A Finnish breakthrough classic: Hai, the Shark-boat - Petri Wilska - HSS Classic Symposium


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The Shark is one of the success stories of Finnish yacht design. Born in 1930 on the drawing board of Gunnar L. Stenbäck, the Hai (Haj in Swedish) was intended to be a cheap, every-mans boat that could be used both for racing and for cruising. Petri Wilska gives you the full story.

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A Finnish breakthrough classic: Hai, the Shark-boat - Petri Wilska - HSS Classic Symposium

  1. 1. HSS Classic Yacht Symposium 2014 Breakthroughs and Trends in Classic Yachting A Finnish Breakthrough Classic: Hai, the Shark-boat Petri Wilska, FIN-264, Myrskylintu
  2. 2. Contents 15:05 History 15:15 Measures, materials and characteristics 15:20 Active class ● Ranking calendar and the 2014 Nationals Q: Is there, and if so, what is the connection between Shark-boat and Microsoft?
  3. 3. History Initiated by Erik Nummelin, HSS Designed by Gunnar L. Stenbäck Designed in 1930 ● Presented in sailing magazine Frisk Bris 9/1930 and later at a specially arranged exhibition, the first Finnish Boat Show in the Guards' Riding Ring on May 1931 Approved as a one type class in 1932 by FYF Hai Sailors' Federation founded in 1963 Nationals held every year since 1964 ● 52 boats participated in 1965
  4. 4. History Almost 300 built in Finland – Aquarell (FIN-291) in 2003 25 ordered by Camden Yacht Club, Maine Almost 500 Requin's built in France, originally used as training yachts by the French Navy Some built in Estonia 22 boats in Germany in 1939 Plans for an international breakthrough in the 1940 Olympics of Helsinki swept away by WWII
  5. 5. History http://camdenyachtclub.org/history/ ● ● In 1933, both Commodore Curtis and Vice Commodore Law passed on. It was a passing from an era focusing on motorboats to one focusing on sail, as it was also the first year of the HAJ boat fleet. At the 1933 annual meeting, The Chairman of the House Committee…remarked on the enthusiasm created by the new one class boats, and the keen competition in the races. There were no events in the Power Boat and Outboard Motor sections. All racing was confined to the Shark [HAJ is shark in Swedish] boats, which has created marked interest in younger members. During 1978 several of the older HAJ boats were being reconditioned, and 1979 saw a revival of HAJ boat races. Wednesdays were open grill nights to coincide with the Wednesday night seminars. The Board agreed to purchase a screen for use at the Wednesday Night Seminars, out of their own funds. While aging boats led to decreased enrollment in the sailing program, the HAJ boat fleet was reported to be stronger with seven boats now active in races.
  6. 6. Measures ● LOA: 9.60m ● Width: 1.90m ● Draught: 1.10m ● Displacement: 1 700kg ● Keel: 1 050kg ● Mast: 10.5m ● Boom: 3.7m ● Spinnaker boom: 2.0m ● Sail Area: 21.5m² (15.3+6.2) ● Spinnaker: 30.0m² ● Weights (fully rigged) vary from 1 920kg to 2 140kg (Oulu 2002)
  7. 7. Materials ● Hull, 18mm Pine ● Mast, Beam – solid Spruce, Pine or Douglas Fir ● ● ● Deck – 18mm Pine or Douglas Fir or 20mm Spruce or 15mm Plywood Deckhouse – 16mm Oak or Iroko or 20mm Mahogany Top of Deckhouse – 14mm Pine, Douglas Fir or Spruce ● Wooden Keel, Stem – Pine, Oak or Iroko ● Iron Keel – Solid Iron 870 to 1 050kg ● Rudder – Pine or Plywood ● Sails – Dacron 250g/m2, Spinnaker 35g/m2
  8. 8. Characteristics ● Very few changes to original specifications ● All lines via (cam) cleats into the cockpit ● Trapezes not allowed ● Small sail area in relation to draught – When other ”fish” swim ashore the Sharks head out ● Affordable, low maintenance costs ● Designed for our rocky coasts ● One-design boats are okay - they just have one downside: ”The boats are all the same so usually the best sailor wins” - N. Hereshoff
  9. 9. Active class ● 20+ boats participate in the National Championships ● 30-40 teams competing in the Hai Ranking Series ● Most of the top teams active in multiple classes (H, Melges, Folkboat, Star, 2.4mR, …) and offshore sailing ● Teams of three: helmsman, trimmer, bowman ● Very good atmosphere with coaching, mentoring and FUN! http://www.haipurjehtijat.fi
  10. 10. Hai Ranking Calendar and the 2014 Nationals ● Airisto, Turku, TTPS, June 7.-8. ● SSJ Anniversary, Pietarsaari, SSJ, June 28.-29. ● Hanko Regatta, Hanko, HSF, July 4.-6. ● Mustakari Regatta, Kokkola, KP, July 12.-13. ● Päijännepurjehdus, Jyväskylä-Padasjoki, JVS/LPS, July 19.-20. ● Nationals, Helsinki, HSS, August 8.-10. ● Viaporin Tuoppi, Helsinki, SuPS, August 16. ● Musto Classic, Helsinki, BSS, August 30.-31. ● Oulu Regatta, Oulu, OTPS, August 30.-31. ● Team Nationals, Naantali, NPS, September 13.-14.
  11. 11. Thank You!
  12. 12. Backups
  13. 13. Quiz ● ● ● ● In 1967 architect Esko Lehesmaa (14.1.1933 - 4.8.1996) was asked to design a rubber boot suitable for sailing The boot was named Hai (Shark) due to Mr. Lehesmaa's Hai sailing history. Production begun in 1968 with sales exceeding 300 000 pairs in 1970 Boot was manufactured by Nokia Oy
  14. 14. All time Nationals Winners