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SEO News Roundup Oct 2014


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Roundup of SEO and marketing news from Oct 2014 by Saijo George.

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SEO News Roundup Oct 2014

  1. 1. SEO News - Oct 2014 By : Saijo George Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  2. 2. .. and you are ? • I am Saijo George. I work as an internet marketer at Envato , the folks behind sites like ThemeForest. • You can follow me on @Saijo_George, and checkout some of the stuff I write about on and a few other industry blogs. • I have also launched some cool stuff like a list of SEO tools ,, … Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  3. 3. • Google is testing sponsored carousels ads – Google+ Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  4. 4. Google testing smartphone icon in SERP – Google+ , Twitter Age and geographical restrictions for Google+ pages Auto update AdWords PLAs with schema markup - InsideAdwords Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  5. 5. Google Bot uses Connect Time & HTTP Status Codes as crawl signals Dynamic Remarketing Ads expands to more verticals including hotels, flights, real estate, classifieds, jobs, auto, finance and education. Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  6. 6. Google Germany faces legal action from publisher to remove text snippet and preview images from Google News. Guess what happened in the end? broken SSL certificates / content mismatch errors will stop getting a ranking boot in SERP. Google might not update the ToolBar PageRank - John Mueller Warning for Flash-heavy pages on mobile SERPs start rolling out globally – Pierre Far Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  7. 7. Google News Box shows non Google news content like Twitter and Reddit – SEL Custom Affinity Audiences in Google Display Network ( on top of affinity and in-market audiences ) WSJ : Ads + SE == Deceptive Eric Schmidt –admits biggest search competitor is Amazon Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  8. 8. • Card style format for local results from some verticals ( Test ) – G+ Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  9. 9. Take your business online Video series by Maile Ohye from Google. New Mobile App for Google My Business Webmaster Tools Site-move tool gets a setup wizard like makeover Voice Search Infographics from Google : 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search more than once a day. local search ranking factors for 2014 by David Mihm from Moz – click-through rates, checkins, user location, domain authority, consistency of unlinked citation on authoritative sources, etc Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  10. 10. • Bing adds location cards, flight cards, etc to Cortana. Duane Forrester made redundant. • Enhancement for in-app display ad campaigns that enables app developers and marketers to show ads to people who have made in-app purchases through the Play Store. New reports for Automated extensions. • <meta name="google" content="nositelinkssearchbox"> - to disable sitelink searchbox • Do NOT block Google from crawling your CSS or JavaScript Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  11. 11. • Google Penguin – 17th Oct. Progressive worldwide rollout. It was a data refresh which means sites who has actively worked to clean up their backlink profile should see results, and new spammy sites will be demoted. No new signals were added to the algorithm. • Update to DMCA algo ( 17th ) – improved algo, demote sites with high valid DMCA takedown requests, removed auto complete terms , ads Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  12. 12. • SSL 3.0 POODLE vulnerability - Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption • Google to discontinue AdSense Direct on November 25 • GWT gives you Mobile Usability Errors Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  13. 13. Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :
  14. 14. Twitter : @Saijo_George – I usually tweet about #SEO and #design Site : Twitter : @Saijo_George Web :