Communication strategy of ashiana project


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it is about Ashiana project

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Communication strategy of ashiana project

  2. 2. ASHIANA HOUSING PROJECT• Initially started in LAHORE • More than 6000 housing units in 2010 will be built at the location of Soo-e-Asil on 3 and 5 Marla plots• Being built and managed by Punjab land development • Affordable pricing and easy company (PLDC) in installments up to 10 years. collaboration of BANK of Punjab • A 3 Marla Ready to Live House will cost Rs. 8,40,000/- and 5• For low income and Marla house cost will be Rs. homeless people 11,90,000/- per house.
  3. 3. Vision“To provide affordable and decentadobe to the people who have desiresbut don’t have the resources to fulfilltheir basic needs of shelter.”
  4. 4. Mission• “To develop a coordinated system of human settlements in Punjab that respects the environment and values Punjab’s precious land resource. A system that facilitates economic growth, provides adequate housing (especially for the poor), promotes social well being and encourages a prosperous and responsible citizenship.”
  5. 5. Ashiana Housing project• Ashiana Lahore• Ashiana Faisalabad• Ashiana Jhelum• Ashiana Sargodha
  6. 6. OBJECTIVES OF ASHIANA PROJECT• Increase and improve the supply of housing, available and affordable to low and moderate income groups Establishment of a sustainable community living Ensuring decent and modern ambiance in each housing scheme
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES• Bringing down the cost of the houses while not compromising on the quality• Making the project affordable for the target groups through easy installment plans• Ensuring transparency and fair play at every step
  8. 8. ALLOTEMENT/ELIGIBILTY CRITERIA • Age Between 25 & 60• Target Population will be years. (Applicable for individuals having income bank loan only) less than Rs. 20,000 p.m.• Monthly Installment of • Living in a rented house the allotted house not to or in joint family, the exceed the monthly rent applicant should not of same size of house. posses his/her own house.
  9. 9. ALLOTEMENT/ELIGIBILTY CRITERIA• Speculation will be • Physical verification of curbed at all cost. the credentials of each applicant through third• Special quota for party widows, orphans and disabled. • Physical verification of the credentials of each applicant through third party •
  10. 10. Structure of Houses• Ashiana Housing Project offers two categories of housing units to cater for the variety of its valued customers, as follows:• 2-Marla Housing Unit• 3-Marla Housing Unit
  11. 11. 2-Marla Housing Unit
  12. 12. 3-Marla Housing Unit
  13. 13. Salient Features of the Project:• External infrastructure• Transport (Lahore only) Internal infrastructure to cater for all the needs of decent and modern living Carpeted roads
  14. 14. Salient Features of the Project:• Sewerage• Drainage• Water supply• Electrification
  15. 15. Amenities• School• Open Spaces/Landscaping/Parks• Commercial Area• Graveyard• Entertainment• Community Centers
  16. 16. Amenities• Health Clubs• Playing Grounds• Food Chains/Stalls• Management of Schemes by the community itself – Community• Executive Committees
  17. 17. Payment Plan• 25% Advance, remaining amount to be paid in easy installments. Subsidy by the Government of Punjab on monthly installments.
  18. 18. CHALLENGES• Financial constraints regarding media campaigns• Less number of technical ,urban development management professionals Less number of political personalities regarding projection of govt, initiatives Weak taxation system
  19. 19. POLITICAL STRATEGY• Formulation of Political executive Board to examine the work• Frequent visits of political board to the concerned site• Processions by the political members in their constituency telling the people about the work
  20. 20. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY• Creation of Project based DOCUMENTERIES about the Ashiana housing project• Advertisements on hoardings, billboards, pamphlets should be distributed• Banners, steamers, booklets in local language of the community should be made and showed in the main squares, roads
  21. 21. COMMUNICATION STRATEGY• PAID ARTICLES, columns, editorials ,letter to editors ,features should be frequently published about the project• Road shows ,seminars, walks, processions should be conducted for conveying information on the project• Visits of the Media personalities should be arranged
  22. 22. ADMINISTRATIVE STRATEGY• Building a strong a coordination system in between the bottom management with the top management• Allocation of competent officials on merit bases in concerned projects• PERFORMANCE Evaluation system should be devised to monitor the performance of concerned officials
  23. 23. THANKS