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Outsourcing Multimedia Content Development


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Want to break into outsourcing your multimedia content, but don't know where to start? Learn how to outsource multimedia content, its key success factors, a proven process for large projects, and more.

Presented by:
Barry Saiff - Founder and CEO, Saiff Solutions, Inc.
Elrik Jundis - Business Development Manager, Saiff Solutions, Inc.

Published in: Technology
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Outsourcing Multimedia Content Development

  1. 1. Your Host Scott Abel aka “The Content Wrangler” Internationally recognized content strategist Helps organizations deliver the right content to the right audience, anywhere, anytime, on any device Featured presenter at content industry events Serves on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Information.
  2. 2. Your Speaker Barry Saiff 34 years in technical documentation Led content development teams at Symantec, Oracle, IBM, and GE Founded Saiff Solutions in 2011 Provides technical writing services to large enterprises in Australia, Japan, Canada, US Author of Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer, published October 20, 2018 by XML Press, in the Content Wrangler Content Strategy Series.
  3. 3. Your Speaker Elrik Jundis Producer, director, and production crew Extensive experience as a business strategy consultant, coach, and facilitator Produced over 200 hundred videos and animations for B2B and entertainment sectors Managed outsourced content development for multiple industries
  4. 4. I. What is outsourcing multimedia content development? II. How does outsourcing multimedia content development work? III. Key success factors IV. What are the competencies needed to make outsourcing effective and successful? Agenda
  5. 5. Agenda V. What makes outsourcing multimedia content development different? a. Technical writing vs. Multimedia content b. Onshore outsourcing vs. Offshore outsourcing c. Freelance vs. Vendor VI. Overview of a multimedia project VII. Proven process for large projects
  6. 6. Polling Question 1 What is your current situation regarding multimedia content development (graphics, animations, videos)? ● We do not currently produce multimedia content ● We produce multimedia content using in-house staff only ● We outsource multimedia content development locally (within our country) ● We outsource multimedia content development offshore ● Other
  7. 7. Introduction What is Outsourcing Multimedia Content Development? Companies hire a third-party vendor to produce work outside the company. Outsourcing can be onshore, nearshore, or offshore. The motivations for outsourcing include lack of available talent, cost cutting, and process or quality improvements.
  8. 8. Introduction How does Outsourcing Multimedia Content Development work? The process of outsourcing multimedia content development should be adaptable to the needs of the client.
  9. 9. Polling Question 2 What are your current or expected multimedia needs? ● Multimedia strategy ● Piecemeal work ● A multimedia team – having a team to serve your organization’s multiple needs ● A dedicated team for a large project ● Others
  10. 10. Key Success Factors ● Experience ● Culture ● Competency ● Management ● Location ● Function ● Inclusion ● Language
  11. 11. Key Success Factors What are the competencies needed to make outsourcing effective and successful? ● Multimedia skill-set ● Communication ● Customization ● Project management ● Pilot project
  12. 12. What makes Outsourcing Multimedia Content Development different? Technical writing Multimedia content 🎨
  13. 13. What makes Outsourcing Multimedia Content Development different? Onshore outsourcing Offshore outsourcing 🎨
  14. 14. What makes Outsourcing Multimedia Content Development different? Freelance Vendor 🎨
  15. 15. Polling Question 3 What multimedia content are you most interested in? ● Technical illustration ● Graphic design ● Photography ● 3D animation and modeling ● Video editing ● Web design ● E-learning modules ● Other
  16. 16. Overview of a Multimedia Project A sample animation project
  17. 17. Raw script
  18. 18. Voice-over script
  19. 19. Script spreadsheet
  20. 20. Script spreadsheet - with storyboard
  21. 21. Proven Process for Large Projects Discovery – Project Initiation Analysis – Process Development Proposal/ Commitment Pilot – Production/ Implementation Ramp-up – Quality Assurance & Refinement Full Production
  22. 22. Discovery – Project Initiation a. Your challenges, needs, capabilities, and processes b. Your goals, direction, and strategy c. Possible solutions: exploration
  23. 23. Analysis – Process Development a. Processes, relationships, and resources b. Business and operational constraints c. Opportunities: quantifying
  24. 24. Proposal/ Commitment a. Process definition b. Plans and estimates c. Agreements
  25. 25. Pilot – Production/ Implementation a. Training, infrastructure, and tools b. Process validation c. Full production proposal
  26. 26. Ramp-up – Quality Assurance & Refinement a. Agreement on project plan/Statement of work b. Redesign/Re-estimation of plan, based on your needs c. Re-assignment/Hiring
  27. 27. Full Production a. Custom-designed quality control process b. Custom service commitment c. Improvement: ongoing, collaborative
  28. 28. Polling Question 4 Would you like a free consultation on your multimedia challenges? ● Yes, please contact me. ● Maybe. Send me information about Saiff Solutions, Inc. ● No, thank you.
  29. 29. Questions? What are your questions?