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tl;dr marketing Feb 2016


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SEO news roundup from Feb 2016

Published in: Marketing
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tl;dr marketing Feb 2016

  1. 1. tl;dr Marketing – Feb 2016 Saijo George SEO Strategy Director
  2. 2. SEO Tools Web Design Inspiration Website Builders
  3. 3. SEO
  4. 4. Official JSON-LD support for Reviews / Products. GA Support for AMP Editable KC – Twitter Trusted Verifier App Beta
  5. 5. Including results for in SERP Troubleshooting Tool in News Publisher Center
  6. 6. Google takes down some link network / PBN in Japan Click through warning for sites with deceptive download buttons
  7. 7. Google To Remove Right-To-Be-Forgotten Links Worldwide, For Searchers In European Countries Interesting study shows outbound links has a positive impact on ranking AMP is live in SERPs, use Top Stories structured markup
  8. 8. Google Compare to shut down on March 23rd
  9. 9. Send to Phone on Local KG Panel
  10. 10. Google Now Including App Indexing Results for Current News Stories
  11. 11. Google Adds New Live Tag to Non-Video Content Threads
  12. 12. 4 Ads in SERP and no Right side ads
  13. 13. Advance Search Operators