKING LDR What you can do in this project: Resource: 06879, Woodworking Helper’s Guide • Learn how trees move water from soil to canopy Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/wood.cfm • Diagram a leaf, analyze fire risk • Understand major forest changes and their impact 50801 WOODWORKING 1 What you can do in this project: • Select urban tree planting sites Grades: 6-8 • Learn safety practices when working with wood and tools Resource: 08039, Reach for the Canopy • Use various hand tools: hammer, handsaw • Identify types of nails and wood 60053 FORESTRY 3 • Sand and paint a piece of wood What you can do in this project: Grades: 2-4 • Recognize different tree fruits Resource: 08675, Measuring Up • Create a community forest map • Identify forest biomes by continent 50802 WOODWORKING 2 What you can do in this project: • Identify an unknown tree using a tree key Grades: 9-12 • Identify functions of various tools Resource: 08040, Explore the Deep Woods • Practice safety techniques • Select a project to build (birdhouse, foot stool) 60059 FORESTRY YTH LDR • Use a screwdriver and combination square Grades: 4-6 60100 ADVENTURES LDR Resource: 06876, Making the Cut Resource: 4H443, 4-H Adventure Project Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/adventures.cfm 50803 WOODWORKING 3 What you can do in this project: • Compare different types of hinges • Enlarge scale-drawn woodworking plans • Use a hand plane, build a laminated cutting board • Compare different grades of plywood Grades: 6-8 Resource: 06877, Nailing It Together 60101 ADVENTURES What you can do in this project: 50804 WOODWORKING 4 • Learn how to camp safely in all weather conditions What you can do in this project: • Investigate camping equipment and clothing • Use a table saw, router, powered circular saw and sander • Build a campfire and cook a meal • Learn to make more difficult joints • Practice tying knots and first aid • Evaluate exotic and veneer woods • Learn to use a map and compass • Create inlays and overlays, test various adhesives Grades: 3-12 Grades: 9-12 Resource: 4H444, Introduction to Adventures Resource: 06878, Finishing Up 60121 BACKPACKING & HIKING 1 50809 WOODWORKING YTH LDR What you can do in this project: • Plan a day hike, select items, plan the food NATURAL RESOURCES & • Learn to organize and pack a backpack ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION • Select appropriate clothing, prepare a first aid kit • Learn to use a compass, prepare for dangerous weather Grades: 3-5 60005 WILDFLOWERS Resource: 08043, Hiking Trails What you can do in this project: • Learn about wildflowers in your neighborhood 60122 BACKPACKING & HIKING 2 • Learn to identify wildflowers and how to collect them What you can do in this project: • Discover how humans affect wildflowers • Plan a camping trip Grades: 3-12 • Select equipment, including shelter Resource: 4H392, Wildflowers • Plan a camping trip menu and prepare supplies Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/wildflowers.cfm • Practice “Leave No Trace” principles while hiking • Study various organism habitats 60050 FORESTRY LDR Grades: 6-8 Resource: 08041, Forestry Helper’s Guide 12
  13. 13. Resource: 08044, Camping Adventures 60331 RIFLE – Air Rifle What you can do in this project: 60123 BACKPACKING & HIKING 3 • Introduction to air rifle and .22 rifle in dry firing What you can do in this project: • Learn to sight your rifle and how to score targets • Select group backpacking gear including a tent • Learn various shooting positions • Design a non-tent backpacking shelter • Learn safety policies and procedures • Develop a personal conditioning program Grades: 3-12 • Learn to orient a map and use triangulation Resource: 4H432, 4-H Shooting Sport – Basic Rifle Grades: 9-12 Resource: 08045, Backpacking Expeditions 60339 RIFLE YTH LDR 60200 ENTOMOLOGY LDR 60800 FISHING LDR Resource: 06856, Entomology Group Helper’s Guide Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/sportfishing.cfm Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/entomology.cfm 60801 FISHING 1 60201 ENTOMOLOGY 1 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Identify types of tackle • Learn about insects, their behavior and life history • Organize a tackle box • Discover the parts of an insect’s body • Identify different types of bait and fish in your area • Collect and compare insects • Learn to take proper care of your catch • Explore ways they communicate and move Grades: 3-5 Grades: 3-5 Resource: 07598, Take the Bait Resource: 06853, Creepy Crawlies 60802 FISHING 2 60202 ENTOMOLOGY 2 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Find fishing information on the Internet • Learn how an insect protects itself • Cast a spinning rod and reel • Explore their habitats, create an insect display • Learn to tie fishing knots • Investigate entomology careers • Select a recipe and cook a fish • Build an insect extractor • Collect and analyze aquatic life Grades: 6-8 Grades: 6-8 Resource: 06854, What’s Bugging You? Resource: 07599, Reel in the Fun 60803 FISHING 3 What you can do in this project: 60203 ENTOMOLOGY 3 • Learn to reassemble a fishing reel What you can do in this project: • Make artificial flies and lures • Raise and study mealworms and mosquitoes • Modify fishing equipment • Observe a colony of ants • Investigate sportfishing careers • Make an insect identification key Grades: 9-12 • Record and collect aquatic insects Resource: 07600, Cast into the Future • Explore various gardens and habitats Grades: 9-12 60809 FISHING YTH LDR Resource: 06855, Dragons, Houses, and Other Flies PLANT & SOIL SCIENCES 60209 ENTOMOLOGY YTH LDR 70000 CROPS LDR 60300 SHOOTING SPORTS LDR Resource: 4H428, 4-H Shooting Sports Program 70001 CORN – Crops 1 Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/shooting/index.cfm What you can do in this project: • Learn about variety selection, germination and planting 60310 ARCHERY LDR • Learn about nutrients, harvesting and storage • Explore uses and marketing strategies for corn 60311 ARCHERY Grades: 3-12 What you can do in this project: Resources: 4H355, 4-H Corn Project Manual • Learn the fundamentals of archery marksmanship Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/corn.cfm • Learn rules and safety guidelines • Make archery equipment 70002 FORAGE – Crops 2 • Shoot with sights and different bows What you can do in this project: Grades: 3-12 • Establish and manage a forage crop Resource: 4H429, 4-H Shooting Sports – Basic Archery • Scout fields for pests, diseases and nutrition shortages • Take an accurate forage sample 60319 ARCHERY YTH LDR • Study growing techniques Grades: 3-12 13
  14. 14. Resources: 4H349, Pest Scouting Alfalfa Resource: BU7154, Branching Out Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/forage.cfm 70303 HOUSE PLANTS 3 70003 SMALL GRAINS – Crops 3 What you can do in this project: What you can do in this project: • Take a tour of a horticulture business • Learn about members of the grass families: wheat, oats • Design a plant experiment • Explore growing conditions and nutrients • Teach others how to grow house plants • Learn integrated pest management practices • Compare different fertilizers: organic and chemical • Learn to compare production costs and marketing Grades: 9-12 Grades: 3-12 Resource: BU7155, Digging Deeper Resources: 4H356, 4-H Small Grains Manual Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/smallgrains.cfm 70309 HOUSE PLANTS YTH LDR 70009 CROPS YTH LDR 70400 FLOWERS LDR Resource: BU7156, 4-H Horticulture Helper’s Guide 70200 VEGETABLES LDR Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/flowers.cfm Resource: BU7156, 4-H Horticulture Helper’s Guide Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/vegetables.cfm 70401 FLOWERS 1 What you can do in this project: 70201 VEGETABLES 1 • Identify flower parts and their functions What you can do in this project: • Plant flowers and make flower arrangements • Identify plant parts and their functions • Give a presentation on flowers • Explore germination and start a plant from a cutting • Prepare an exhibit • Grow vegetables in containers, plan an outdoor garden Grades: 3-5 • Prepare a vegetable exhibit for show Resources: BU7153, Budding Gardeners Grades: 3-5 Resources: BU7153, Budding Gardeners 70402 FLOWERS 2 4H395, Organically Grown – Handbook What you can do in this project: 4H409, Nature’s Herbs • Learn about plant needs and soil testing A3306, Exhibiting & Judging Vegetables • Select and start new plants and grow transplants • Examine plants for insects and diseases 70202 VEGETABLES 2 • Judge a flower exhibit What you can do in this project: Grades: 6-8 • Learn about plant needs and soil testing Resource: BU7154, Branching Out • Start new plants, grow transplants, explore hydroponics • Build a compost pile, use mulches Grades: 6-8 70403 FLOWERS 3 Resource: BU7154, Branching Out What you can do in this project: • Design a plant experiment 70203 VEGETABLES 3 • Make a landscape plan What you can do in this project: • Write instructions on how to force bulbs • Grow plants in a coldframe • Compare different fertilizers: organic and chemical • Make a site analysis and landscape plan Grades: 9-12 • Compare organic and chemical fertilizers Resource: BU7155, Digging Deeper • Research various insect control methods Grades: 9-12 70409 FLOWERS YTH LDR Resource: BU7155, Digging Deeper 70500 HOME GROUNDS LDR 70209 VEGETABLES YTH LDR Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/homegrounds.cfm 70300 HOUSE PLANTS LDR 70501 HOME GROUNDS 1 Resource: BU7156, 4-H Horticulture Helper’s Guide What you can do in this project: Webpage: 4h.uwex.edu/onlinpro/houseplants.cfm • Learn about seeding and lawn care • Learn lawn maintenance, fertilization and pest management 70301 HOUSE PLANTS 1 Grades: 3-5 What you can do in this project: Resource: 4H321, 4-H Lawn Care • Identify plant parts and their functions • Grow house plants, start a plant from a cutting 70502 HOME GROUNDS 2 • Make a dish garden, What you can do in this project: • Prepare house plants for exhibit • Learn the importance of planting new trees and shrubs Grades: 3-5 • Explore variety selection and appropriate placement Resources: BU7153, Budding Gardeners • Learn basic maintenance: pruning and fertilization Grades: 6-8 70302 HOUSE PLANTS 2 Resources: A3067, Selecting, Planting & Caring for Shade Trees What you can do in this project: A1730, Evergreens – Planting & Care • Learn about plant seeds and soil • Select and start new plants and grow transplants 70503 HOME GROUNDS 3 • Plant a terrarium What you can do in this project: • Examine plants for insects and diseases • Explore landscape planning Grades: 6-8 • Make a plan and put it on paper 14
  15. 15. • Select, place and plant trees and shrubs • Maintain your home grounds Grades: 9-12 Resource: G1923, Planning & Designing Your Home Landscape 70509 HOME GROUNDS YTH LDR 15