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Let's make a game unity


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Unity basics

Published in: Technology
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Let's make a game unity

  1. 1. Unity basics
  2. 2. Creating new project Choose a name and save location for your project Select if you want 2D or 3D You can also import asset packages starting your project • Asset packages can be downloaded from the Unity asset store Click the create buttonto start making your game
  3. 3. User interface • Hierachy window • Has all the assets in game (such as graphics, models, music etc.) in written • It's good to categorize all the assets in the level and stackthose assets so that it'll be easier to find them in hierarchy when you need to
  4. 4. User interface • Project window • Has all the assets imported into the project • Including the plug-ins from asset store
  5. 5. User interface • Scene window • You can modify the game in this view • All the assets are shown as the would be in the game
  6. 6. User interface • Game window • You can test your game • On the top of the UI there are buttons for playing, stopping and pausing the test
  7. 7. User interface • Inspector window • You can modify a chosen object in here • Depending from the object, there are different elements that you can modify
  8. 8. Top toolbar File • Create, save and open new scenes and projects • Build settings are needed for compiling the game and changing settings like level order or platform Assets • Create new assets such as physic materials and new scripts • You can also import asset packages from here GameObject • Create new objects such as cameras, sprites, lights, basic 3D shapes and UI elements • You can also create empty game objects from here
  9. 9. Top toolbar Window • Access and rearrange new windows • Animation and animator windows can be activated from here • Occlusion culling and other windows that are for optimizing the game can be found in the window tab
  10. 10. Creating a game Scripts To create new script right click in the project windowand select new script You can also create new script from the inspector windowwhen you haveselected and object from yourgame Unityuses C# as the programminglanguage Scripts will open in Visual studio in which you can write the code Assets First,you're going to need some assets for the game These can be just white boxes for testingpurposes You can later replace the test objects with actual graphics
  11. 11. Creating a game Adding assets You can drag and drop assets from the project window to the hierarchy or scene window Change the position of the objects with a move tool or manually writing the coordinates in the inspector window You can add new components toyour assets in the inspector window • These include in example different colliders, rigidbody and scripts
  12. 12. Creating a game Components Rigidbody is a componentthat gives physics properties to your game assets • Rigidbody has a mass and gravity components effecting how the game object will behave in the game world Change the position of the objects with a move tool or manually writing the coordinates in the inspector window Colliders make objects collide with each other • Collider can also be a trigger which makes the collider transparent • Trigger colliders are useful for triggering events when you don't want game assets to collide with each other
  13. 13. Creating a game Level design Create a layout of the level this can be done from top down or side perspective Add starting and ending points Design routes that the player can progress Add obstacles and enemies if there are any Add any interactions that the game has for example pressing buttons, destroying walls or interacting with NPCs (non- playable characters)