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  1. 1. Role of media in society Institute of Communication Studies PUNJAB UNIVERSITY, LAHORE
  2. 2. Contents• What is media?• Importance of media• History of media• Advantages of media• Disadvantages of media• Media in Pakistan• Suggestions• Conclusions• References
  3. 3. What is mediaAll the means of communication that providepublic with news, entertainment, education,data or promotional messages, usually alongwith advertising is called media. Mediaincludes every broadcasting, narrowcastingmedium such as TV, Radio, MagazinesTelephoneNewspapers and internet etc.
  4. 4. History of media• First newspaper in America was released in Boston in 1690.Before that, the earliest reported newspaper was “Mixed News” printed inChina in 713.• 1947, Pakistan inherited a weak press with very little law for controlling andregulating the pres. Very few news après were published in the newly bornPakistan The first news agency of Pakistan was associated press of Pakistan(APP). It was established in 1947 by an Indian news trust.• At the time of independence, there were only three radio stations inLahore, Peshawar and Dhaka in Pakistan. Radio Pakistan Lahore broadcastedthe news of independence Pakistan on 14th august 1947. Pakistan broadCasting Corporation was established in dec 1972. Pakistan broadcastingcorporation has 24 radio stations which daily broadcasts programs of generalentertainment.• Surprisingly, the free electronic media in Pakistan was initiated by adictator General Musharraf, though he had his own interests to presenthimself as a democrat President before the West. Growth of Satellite systemfacilitated it technical side.
  5. 5. Importance of media1. Media is the most important tool of communication2. The world global village has been given to the world just because of media3. Importance of media on nation building can not be neglected4. Media is very integral part of our lives therefore they generate popular interest and debate about any social problem5. Media affects peoples perceptions and priorities their thinking about the political contents.6. Media shapes the publics behavior about the issues and plays vital role in highlighting certain attributes of issues7. Media of any country is reflection of that country. It shows that how person behave and live in their country. The way of expressing news, way of talking of politician sin political debates and discussion programs shows the behavior of people of that country
  6. 6. Media channels in Pakistan
  7. 7. Advantages of media•Political analysis•Economic debate•Advertising•Social awareness•New household styles to raise standards•Religion clarifications•Education•Sports & Entertainment
  8. 8. Political analysis1. The skilled and bold personality of anchor person raises people’s voice and clearly asks the real point of the crisis.2. They analyze government actions, either in favor or against the masses and develop the opinions of the experts .3. Media is serving as true democratic notion of people’s participation.4. The general peoples’ criticism, analysis, and comments are added. which also act as a catharsis.
  9. 9. Economic analysis1. Shows government’s projects internationally to get foreign investment by projecting the benefits of the enterprise.2. It represents new business trends going in the world and offering the new opportunities for the investors3. Performance of stock exchange keeps update the investors.4. Spreads technical education to learn the working of the machinery
  10. 10. Advertising1. Advertising to maintain competition among various companies which facilitates the public.2. Like mobile phones and their lowering prices.3. Can be attention grabbers if they are done well.4. Can give top-of-mind awareness.5. Gets your name in front of people
  11. 11. Social awareness1. Bring the world at doorstep with its various trends, colors and life styles.2. Changes moods and behavior of people from conservative to liberal.3. Bold topics through dramas and talk shows to purify the society from superstitions, evils and fake stories4. New household styles to upgrade the living standards5. Guides the youth for new opportunities and to compete with the world in all fields of life.6. Creates civic sense.
  12. 12. Religion clarifications1. Authentic information by the competent scholars instead of narrow minded and ignorant clerics who have changed the world into hell.2. Solutions of answers of publics’ questions which remain unheard and unexplained.3. Highlights religious events like Mohr am, Eid, Mairaj and the holy Ramadan.4. Sectarian harmony is minimized by putting forward the views of competent and enlightened Ulamas
  13. 13. Education1. The mass media educates people by giving information about food, health, housing, sanitation, emp loyment, agriculture, industry, environ ment, science, technology, moderniza tion etc.2. Radio is very useful source of information and education both in urban and rural areas in developing countries.3. The print media predominant source of education Ex: Newspaper, Journals etc.
  14. 14. Sports & Entertainment1. Mass media also entertains people.2. Film, television, radio are increasingly subjected to commercialization via entertainment.3. Television is nation’s number one entertainment medium. But film & radio are not far behind.4. Media has become entertainment industry; it satisfies all segments of our society.5. It promotes sports in society and creates healthy activities among people
  15. 15. Disadvantages of media1. Creates social evils2. Moral vacuum3. Westernization4. Not developing national image5. Time wastage6. Materialism7. Weakening religious impressions8. Exaggeration9. Dangers to socialization10.Sensationalizing11.Overloaded with information
  16. 16. Consumerism & westernization1. Our society is consuming all messages being spread by the Media. Media has made us a talking nation, the Mobile Mania- kids, ladies, youngsters all are just talking on the mobile phones. The effect of media is very strong with respect to advertisement on consumer products, instead of being producer media has made us consumer.2. Western / Indian cultural invasion has taken place through media and is permeating Pakistan society. Our commercials are depicting western values and causing a loss of national identity. There are media talk shows on subjects including sex etc. which otherwise are taboo in our society.
  17. 17. Time wastage and dangers to socialization1. We remain fixed to TV screens at the cost of socialization. We cut short our social activities just to watch some favorite programmed on TV. We are not undertaking socialization / giving time to our kids, parents, etc. because we are glued to TV etc. This is developing a generation gap. We are giving more time to TV channels and less time to social activity and a sort of isolation is being developed.2. Vulgarity due to inflow of foreign culture. The English and Indian channels are affecting the moral of the youth
  18. 18. Not developing national image Our Media is blamed for not developing / projecting our national image. Our media at times uses Indian language; projects Indian stars in our ads, etc., the threats posed to our values are immense and must be countered. Our country lacks a defined policy to promote national image through media.
  19. 19. Weakening religious impressionsWeakening religious impressions due to foreign culture andtime wastage. Pakistans media should understand that itpresents the country which is of high importance not onlyfor Islamic world but also for peace in whole world.Media should become highly sensitive towards itsresponsibilities while presenting this country to theworld and guiding the people of Pakistan to bring outthe country from the sea of issues. Pakistans media tellthe world that what is Pakistan in fact, what think ofPakistani people towards world issue. It depicts the cultureof Pakistan. It is its responsibility to tell the whole worldthat what is Islam
  20. 20. suggestions1. The media as an institution and fourth estate is accountable t o t h e p u b l i c a n d responsible for its actions. Accountability of the media is not possible under the disputed regulatory regime. Media organizations and civil society should jointly constitute a commission for this task.2. The recent coming together of several leading TV channels to frame rules for terrorism coverage is a step in the right direction. This move may help purge the elements abusing the power of the media in violation of the public mandate.3. The aim of media activism should be to strengthen the weak and vulnerable segments of society. It is they who need our support, activism is not merely reporting but it involves deep passion and research.4. The need to strengthen our socio-cultural and ideological foundations was never so great as it is today. There is cultural invasion from the West and Indian TV channels and Cable TV networks. Our values are being attacked and are in danger. Media must build our confidence and faith in our values.
  21. 21. 5. It must create a pride in our glorious past, our culture and our way of living. Pakistanis the seventh atomic power in the world and the only Muslim country, which has achieved this status. This is a matter of great pride and p r e s t i g e . We h a v e m a t beautiful normative and social value structure, which needs to be preserved, promoted and strengthened.6. The prime objective of media must be national stability in all its dimensions. A social and political climate needs to be created in which people could engage-themselves in positive a n d healthy activities and could contribute to the o v e r a l l n a t i o n a l development.
  22. 22. conclusions1. This is an era of satellite televisions, internet connectivity, and mobile telephony. To summarize, media can help stabilize and strengthen the country by playing educational and informative role and by imparting knowledge to the masses as knowledge is power and only a well-informed society can develop a positive approach towards fife.2. The objective of media freedom can be realized only when public trust and confidence reposed in the media is respected and protected by the media itself by acting as a true watchdog, keeping an eye on the government on behalf of the public. "Freedom o f c o n s c i e n c e , o f e d u c a t i o n , o f s p e e c h , o f a s s e mb l y, i s a mo n g t h e v e r y f u n d a m e n t a l s of democracy and all of them would be nullified if freedom of the press be successfully challenged,”