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13 Stats That Will Redefine Your Email Marketing Priorities


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More than 200 billion emails are sent every day and 65 billion of those are marketing messages. But click-to-open rates can be as low as 1%. Check out this SlideShare to learn how we can make email marketing better and improve response and conversion.

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13 Stats That Will Redefine Your Email Marketing Priorities

  1. 1. @Sailthru Brought to you by the email marketing experts at That Will Redefine Your Email Marketing Priorities Stats13
  2. 2. More than 200 billion emails are sent every day....
  3. 3. …65 billion of those are marketing messages…
  4. 4. …But click-to-open rates can be as low as 1%.
  5. 5. We know that 84% of people wake up and go right to their phones…
  6. 6. So how can we make email marketing better and improve response and conversion?
  7. 7. Brought to you by the email marketing experts at That Will Redefine Your Email Marketing Priorities Stats 13
  8. 8. 72% of consumers say that email is their favored conduit of communication with companies they do business with (MarketingSherpa) 1
  9. 9. 44% of internet users feel that marketing emails can be improved by receiving less frequent emails BUT... 2
  10. 10. You heard it here - consumers favor email, but many want less of it. Rather than take that at face value and just throw our hands up, let’s consider how we can improve email so that customers actually want to hear from us more often!
  11. 11. 48% of consumers purchase more from brands that send personalized emails! 3
  12. 12. The attention span of your customers, readers and subscribers has never been shorter, so when that email enters their inbox it better contain content that is relevant, informative and UNIQUE to them!
  13. 13. 74% of consumers expect companies to use past purchases to personalize marketing emails 55%expect companies to use data based on what they browsed while onsite 4
  14. 14. 1) Email users expect to be catered to based on specific behaviors they participated in and 2) Personalization based on behavioral data trumps generic personalized information such as gender or birthday. This data tells us a few things.
  15. 15. 75% of consumersare willing to receive additional promotional emails if personalized! 5
  16. 16. Still think personalization isn’t for you?
  17. 17. 67% of consumers will unsubscribe when receiving irrelevant information. 6
  18. 18. That’s right. This is serious stuff. You’ve been pumping money into acquisition and have finally gotten a customer or reader to subscribe. All of that money goes to waste if you’re not engaging them on their terms, with content that actually matters!
  19. 19. So let’s talk about you… And how you can increase engagement and deliver a more relevant email experience.
  20. 20. 63% of marketing professionals report that improving engagement is their most important email marketing strategy objective 7
  21. 21. You’re not alone. Marketers across all industries are recognizing that competition is increasing and that email is the channel that delivers the highest ROI. Personalization is critical to increasing engagement - and better yet, conversion - but many don’t know where to start. Here’s a primer.
  22. 22. 65% of marketers cite building a single customer view as a major barrier to personalization. 8
  23. 23. We believe that relevancy is the new currency. And in this case, every dollar is backed by data. Without the ability to collect meaningful data and attribute it to individual customers, the ability to increase relevancy will be very challenging. Make this your first priority.
  24. 24. Of those marketers who personalize email... 31% use consumer interests and 44% use purchase history 9
  25. 25. More and more marketers are using a mix of explicit and implicit behavioral data to power personalized product and content recommendations. These behavioral emails account for upwards of 70% of total email revenue for some of Sailthru’s customers. Make sure this is in your data plan!
  26. 26. but… 62% of marketers include automation in their strategies, 58% have major challenges in dynamically personalizing content 10
  27. 27. No company has the resources to create emails for every single individual. Algorithms have advanced to the point where they can accurately identify the most relevant content for every individual customer every day. So, make sure your provider can deliver 1:1.
  28. 28. Only 46% of marketers use robust testing to gain insight into personalization. 11
  29. 29. We’re supposed to be in the age of data, yet 67% of marketers report that their still using satisfaction surveys. Our mantra: always be testing. When defining your priorities this year, make sure you’re prioritizing personalization AND testing so that you can optimize your email templates, send time and other critical factors.
  30. 30. 86% of marketers are using broad segmentation to deliver personalization 12
  31. 31. This isn’t personalization! Don’t get trapped into thinking that going far beyond coarse rules- based segmentation is neither efficient nor scalable. Modern technology is redefining what’s possible with email and cross-channel personalization, so ensure the technology you evaluate isn’t limited!
  32. 32. Marketers who go beyond this can increase revenue per send by 175% 13
  33. 33. The Clymb, an IR 500 company, and Business Insider, the fastest growing business news publisher in the world, both leverage Sailthru’s email personalization technology and have increased email revenue through our approach to behavioral email, predictive segmentation and 1:1 personalization. FIND OUT MORE @Sailthru