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How Self Defense Training can enhance CORE LEADERSHIP SKILL


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Life is a battle full of challenges to achieve any kind of goals. To achieve any goals any individual need to perform some action with the coordination of mind, body and soul. It can not be achieved by theories only the way theory can't make anybody able to swim on the water. The core principle and concepts of krav-maga self defense system and the training methodology prepare one individual to identify any kind of threats along with the tools to deal with that threat under a stressful real life situation. The training helps to adopt the lifestyle of being more aware of situation and environment and attitude to deal with any kind of threats. These all core component of surviving in the competition to achieve the goal with never give up commitment.

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How Self Defense Training can enhance CORE LEADERSHIP SKILL

  1. 1. Self Defense Training for Enhancing Leadership Skills Expectation from a Community Leader To take new initiative for Positive Change
  2. 2. Threats involves with new initiatives • There are always some surprising threats and challenges remain involve against any new initiative which can be received from Individuals or Groups in the form of physical, mental, emotional, environmental To survive - a leader must know the Self Defense system that will teach him how to deal with different kind of Threats to survive So that he can prevent, avoid ,defuse ,escape or fight back “To survive and go home safe”
  3. 3. Surviving is Must End of the day a successful achievement is who can survive over all restrains and can ensure sustainability on the journey of achieving Goal , Mission or Vision
  4. 4. Training Aims to Develop the knowledge , Skills and Attitude necessary for effective performance Practice involve to performing any action Combining Mind + Body + Soul Which ensure Maximum of the Quality input = Maximum Output/Better result No theory or lecture will work to develop this skill except practicing a set of practical activity designed to achieve such a synchronization through NLP
  5. 5. Training will develop the Core skills required to be an Initiator and to let the Initiative Survive over all the challenges • Confidence & Self esteem • Assertiveness • Attitude • Balance personality • Awareness • Problem solving ability • Teamwork • Remain functional
  7. 7. Confidence the key requirement to become Successful Confidence is the core requirement to become Assertive to create a Mission and to Dream the vision Confidence = Have the power To Believe “Yes I can” Konokichu orjon korte para noy ,Prottashar shoman shahoshi hote paratai boro kotha
  8. 8. Confidence Back uped by so many research it has been proven that confidence is the core element that helps anybody to get into himself so that he can explore his uniqueness and thus can take his vision as a mission and never fear of failures as he knows failure is a source of knowledge towards the path of ultimate success.
  9. 9. 5 quotations about self-esteem and self-confidence • Adversity and perseverance and all these things can shape you. They can give you a value and a self-esteem that is priceless. —Scott Hamilton • Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act. —Jack Welch • Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. —Helen Keller • Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. —Lao Tzu • To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are. —Anonymous
  10. 10. Threats related to Lack of confidence or low self esteem Low self-esteem is also closely associated with the following conditions and experiences: • Codependency • Social anxiety • General anxiety • Shame • Depression • Inadequacy • Powerlessness • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse • Perfectionism • Challenges to Self-Esteem
  11. 11. Characteristics of Genuinely Low Self Esteem • Social withdrawal • Anxiety and emotional turmoil • Lack of social skills and self confidence. Depression and/or bouts of sadness • Less social conformity • Eating disorders • Inability to accept compliments • An Inability to see yourself 'squarely' - to be fair to yourself • Accentuating the negative • Exaggerated concern over what you imagine other people think • Self neglect • Treating yourself badly but NOT other people • Worrying whether you have treated others badly • Reluctance to take on challenges • Reluctance to put yourself first or anywhere. • Reluctance to trust your own opinion • Expecting little out of life for yourself.
  12. 12. Needs for remaining healthy psychologically and physically For anyone to be psychologically and physically healthy then core needs have to be fulfilled. Being clear about what you need and making efforts to meet those needs constructively means you'll naturally have better self esteem as a by-product of living well. This is useful list of basic human needs: • The need to give and receive attention • The need to look after your body. • The need for meaning, purpose and goals. • The need for a connection to something greater than ourselves • The need for creativity and stimulation • The need for intimacy and connection to others. • The need for a sense of control • The need for a sense of status and recognition from others. • The need for a sense of safety and security. • Of course, it is likely that at any one time, one o
  13. 13. Assertiveness Self-defense training gives access to a new set of assertive and combative responses with opportunities to learn, observe, and practice physical, social, and cognitive skills (to relate reasoning, intuition, perception with thought process) through the use of role-plays, discussion, and simulation exercises
  14. 14. Assertiveness develops • dominance, self-defense skills, physical competence, and decreases in anxiety, depression, hostility, fear, and avoidance behaviors • assertiveness, self-esteem, perceived control, participatory behaviors, self-efficacy, masculinity attributes (active, independent),
  15. 15. Assertiveness • Research shows that women with the successful rape resisters were more assertive, confident, dominant, perceived more control over their lives, and showed more initiative, persistence, and leadership compared with women who were raped • Respond to threats may serve to both protect and liberate them • Tools to respond to threats may serve to both protect and liberate
  16. 16. Assertiveness they may report less psychological distress if they believe they can avoid rape in the future HOW ????
  17. 17. What Krav Maga gives you • Allows you to train your response from ‘Fear’ to ‘Explosive Aggression’ I am scared!! Time to FIGHTBACK and ESCAPE!! To Go Home Safe
  18. 18. Attitude • The confidence “Yes I can” Transform in to Assertiveness which reflects in to his Attitude The positive Attitude give the Ability to motivate others as a Leader The Attitude includes Excepting failure and never stop trying A Never Give up Attitude is the ultimate one to Survive against any Threats and drives towards achieving Goal and overcoming challenges
  19. 19. BALANCE
  20. 20. Balanced personality • The Balance personality is known as balancing between right and left brain where one deals with emotions and another rationales • The balance approach required to deal with internal and external threats from individuals or social groups by Verbal De- escalation & Confrontation Skill Give up ego – Control anger and emotion
  21. 21. Awareness Practicing awareness is the key source of knowledge to • identify a threat • Develop Situational awareness • Develop Environmental awareness • Considering all above acquiring the knowledge of making the right decision of fight or flee
  22. 22. Problem Solving
  23. 23. Problem Solving Ability • Problem solving ability is the skill will help a leader to proceed forward facing and overcoming the challenges • Practice of identifying threats through improved awareness helps to address the immediate threat
  24. 24. Team Work
  25. 25. Team work Our training includes lot of games and drills that make the participants feel the need of teamwork and develop effective team play behavior and give the lesson TOGETHER WE CAN
  26. 26. Remain Functional
  27. 27. How Kravmaga principles Related to effective Leadership • Identify the immediate threat • Operate under stress • Don’t trade one danger for another • Always defend and counterattack simultaneously • Overcoming obstacles • Awareness Training • Systematic Efficiency • Transfer of knowledge
  28. 28. What is kravmaga how the application can be beneficial for other area of Life • Krav isn’t a Martial art – It’s a problem solving system What we say A “Tactical Defensive Solution” • Kravmaga is the logical application of a few basic principles to identify a problem and find a solution • The logical approach inherent in kravmaga adapts itself smoothly to other area of life • In work environment whether you work for the boss or you are the boss some core principles of kravmaga offer you lessons you can Transfer directly from the mat to the office
  29. 29. Application of kravmaga principles Identify the Immediate danger : • Kmga insist on responding to the immediate threat in a practical way • Absorbing this method you can develop the habit of identifying the actual problem rather then being distracted by ancillary issues • We teach ourselves to look at the overall issue to discover the source
  30. 30. PRINCIPLES Operate under stress • To address stress a seminar on stress management is like giving bandage to a hemophiliac • Kvmga not only teach to function under stress the system is designed to be usable during stressful situation in fact the majority of our techniques work better when the defender is under stress • This approach to problem solving underscores a need in leadership as you must develop systems whereby stress triggers a streamlining process Things should move better and faster
  31. 31. Principle Don’t trade one danger for another • Kvmaga emphasize simple reaction that eliminate immediate threat without exposing the defender to additional danger • Kmga problem solving process finds methods for reacting efficiently to attacks while improving our position • When problem solving look before you leap – anticipate where you will end up once you have made a move you’re contemplating (Possible course of action)
  32. 32. Principle Always defend and counter attack simultaneously • Must be able to go from a defensive to an offensive mindset • This is a warrior’s Can Do Attitude • Training encourage to attack problems right away to eliminate immediate danger • Recognition of danger leads to an immediate response delays in action are alien to kravmaga • Responses are appropriate and measured but they are swift • Techniques must be accessible to the average person not just athletes fancy way to say “Keep it simple” • The more complicated the system is the more chances of errors in the actions of team members especially during stressful situation
  33. 33. Drills Overcoming obstacles • In any Altercation (argue, quarrel, disagreement) you are actually in two fights one with the opponent and one with yourself • When stressed , exhausted , or in pain many people feel the desire to shut down and here our drills teach individuals and groups to overcome obstacles and continue despite fatigue • Our training creates in you the habit of overcoming these obstacles – going over, under, around or through them to achieve your stated goal
  34. 34. Training Awareness training • One key element of self defense is Avoiding trouble when you can which means being in a look out for potential danger • It teaches simple habits to maintain awareness of potential problems without allowing them to destruct you from your goal • This awareness is both physical (enhancing peripheral vision ,improving posture etc) and mental (creating a state of mind where brain notice the peculiarities)
  35. 35. Training Systematic efficiency • Kvmaga’s basic thought process involves simplification • We want to create smallest number of techniques to deal with largest number of threats • Organizational factions are Metaphor(symbol) for human physiology, the more simultaneous stimuli the brain receive the slower it is to make a decision ( More departments) • Kvmaga teaches how to identify waste , and how to retool behavior and functions so that they cover a wider area with greater efficiency
  36. 36. Training Transfer of knowledge Kravmaga was not conceived simply as a list of techniques. Because it was created in an atmosphere where Time was of the essence The system developed a process of transferring the knowledge so that instructors could deliver a mass of information rapidly and bring people to a high level of proficiency(expertise) Skill Need for a leader to train others
  37. 37. A Roll youth should play to stop VAW • Third party protection • By playing Direct and Indirect as per the situation demand • Direct roll – By physical action to rescue , protect, free from or save from the immediate danger • Indirect roll – By supporting the female to develop a strategy of how not to become a victim through individual and group effort with a functional commitment • Empowering the female by providing Self Defense training to take the first initiative of protecting own as not an option but a responsibility by excepting the fact that “NO Body Can Protect me Better then me”
  38. 38. Training also provide • The knowledge about measuring own fitness level and the way of improvement • It provides the knowledge of diagnosis the functionality of major organs in a natural way and natural cure method available • Over all it encourage toward a healthy practice of lifestyle
  39. 39. So Self Defense training can add value to achieve the goal of existing curriculum As the aim of the leadership training is to ensure the quality performance on their learning's we can say it now that the outcomes of self defense training can add the core value to produce more successful Leaders
  40. 40. Thank You!