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Children of heaven


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Children of heaven

  1. 1. Nukhba Muneer
  2. 2. Director and Characters Director : Majid Majidi Characters: Ali Zahra Ali’s Father Ali Mother
  3. 3. Where did it take place?IRANI movieTranslated in Different Languages
  4. 4. What Is The Movie About?Alilost his sister’s shoesHe belonged to a poor familyDid not tell his parents about the mishapThey to decide to share Ali’s sneakers
  5. 5.  Ali had problems in school He wants to place third in the race because the prize is new sneakers But he stood first Father buys new shoes for his sister
  6. 6. Recommendation Highly recommendable movie Appropriate for both adults and children Children will enjoy it more
  7. 7. Lesson learnt from the Movie Love and care between siblings Understanding the financial situation of the family Sharing is caring